W4x100 Free: Gold For Australia’s Women At The End Of A trying Day For The Dolphins

Aussie gold: L-R Emma McKeon, Emily Seebohm, Cate and Bronte Campbell - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Australia, the world record in the bag last year, entered the race the title favourite – and did not disappoint on the way to a dominant victory in a Championship Record of 3:31.48. Silver for the Netherlands, bronze for the USA

The Netherlands, boosted top and tail by a 53.30 lead off by Olympic champion Ranomi Kromowidjojo and a 51.99 closer by Femke Heemskerk, took silver in 3:33.67, the bronze to the 2013 champions, the USA, in 3:34.61.

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Australia, the world record in the bag last year, entered the race the title favourite – and did not disappoint on the way to a dominant victory in a Championship Record of 3:31.48. Silver for the Netherlands, bronze for the USA

The Netherlands, boosted top and tail by a 53.30 lead off by Olympic champion Ranomi Kromowidjojo and a 51.99 closer by Femke Heemskerk, took silver in 3:33.67, the bronze to the 2013 champions, the USA, in 3:34.61.



Very good victory for Australia. I was very surprised by Emily Seebohm first leg, quite competitive with Ms. Franklin. Very good second place for the Netherlands. Bronte Campbell seemed unstoppable. It was really a nice race.


Missy’s 53.68 is not very encouraging for the 200
On the other hand, Ledecky’s 1:57 split is highly encouraging for the 200.

I really believed Sjostrom could win the 200, especially now after her 100 fly WR and relay split.
Oh well, there’s Rio next year.

Commenter Commenter

Swimming Australia really seem to not like Schlanger. Overlooked in the 4×200 last year and now here in the 4×100 – her split in the morning was at least as good as seebohm off the gun and she’s got the capability of low 52 in a relay.


Hard to really conflate these swims for other distances. It wasn’t a 100 PB for Franklin but 53.6 isn’t particularly shabby as she IS, to date, a 53mid swimmer.

Two PBs, and sub 54s (the first since 2010) for Seebohm MAY be a reasonable indicator of good form for her but we really won’t know until the backstroke events.

C2 certainly did lay down a tasty little reminder with that 51.77 (probably equating to a 52mid) indicating that the medals in the 100 may well be a race in four and she intends being a full part of it.

USA frankly look quite a way off and whilst Coughlin may enter the Rio line-up, she’s not really going to be a game-changer. This race was also a significant reality check for those trumpeting Simone Manuel ….. this race showed that she’s still a long way off threatening the main players.


Mr Commentator; Wright’s heat swim WASN’T stellar. Rather than looking for conspiracies and victimisation; perhaps an explanation may be that Wright’s training since the withdrawals of Palmer & Emlslie (and her taking on the 200 individual swim) has been centred far more around the 200 than the 100 ?


Aswimfan, I got different impression about possibilities at 200m. If interested see my comment to article about 400m race.


American sprinting just hasn’t progressed with the rest of the world; still no one under 53 sec. With all their numbers that’s a real mystery.
Australia well ahead. Bronte’s split was outstanding.


Commonwombat her entry into the 200m has been more recent – she would have been training for the 100m for a lot longer


Manuel is GREAT… in YARDS!Unfortunately, some guys trust a little too much in tool conversion.LCM is another sport.


Anon, she would’ve been training for both relays but with the enforced changes to the 200, it stands to reason that it will have been focussed most recently towards the 200.

Was it the right call to swim Seebohm ahead of her in the final ? I do not know but whilst it’s fair to say she was on the receiving end of a poor “call” with the 4×200 in Glasgow; I’m struggling to see any real grounds for claiming “persecution” or victimisation with this one.

Her heat swim was anything but special and certainly didn’t cement a claim for a finals berth. With regards to her relay history; she’s had some great swims …. and she’s also had some “cod ordinary” ones.

DDias; most of us here fully realise NCAA SCY times are only relevant within the context of NCAA and there is NO way of really quantifying these performances in ‘real world’ (LCM) terms. Regrettably, too many (but not all) Americans including pundits who write pieces on certain other websites live in blissful ignorance of this reality.


Bit of honesty time. Manuel will never do anything long course. Wright didn’t deserve to be in final, her heat wasn’t quick enough. Jacco you are the head coach so Ashley Delaney swimming in cut throat heats against full strength teams is a disastrous decision. Anthony Ervin your swim was ridiculous. David McKeon your stroke is more ridiculous. Trying to swim catch up with 1 windmill arm , you need some serious help. Sjostrom won’t swim the 200 in Rio so stop dreaming everyone.

