World Sprint Emperors Step Up For Vichy Apéritif

Vichy plays host to Cesar Cielo, James Magnussen, Florent Manaudou and Fred Bousquet : dash battle

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Vichy plays host to Cesar Cielo, James Magnussen, Florent Manaudou and Fred Bousquet : dash battle



Wow, I wasn’t aware of that meeting. I really appreciate it that big names dare to face each other at the time so close to the big meeting. It’s good for swimming; it adds excitement in the air before the main battle. If I understood it correctly also Steffen and Cochrane will be there. I am a bit interested in what they’re capable of. But where is Hosszu?


Now that is a line-up to savour – definitely something to watch out for in between keeping an eye on the Danish long course championships which have been a rather quiet so far, apart from Viktor Bromer FINALLY breaking Benny Nielsen’s 200 fly record from 1987. Well done Viktor 🙂

Craig Lord

🙂 yes, well done Viktor …


Nothing gets past your watchful eyes sir. 🙂


Will it be webcast live?

live results? videos?


Hey guys, any news whether any Aussie tv channels telecasting world champs? Or any suggestions where viewers can view on line? Help!!! Swimmum

Craig Lord

Hi Sharon… finding an answer…



Are you happy with Pedersen’s 100m breast (1:06.80) at the Danish Nationals? A small decline from the Mare Nostrum series. She’s still probably in heavy training. I also expected Sarah Sjöström would go faster in 200m free at the Swedish Nationals. She posted a 1:57.42 yesterday. Let’s see what she can do in Women’s 100m butterfly final in the evening. She went 57.88 in heats this morning which is quite promising.


Yes, I was happy with Rikke’s time as she is still in heavy training, including training right through these championships. By the time she swum in the finals she had already done two training sessions plus her heats swim so under the circumstances I’d say sub-1:07 is pretty good. From where I was watching Shannon Rollason looked pretty happy with the time as well and I’m sure he’s a better judge than me 🙂

Tonight we have Lotte swimming in the 400 free, good to see her come back from France to swim here and it will be interesting to see what shape she’s in.

Bit disappointed that Jeanette decided to skip the event. I realise that for our very top swimmers the Danish championships rank pretty low on the priority scale and most of them can win their respective events without barely breaking a sweat, but they don’t compete in a huge amount of domestic meets and it’s good for the lesser rank Danish swimmers to get to compete against them. Most of our swimmers in these championships are fairly young and you only have to watch how much they enjoy getting to meet and swim against their idols. I think the Danish swim fed should mandate national team swimmers turning up for their own nationals in at least one of their primary events personally. Just my humble opinion.

Craig Lord

A good one : but concerted effort to get the timing of the calendar right would help. It is a mess… and none of it makes much sense to the wider media (which contributes to the feeling that swimming is something to follow once every two or four years…)


Thanks for your information! So I shouldn’t be too much worried about Rikke. Lotte will face tough competition in her events in Barcelona. It seems Ottesen has escaped your champs at the edge of good-looking pool in Italy, Milano. Hahaha. Yes, the obligation to participate in Nationals may be a good idea if a swimmer gets funding from Federation. If he/she is on her own, then I think it’s up to him/her. Of course if you want to help your own sport in your own country, you come and represent yourself proudly at your own National Champs. And yes, the participants at Danish Nationals seem to be very young just like they are at the Swedish and Finnish Nationals which are also ongoing. By the way, Norwegian National Championships began today too in Kristiansand :).



Has Shannon Rollason made any impact to Danish swimming? I know it’s a bit too soon to ask that question.

Also, I agree that top danish swimmers should make time to swim at their national championships, it would serve so many benefits.


How to answer that without writing an essay,,, well firstly it’s good to note that Shannon Rollason’s job is just to coach the swimmers at the NTC. In that aspect he seems to be doing well, Jeanette and Rikke are both looking in really good shape, Pernille Blume is continuing to progress, and his involvement has led to a few more male swimmers signing up to train there such as Daniel Skaaning and Magnus Jákupsson. Jeanette in particular looked to be lacking a bit of motivation after the Olympics but she has said she is really enjoying training with Rollason as it is lower volume and much more technically oriented. But I guess we’ll be able to judge the results after Barcelona.

In terms of the wider health of Danish swimming, the much more important role is that of Nick Juba, the national head coach, who needs to rebuild some bridges with the Danish club coaches and hopefully build up a bit more depth, especially with the male swimmers. This is going to be a longer term effort so we won’t be able to tell the results for a few years. There was a lot of conflict between the clubs and NTC/the national coach for the last few years, with a lot of coaches fed up of losing their best swimmers to NTC, so hopefully we will see some strengthening of the best clubs and a lot more exchange of ideas between the NTC coaches and the club coaches, which might also help to stop the best ones moving abroad and lessen the dependency on imported foreign coaches. It’s good that a young Danish coach, Stefan Hansen, will be joining NTC as Rollason’s assistant in the summer.

But we will see…. it will certainly be interesting.


In Australia, the world championships will probably be shown on One HD.

French Open

Dear Friends,

The event will be broadcast on Eurosport and Eurosport 2 on Saturday, unfortunately some soccer games are schedule on Sunday.

There will also be a live timing on our website : !

Craig Lord

Not sure if this works … I can see it but download required: a possible live stream feed of events:

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