W800 Free: Boglarka Kapas Crowned In 8:21 Ahead Of Defender Jazz Carlin’s 8:23

Boglarka Kapas on her way to 800m gold - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Boglarka Kapas (HUN) took the 800m freestyle crown in 8:21.40 ahead of defending champion Jazmin Carlin (GBR), on 23.52, the bronze to Tjasa Oder (SLO) in 8:25.68.

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Boglarka Kapas (HUN) took the 800m freestyle crown in 8:21.40 ahead of defending champion Jazmin Carlin (GBR), on 23.52, the bronze to Tjasa Oder (SLO) in 8:25.68.


mark schwartz

It’s interesting to see that not only has Ledecky burst through to a new level, but those who would give chase seem to have fallen further behind. If I recall, in 2013 Friis also swam faster than Adlington’s then world record only to finish second to Ledecky. Carlin swam as fast as 8:15 in 2014. Neither of them has been able to come close to those previous achievements. It leaves one scratching the old noggin. Only Lauren Boyle has improved on her times since 2013. I believe she is older than the other two so one can’t attribute the struggles to age. Hard to fathom.

kevin roose

Wrong you forgot Jessica Ashwood who in the 400/800 and 1500 inproved her times in 2015 ;
While i certainly dont think Jessica will beat Ledecky in Rio she is a excellent chance of being second 400/800.


It takes a special athlete to have both body and mind hold up year after year in the distance lane. With someone like Van Rouwendaal, the mind is willing but the shoulder has apparently become weak- while Lucas gets good results for a season or two, not every swimmer can handle a regime like his indefinitely.


Jessica Ashwood has a chance to medal in both 400/800 but I wouldn’t call it “excellent”, at all.
In 400, she has equal chance to medal as do six other swimmers (Smith, Boyle, Carlin, Maclean, Balmy, a Chinese, and van rouwendhaal if she’s healthy).
In 800, it’s the same thing: Boyle, Friis, Carlin, Belmonte, all have equal if not better chance to medal. Throw in Maclean, Smith/Mann, van rouwendhaal if healthy, and you have a crowded party behind Ledecky.


And of course I forgot Kapas.

kevin roose

Jessica currently sits in number 2 position times this year for both 400 and 800 free …..i would certainly say she has a excellent chance …


Kevin roose,
It’s clear you are a recent swimming fan, otherwise you would have known that Ashwood’s strongest competitors for minor medals in 400 and 800 free either:
1. Has not swum their Olympics trials (eg. second American),
2. Has been pre-selected based on their Kazan results (eg. Boyle)
3. Didn’t have to be fully tapered yet this year as their domestic competitors are not strong enough (eg. Belmonte, Friis).
4. Had not so good trials, but had faster PBs and thus bigger potentials to swim a lot faster in Rio (eg. Carlin)


When the chance to win something is less than 50%, I wouldn’t call that “excellent”

Kim Simonsen

No trials in Hungary, why should Kapas, who already qualified for Rio in Kazan, be more rested than Carlin – maybe she is just in better shape?

Craig Lord

Kim – if Kapas is training 12k and more each day during this meet, then she will not be more rested than Carlin – otherwise she will be more rested. ‘Better shape’ is a phrase open to interpretation, of course, when it comes to all moments beyond that which speaks to peak and nothing else.

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