On a positive note there was some outstanding stuff like Sjostrom last 25, Hosszu, Stravius 15 underwater off the turn showing how it’s done against freestyle specialists, that guy is a sensational relay performer, vdb taking it to Peaty, Sun making the field look very average which it was and looking great to win the 200. And some great swims from less renowned swimming nations, in particular Egypt….

Personal Best

It shows at least that Seebohm is in good form and quite consistent too.
She hasn’t had good form in the 100 free for a loooong time.
She’s always been a fast morning swimmer but at least she backed it up in the evening.

Surprising is not that Seebohm was in the final, but that McKeon progressed presumably based on a time trial. High hopes and she did well, but well off best.

Looking forward, you’ll have Elmslie coming back and someone like Madison Wilson or Shayna Jack presumably improving.


McKeon was in their based on her 53.3 from trials. The heat battle was for the 4th spot



A few months ago in another site after someone proclaimed Manuel and Weitzeil as US greatest sprinters, I responded by saying that they need to produce results first, such as equaling Jenny Thompson and Dara Torres’ achievement before getting procaimed as “greatest sprinters”.

Oh boy, the attacks towards me were vicious. LOL.

Richard Ortiz

aswimfan, I am with you all the way regarding yards. As an American, I can’t stand yards. They mean nothing. Great…win an NCAA YARDS title and everyone thinks you are the next superstar in a 50-meter pool. Maybe decades ago that would be true but this is not 1976. It must be slightly humbling when a swimmer is told how great they are and the rest of the world will tremble in fear when their time from NCAAs is trumpeted all over the internet as world record worthy. Nope. You want a world record? Do it in a 50 meter pool – not from a conversion chart on a website. I will probably be chewed up and spit out for expressing my distaste for yards, but it is only an opinion. Nothing more and nothing less.


Richard Ortiz, you can say same thing about SCM. Just different type of racing in the water. Nothing wrong to compete even at shorter distances like SCY. If people are not able to project properly swimmer’s potentials at LCM given just SCY results, then it is their problem not a problem of this type of competition.


I told the same in another site and got the same bashing.

the problems with Yards is the fact it is not even the same metrage.If NCAA was in SCM, I think the distance(in times) would be notably lower…


DDias, sure it will be. I don’t argue. But there is nothing wrong with this type of competition. Some people may think that training young swimmers at shorter pools for long time may hurt their abilities and instincts to swim at LC. That I don’t know and have no opinion about this.

Richard Ortiz

Yozhik, no, you can’t say the same thing about scm vs scy. Short course meters is still contested internationally. Short course yards is nothing more than an American party. Short course meters can produce a world record. Short course yards produces an American record (or US Open Record). There is a world championship for short course meters. All there is for short course yards is NCAA and United States national championship. Short course meters can test the athlete more than short course yards. When I swam, short course yards was very easy if you had strong turns. Most of the race was underwater with very little swimming. As so many American swimmers will agree, a 50 meter pool will separate the men from the boys whereas the short course yards pool will not. Plus, and most importantly, the world swims meters whereas Americans swim yards. A race held in a 50 meter pool has meaning as the rest of the world can immediately understand where you stand. A record in a 25 yard pool can only be understood by other 25 yard races in America. I would much rather know where I am ranked by world standards rather than American. That is all I am saying.


Commonwombat: perhaps you’re right about the shift in focus to the 200 but fact remains their heat swims were pretty well on par. Seebohm producing a PB to match Wrights split. Depite the clear fact that Seebohm was at full potential and Wright has proven she’s a 52 low relay swimmer, she got overlooked yet again. Seebohm did a great job but I can’t help but feel for wright.


Richard, of course it is better to be on the same page with other world. But it is a long tradition, books of records, famous names and other similar nostalgic memories. Plus plenty of 25y pools that will not be in used any more for official meets. If you believe that this hurts the development of world class competitive swimmers in USA then yes, we have to say good bye to all this stuff. If you are not sure then why to fix something that is not broken yet. However we do move in this direction. I know that all new pools at big high schools are 50m of size with the splitter.


I just noticed the Aussies are not entered in the mixed medley relay at all but is entered in the mixed freestyle relay.. I would definitely swim McEvoy Chalmers Cate and Bronte in that order for that..

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