Wang Lizhuo, Clenbuterol Case In Tow – 59.6 China Record; EPO Sprinter Li Zhesi Is Back

A clenbuterol positive doping test against his name and only a reprimand and warning handed to him so far, Wang Lizhuo*, of China, continues to compete, his victory in the 100m breaststroke at the China summer nationals in Ganzhou today establishing Chinese record of 59.60.

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A clenbuterol positive doping test against his name and only a reprimand and warning handed to him so far, Wang Lizhuo*, of China, continues to compete, his victory in the 100m breaststroke at the China summer nationals in Ganzhou today establishing Chinese record of 59.60.



This is making a mockery of the sport, They should be banned from swimming!


That was on twisted comment by Tatyana Firova.

FINA’s inaction regarding China sent all the wrong message to all other federations: Its ok to give only warning to your doped swimmers. But make sure you are a powerful one.
Craig, shouldn’t FINA impose penalty to these swimmers according to anti-doping code?

So, what happens now? I mean, if FINA wants to take it to CAS, they should act now. The Olympics is just 2 months away, and it’s not fair for the swimmers too, if FINA takes them to CAS just before the Olympics.
It’s Clenbuterol!!

Craig Lord

I’ve put the question asf….

Lawrie Cox

It is not the sport it is those who ‘allegedly’ are the leaders that are the mockery. Craig asking the question will as usual get no response. Then they will able to race and if caught by WADA post event dealt with. Of course it is only a minor problem ‘according to the ED’.
what about the clean swimmer who is robbed of the event and the surrounding hype of the Olympics??

Daniel Takata

There’s a mistake on the ranking. Felipe Franca da Silva final’s time in Maria Lenk Trophy was 59.36. 59.56 was his time on the prelims.

Craig Lord

Not a mistake, Daniel. An omission: red light switched to green. Thanks. Always grateful for any help with a very large body of work. All results sit in a holding queue and wait for approval – that has to be the case because no-one in swimming blazerdom took a blind bit of notice of Nick Thierry 25 years ago when he recommended that FINA operate a registration No system in connection with national federations. That would mean that Felipe Franca Silva; Felipe Silva, Felipe France de Silva; Mireia Belmonte, Mireia Belmonte Garcia etc etc etc etc many many times over remain the same person regardless of the myriad versions of their names that appear on start lists, some correct, some not 🙂 Obviously, having the Bureau fly into Lausanne business class from around the world to discuss such burning topics as how to get the constitution changed so that Julio Maglione can break an election promise and have himself returned to the top seat is a far greater priority than getting the structures of your sport right so the record can be kept in the way you’d expect a professional sport and professional people to organise themselves. Bom dia 🙂


Clenbuterol is a kind of low-level, very easy to detect in doping, generally only applies to bodybuilders and cyclist, other sports project has little effect.
China’s handling of last year the 19 cases of doping, including 7 cases of clenbuterol, distributed in more than one sport. All the 7 cases is in warning punishment. The sports federation and WADA have no objection to this.
Clenbuterol is in a warning, only thanks to German, is they proved that human hair can be judged whether athletes long-term use of clenbuterol. So, now be detected positive clenbuterol athletes, as long as their hair test pass, they can not be suspended.
So, expecting to WADA, FINA, CAS intervention Wang Lizhuo events, can only be disappointed. However, the Chinese swimming association for Wang Lizhuo additional punishment, in April after the championship title, Wang Lizhuo is not included in the national team. Therefore, Wang Lizhuo can take part in the Olympic Games is not clear.

Craig Lord

Mixed messages, ronaham: we warn you for taking this banned substance and feel that is enough; but then we make the token gesture, for that is all it is if this swimmer makes it to Rio, of removing you from the ‘national team’. Gosh, how tough and brave of them. Hardly the stuff of ‘zero-tolerance’ which we’re told is now the policy of FINA and all its members…


Why is Wang Lizhuo not in the team for Rio when he’s their fastest breaststroker and he is not banned?
I don’t understand China’s rules regarding their selection process, but this is very strange and contradictory. So, the Chinese swimming federation decided Lizhuo is not at fault, only gave him a warning, but no, he can’t go to Rio?

In most other countries, Lizhuo would have appealed and won against the swimming federation.

What gives?

Craig Lord

I think, asf, he is racing at the last-chance saloon event this week in order to prove his ‘clean’ form, so to speak. I don’t know that but most other national team members are not at the event. The China team hasn’t been finalised, so we don’t really know if Wang and An etc will make it or not. More answers soon…


Li zhesi ‘s coach was Yuanyue ,not Wang shun . Wang shun is an athlete of Zhejiang.

Craig Lord

Thanks for the name Yuanyue, yishengsheng. Most helpful: Wang Shun was named in 2012, long before Wang Shun the swimmer came to prominence (the references in this story were copied from my contemporary reports of 2012/2013. The Wang Shun named in 2012 as a coach is registered in official FINA documents of the case – so who was he – and why was Yuanyue not named. I will ask those questions. Thank you.


She began swimming when she was six ,her illuminative coach was Wangjun. Her coach was Yuanyue since 2007.


She began swimming when she was six ,her illuminative coach was Wang Jun. Her coach was Yuanyue since 2007.


A universal athlete ID number linked to the name would also be useful in cases when athletes want to legally change their names (many women still make revisions upon marriage) and have old name map correctly to new name.


That universal, unique athlete ID is a very good idea!, and it should be incorporated/merged with their bio-passport.

Steve Levy

TF also said, “Of course the system is also responsible for [doping]. We sportsmen are performers, we follow the rules that are given to us by the system.”

This entire sh*t storm will only stop in its current state once the money stream is found and people are prosecuted – hence the US DOJ investigation.

What WILL draw significant attention would be a world-class clean athlete stepping off the blocks in a race where another swimmer is a “known” to have taken PEDs.

Craig Lord

Indeed, Steve, the realm of criminal inquiry and prosecution is the way to go – and the IOC downwards – and that includes every fed leader and all delegates representing folk at into level – should all understand and back such things – and cooperate with ALL knowledge they have, regardless who among their chums might be next on the chopping block. (of course, TF broke the rules and tested positive so she can hardly complain about ‘the rules given to us by the system’)

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