World Swimming Championship Guide – Barcelona 2013


Arm yourself with knowledge before the gun goes off!

The media and others heading to the Catalan capital will have information at their fingertips, while fans will be able to buy our guide at the Speedo shops located at the championship venues in Barcelona. For the first time, fans who can’t make it to Spain for the FINA showcase event can watch events unfold on television and online with a comprehensive event-by-event history to hand.

What you get in the event-by-event guide to the FINA World Championships in Barcelona, July 28 to August 4, 2013:

Two pages per event, men and women, including:



  • Top 100 ranks from 2012
  • Top 10 All-time rankings for textile and all suits for both performances (multiple entry per athlete) and performers (one entry per athlete)
  • Relays and all-time relay splits, textile and all suits


  • World-record progressions back to 1956 and beyond
  • World records in textile suits and all suits
  • World Championship records in textile and all suits
  • Continental records


  • All podiums 1973 onwards
  • All-time medals table for each event
  • Watersheds on the clock through history
  • The biggest and smallest margins of victory


  • Shanghai flashback – recalling each final in 2011


  • What if … at Barcelona 2013


  • Read our reports and analysis, track our live world-ranking updates and follow the Speedo Special at

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