What Was Chad Thinking? Michael Phelps Pops 50.45 100 Fly In Response to Le Clos

Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps by Patrick B Kraemer

Hours after South African Chad Le Clos took some shots at Michael Phelps, 22-time Olympic medalist responded with a performance of 50.45 in the 100 butterfly, faster than what Le Clos went on the way to the world title.

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Hours after South African Chad Le Clos took some shots at Michael Phelps, 22-time Olympic medalist responded with a performance of 50.45 in the 100 butterfly, faster than what Le Clos went on the way to the world title.



LOL, I was just about to write what Mr. Lohn wrote in the comment section of another article when suddenly I see this one. Great article! Exactly! Le Clos just signed his own death sentence.

The absolute last thing you want to do is trash talk to Phelps. Cavic might need to give Le Clos a phone call and explain a few things to him.

Here is some advice for other swimmers; say the following in interviews: “It is an honor to swim against Mr. Phelps, the greatest of all time. I have no chance at winning and just want to get second place.” If you do that, you might have a prayer.

Le Clos has a lot of fans in the swimming world. “King Chad.” He was supposed to be the next big thing. The truth of the matter? Le Clos is an impostor king. A suitor merely occupying the throne until the Return of the True King.

zaldine laxa

This is fun. But Le Clos makes Phelps more motivated. And that’s not good news for the rest of them. LOL.



I agree with your gist about Phelps. Phelps lives and thrives on competition. He truly is the most competitive person on earth (although lately Ledecky makes me re-thinking it). So when somebody is throwing a challenge, he will respond.
And that’s how I predicted Phelps’ return.
Normal life bores him, and he turns out not that competitive in golf, so swimming he must.


You got that right, ASwim Fan.

Lohn missed one on the “trash talking to Phelps backfiring” list and that was the French relay team of ’08. That one didn’t turn out well for them..

Gcina Seleteng

Lol so what you are saying is that only Phelps has the right to believe that he can beat anyone? Not everyone should cower in Phelps shadow. If LeClos has a belief that he can beat Phelps comes RIO that’s Good for, and I also think no one in the motivates LeClos more then Phelps.

Gcina Seleteng

Can’t wait for the fina long course world cup, we see even more faster times from there.

Felix Sanchez

Le Clos had a bit of a twinkle in his eye when he made those comments. I don’t think it is trash talking – more, light needling. However, obviously these things do motivate Phelps, and more importantly, it helps build the tension and excitement for the events in Rio.

Craig Lord

Felix – spot on – it is not trash talk. It was supposed to be taken with a touch of humour. Neither Phelps nor Le Clos need to engage in a war of words as that suggested with a touch too much relish πŸ™‚ … we all know they want to win…

John Cunningham

Brilliant comeback from Phelps – let’s hope he sticks to his word and stays off the beer before Rio πŸ™‚
I’d love to see another sub-50 race !!!

The only unanswered question is would he have done those times if he’d had the same schedule as all those at Kazan – heats, semi’s finals, relays etc…

We’ll never know, but Rio will test him (and he’ll be another year older) – however it will be fascinating to watch, and will be a lot of fun!


of course it wasn’t trash talking, just like Cseh wasn’t trash talking when said he was the world champion.

No matter. media always make big deal of things, and this is enough for Phelps to motivate him anyway.
100/200 fly will be very very interesting and exciting in Rio for sure!!!!


We need to hear his intonation to decide whether it was trash talking or (self-)irony. Really hard to tell one from another in text format. But I hope it has nothing to do with disrespect, agression or cheap showing off.

Craig Lord

My take, Eugene: it wasn’t trash talk. He had a twinkle ion his eye and tongue in cheek. He knew very well how it might go down.


And Michael is very impressive. His times were a bit unexpected to me. Maybe that’s because he was too active in social media like Instagram, posting a lot of photos where he was having fun with friends and his fiancee – and it sometimes may look like he doesn’t take sport as serious as 10 years ago. But I’m glad he proved this wrong. Once again I’m convinced that importance of age is overrated in swimming. The motivation is what really matters. And if you have it you can be better at 30-35 than you used to be at 20-25.


