W800 Free: Jazz Carlin Takes 1st Welsh Gold Since 1974 – Wickham’s 1978 Mark Gone

Jazz Carlin takes gold, Laren Boyle silver and Brittany MacLean bronze [Photo: Ian MacNicol]

In 8:18.11, records Welsh and Games were felled along with poor fortune, Jazz Carlin opening her Welsh gold account at last.On the way, she felled the oldest surviving Commonwealth Games record on the way to gold – an 8:24 that has stood to Aussie legend Tracey Wickham since 1978

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In 8:18.11, records Welsh and Games were felled along with poor fortune, Jazz Carlin opening her Welsh gold account at last.On the way, she felled the oldest surviving Commonwealth Games record on the way to gold – an 8:24 that has stood to Aussie legend Tracey Wickham since 1978



Class performances by all three medallists. Carlin & Boyle’s pedigrees are well known but McLean has been someone who’s threatened to break through but hasn’t quite managed for some years. Bowles – impressive performance especially with her 2nd half surge. Ashwood – yet another AUS 800 swimmer with promising domestic times but failure to fire away from home.


Brittany McLean dropped nearly 4 seconds off the Canadian 800 meter freestyle record. At 20 years of age she is a great hope for Canada’s swimming future. Way to go!


The 400 free will be crazy. Put in the three swimmers again and throw in Bronte Barratt, and we will have a very exciting race.

What happened to Ashwood? 10 seconds than what she swam few months ago?
There’s fundamentally wrong with the Australia’s selection system or taper when many swimmers keep swimming faster times in the trials than in the championships that matter.


I guess with the time between nationals and games there is opportunity for illness, injuries etc. or do you think the pan pacs being so close it has affected tapers??


Swim fan & she did that at a meaningless competition before weeks before trials….yet again the St Peters crew have misfired after sub par performances in London & worlds last year which leads me to believe Bronte won’t be a factor in the 400. Coming in I thought Boyle would take the distance double but she had nothing in the last 200 of that 800 & she completely fell apart in the last lap of her relay lead off. Carlin 4:02…? I think so which will win it from McLean, Boyle for bronze are my picks. The NZ team has yet again been absolutely abysmal. I had a good old winge about their selection criteria when they picked their team & now I’m going to bag it even more because have not learnt a thing now in 20 years. Corey Main swam well but he swims under Troy in Florida so it’s hard not to. Snyders now based at Trojans did what he always does, goes 59.9 in the semi then bombs. Matthew Stanley has 1 good swim in him a year because he can’t back up, because he swims pathetic times domestically. Boyle didn’t look at all like she did at worlds last year in that 800, couldn’t lift her stroke rate & had no legs at all, another change of coach has not been a good thing. Bill Sweetenham had her firing by testing her mental limits much like I’m sure he did with Wickham & many others. That basically leaves all the relay swimmers. They selected 4×100 & 4×200 girls & 4×200 boys. None of these team were ever going to medal, the only team which was slightly competitive was the girls 4×200. So they had a whole bunch of relay swimmers who didn’t even swim any individual events while they left at home a group of highly promising teenagers who could have greatly benefitted from swimming semis & experiencing the Commonwealth village in preparation for Rio. Instead they are taking them to Pan Pacs where they will get thumped by Japan & USA. And this has been going on as long as I can remember. NZ have a world junior champion who could be getting ready for the 50 back final but no let’s take a bunch of washed up male 20 something year olds and put them in the 4×200 to get drilled. What a mess.



Barratt? When was the last time she delivered in an International 400m free? Carlin, Boyle and Maclean will streak her – Carlin in 4.02 for me, I’m with felix.

Bill Bell

MacLean clipped exactly four seconds off her Canadian record from April. Not surf about 4: 02. But 03-04 would be tremendous.

And where has she been last two a years? Getting roughed up @ Georgia/SECs. New Zealand ought to send its beys kudos to train in a America as staying home ain’t doin ‘ ’em ANY good.

Their last Olympic Gold- medalist trained @ Cal under Nort Thornton and he nard mincemeat of the 200-400 fields @ Atlanta.

Dies anyone know if Carlin only a Welsh swimmer to reach top of the podium (m/w ).

And even if Carlin goes 4:02 bad. Ledecky’ll go 3 ;55 plus and n 7:50 plus @ Irvine and then 3. ;35/7:30 @ Gold Coast AND lead off 809 free relay in 1;45..0!

Paul who?

Craig Lord

Bill – it is in the article: (men last one David Davies) …. and Pat Beavan 1974 was the last Welsh woman to win before Jazz


Aswimfan, there certainly IS a good argument for looking at the AUS selection process. The time gap between trials and the event does provide an opening for illness/injury in between. Just sticking with the “swim it at trials or forget it” just because that’s the way it’s always been done doesn’t necessarily make it right.

Having said that, there have always been swimmers who can only come “up” once a season. There have always been swimmers in EVERY country who put in a blinder at their nationals or minor comps …. but for whatever reason are nowhere at the big event. Getting tapers right IS an inexact science.

Some nations look at qualifying times at a number of events whereas the US is another “one shot saloon”. Both systems have their hits and misses so there’s no magic pill just by changing. Perhaps AUS can give more flexibility for events where there is no A qualifier at trails or empty spots by extending qualifying period to a specific date allowing others to potentially come up with a QT at other events (ie Mare Nostrum), as is the way with Athletics.

Bill. NCAA isn’t for everyone. It has it’s hits and it’s misses both with domestic swimmers and internationals. Sometimes it’s having the right program for them; sometimes it can be personal chemistry w coaches; sometimes adapting to the “culture” in the particular part of the States. Some people are just not academic; with some who are they may get a better education at home ! Much can depend on the infrastructure of the sport in their home country. It will work for some; some “plateau” and some go backwards.


Bill – Danyon Loader swam under only 1 coach from a young boy to his dismantling of the 2-4 in Atlanta & that was in Dunedin under the brilliant Duncan Laing. In ’97 he spent a few months at Cal, they tried to turn him into a 100 swimmer & he was out of there in no time.

Bill Bell

Great! Thx, Craig, didn’t read piece fully.

As you are well aware a certain Mr. Wilkie won a certain race @ Auckland a few moons ago and then replicated that feat dos anos mas tarde @ a rather mas importante competition in Montreal — w/a WORLD-RECORD no less!

Think Mr. Murdoch up to the task?

We shall c but stranger things have happened!

(Of course when Mr. Cordes goes2:05 @ Irvine and becomes first swimmer sub-2:00.0 @ Gold Coast it’ll all be academic.)

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