W200IM: Katinka Hosszu Hammers Home A 2:07.30 Win Ahead Of Brits O’Connor & Miley

Katinka Hosszu of Hungary by Patrick B. Kraemer

Born-again 27-year-old World champion Katinka Hosszu, of Hungary, clocked a championship record 2:07.30 for the 200m medley crown ahead of Britain’s Siobhan-Marie O’Connor and Hannah Miley, on 2:09.03 and 2:11.34.

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Born-again 27-year-old World champion Katinka Hosszu, of Hungary, clocked a championship record 2:07.30 for the 200m medley crown ahead of Britain’s Siobhan-Marie O’Connor and Hannah Miley, on 2:09.03 and 2:11.34.


kevin roose

Hoszu 2:07:30 fastest time of the year has she fully rested for this meet or in heavy workload ??????
What will she do at Rio fully tapered aged 27 born again ……
There is another born again swimmer in this event Alicia Coutts Australia but she wont beat Hoszu ………


Kevin roose,
I assume you are not Australian if you call Alicia Coutts “born again”. You don’t seem to be familiar at all with Coutts career.
Michael Phelps is far more a born again than Coutts.


No surprises there, always was going to win!


Kevin Roose – Hosszu has stated in post-race interviews that she’s in the midst of hard training – but then again it seems like an endless cycle of heavy work churning out these times unhindered.

Nice read on the event in recent years and the supremacy established by Hosszu of late, but while fully aware of the absurdity of 2:06.12, I think it would be fair to say she can challenge this in Rio. Has it been confirmed which events she is swimming? The medleys have to be the priority, 200m back as a bonus? She must be all too aware that the legacy is incomplete without success in Rio and cannot afford to miss the schedule – I suggest swimming more than 3/4 events would be insane.

Intriguing isn’t it – a career eluded by Olympic metal of any colour, can the “Iron Lady” deliver on the biggest stage in Rio? If not, I think O’Connor’s 2.09 flat only cements her at the head of the charge. It would be fantastic to see her crack the 2:08.21 from 2014, hit the 2.08 barrier and while doing so providing Hosszu with a serious challenge.

kevin roose

Alicia Coutts failed to make the team for Kazan which surprised some observers in Australia …at the age of 28 she has gone on record as saying she will retire after the Rio meet.
Early in the Australian Nationals Meet she failed to get in the top 6 100 free therefore missing out on relay selection and then failed to get top 2 in the 100 fly ….it was all up to one event if she would go to Rio or not when she won the 200 I.M ….
Yess she is born again ….
Whats Phelps got to do with Coutts???????


Kevin, I think the term “born again” is probably used more with regards to those swimmers who either retired and came back or have taken a few years break from competition.

Coutts was most certainly in a slump for a period of 18 months and there was certainly talk of possible retirement/reduced motivation but she was still competing during that period.

The 200IM was always going to be her main shot at making the Rio team due to it being an event where AUS was potentially struggling for a qualifier let alone two. The 100fly was her next best option but it was always likely to be the 2nd qualifier at best.

Her 2.09.99 at NSW was the best AUS time since her swim at 2014 Trials, and comfortably inside the AUS QT, and basically spelt out that this was the event she was likely to make the team for.

Her return to this standard speaks volumes for her determination and if she swims to this level in Rio, then its very plausible that she may make the final. However the minor medals are likely to be 2.08 very low at worst and that’s equivalent to her PB from 4 years ago so medals are one hell of an ask.


Kevin roose,

CW above has explained why Alicia Coutts is not a born again. If she were a born again, Coutts should have swum at least very close to her PBs. As it is, she is nowhere near her PBs in all of her events, even in 200 IM where she is almost 2 seconds slower.
I assume you are not an Australian because no one in Australia was surprised that she didn’t make the world championships team as she was still nursing shoulder injuries.

Here’s a better example of born again: Phelps, Vollmer, etc. Hosszu is a born again because of the dramatic changes in the periods of before and after December 2012.



I don’t think Hosszu will break her 200 IM WR in Rio.
It’s all about schedule, and not even Hosszu is immune to it.
In Kazan, 200 IM was her very first event (day 1 for prelims and semis, day 2 for final).
In Rio, it will be her third or fourth individual event:
400 IM on day 1
100 back on day 1 and 2
200 free on day 2 and 3 (the same sessions as 200 IM).

It is more likely that she break 400 IM WR than 200 IM WR, which I suspect is her focus right now.


Correction. Should have read:
100 back on day 2 and 3
200 free on day 3 and 4 (the same sessions as 200 IM).



Highly unlikely she’ll swim the 200m free but thanks for the scheduling. If Hosszu strikes gold in the 400IM on day 1 then, weight is all but off those shredded shoulders. I agree that the 400IM is more attainable than the 200, but if she gets the gold and the record, pressure is off for the rest of the week and heaven knows how quick she may go.


400IM WR more attainable than the 200IM WR*, that is.

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