I actually think a bit of these “trash talk” if you call it that, is good for the sport.
It provides spice, provide fuel for fans for interesting discussions, and certainly generate materials for media to cover.

Swimmers are mostly genial to each other and too polite.
Do we need another Van Dyken spitting in the next lane?
Maybe not, but another “smash like guitar” talk can certainly spice things up!!

Francene Same


I agree. I think the importance of age is overrated in swimming. People say it as if it is a fact that one cannot swim as fast, especially in longer races, as they get older. But I think it is more a social thing than something physical, at least in one’s early 30s.


Le Clos most certainly was trash talking. If you understand what that term means, it isn’t always something bad and can be done for fun.

I think most of the trash talking in the sport is more in fun and only in a fee instances has crossed a line. Agree it is good for the sport and makes things more interesting.

Think Le Clos was doing it more for fun and showmanship and didn’t have any malicious intent. What Le Clos’ father said crossed the line a bit more with his comments about Phelps swimming in a less prestigious meet. Michael is already mad enough at himself for screwing up and getting booted off the World team, so that was pouring salt in the wounds.

Regardless of the intent of the comments, history shows that is not a good strategy against Phelps and I wouldn’t recommend it, lol.


I don’t have anything against Le Clos personally, but his fans get really annoying with their comments. Chad is a good but not great swimmer; he is overrated and not the same caliber swimmer as Phelps, Piersol, Thorpe, etc.

Kim Simonsen

Football has Zlatan Ibrahimovic – don’t try to shut Le Clos up.

Swimming hasn’t a person who dared to say his/hers opinion since Gary Hall jr.

More of that, please πŸ™‚


Phelps’ 1:54.75 200 IM of course has not swayed my prediction in any other way that he has been targeting 100fly/200 IM for Rio and will have much greater chances for gold in those two events than anything else πŸ™‚


Wait a minute, didn’t you say 100 fly and relays only? Hmm, now I have to check..


Check what you will:

“. I never doubted he would get 100 fly and 200 IM berth in Rio and I still firmly believe as I have said since 2012 that those two events are his best chances for gold even more so than his 200 fly.”


You can also check my comments about this at some other swimming website dating back to 2012 and when he announced his come-back


I rather distinctly remember you saying Phelps would not make the team in the 200 IM. When I have a min, I will check. Too bad users can’t delete comments they made my friend πŸ™‚


@a swim fan: love you bro but BUSTED! May 18th 2015. Quotes from you:

“So yeah, I am keeping my prediction Lochte makes it to Rio in 200 IM and 4Γ—200.
And Phelps in 100 fly and the relays.

Nothing in Charlotte has made me change my prediction.”

“easyspeed, there’s still one year and a half to Rio, and A LOT OF things may change from now in Rio, and therefore I am not comfortable who is favorite for Rio gold and who is not.

Barring injury, the only swimmer I am comfortable saying as favorite for Rio gold is Ledecky.

So in case of Phelps, RIGHT NOW, I am only comfortable in predicting he will qualify for Rio in 100 fly and the relays. There are now just too many US youngsters in IM events, in addition to Lochte, that will vyi for 200 IM berth.”


Also, please note my rather prophetic retorts in same thread πŸ™‚


Ah.. But in that very same post in May, I said “RIGHT NOW” πŸ™‚

I still believe that 100fly/200IM is his focus as they provide him with fourpeat opportunity.
Phelps himself has publicly said he would never swim 200 fly again, not that he should take his words (400 IM, retirement..), but I think it was sincere. I think he only re-trained in 200 fly when seeing how stagnant 200 fly has become lately (Le Clos was wasting his talent).


Any plans to run for office? Because now you are spinning like a politician.

Re: you doubting the GOAT last May, I believe the following quote by Darth Vader is appropriate:

“I find your lack of faith disturbing.”



USA swimming finally uploaded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvKB5iJTiX4

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