W200 Free: History Just 800 Meters Away as Katie Ledecky Secures Third Crown

Katie Ledecky of the United States of America (USA) celebrates a new World Record after winning the women's 1500m Freestyle Final during the FINA Swimming World Championships at Kazan arena in Kazan, Russia, 4 August 2015.

With a victory in the 200 freestyle, Katie Ledecky is just a win away in the 800 freestyle from sweeping the 200 through 1500 events.

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With a victory in the 200 freestyle, Katie Ledecky is just a win away in the 800 freestyle from sweeping the 200 through 1500 events.



I guess Sjostrom regards the 100 as the premier event, and potential gold 200 is not worth the risk of jeopardising 100 free gold chances


Great swim be Ledecky, but overall times were slow.. Hemke and Sjostrom went 1:54.. Pellegrini has a 1:55:00 flat.. winning time will be 4th fastest..

Expected much more from this event!

Bad Anon

Pellegrini summed it up right, a pure fight indeed!


Woo! Ledecky like a boss! Way to go Katie!!

Bad Anon

Very successful session for USA swimming; Gold-Ledecky, Bronze- Franklin/Cordes, finalists in Lochte, Adams and MacLaughlin. Gold coming up in mixed medley relay


actually if you count Olympics Federica has been on some sort of podium since 2004. No mean feat and the sign of greatness.


Congratulations to Ledecky and to her coach. Very balanced split strategy and strong execution discipline that allowed to repeat personal best under tough conditions. The best so far splits of what she’s swum at 200. Given her improvement at 100m I would expect her to go under 1:55 and she probably will under other circumstances. It looks like every participant was affected. First it was noticed at man’s 200 free. I would not agree with Rafael that swimmers didn’t show their best. Pelligrini swam as well as she did in Barcelona. She stays at this level with 0.1 sec variations. Franklin did even better that was expected. As I mentioned multiple times Heemskerk will not be able to repeat her April splits under pressure of WC final race. Fast start kills her 200 at the end of the race. Yes the champion’s time is slower than in 2012 and 2013. But it is better than in 2014 at PP and LEN. I am not sure that Sjostrom could be able to go under 1:55 in this race. It would be interesting to see what she will show should she swim first leg at 4×200 free.


I thought Phelps’ strength of will to win and competitiveness were unparalleled, but now I think He has found his parallel in Ledecky. That last few meters by Ledecky showed her inner grit, something that is easily overlooked in her distance events where she’s so far ahead.


Agree with Aswimfan on Ledecky’s determination. But she still has learn something from Great Federica. Her split on the way home was the best. Should the pool be a little bit longer she would possibly win. Barcelona’s déjà vu


Nice lot of cash Ledecky’s leaving behind.


Just watched this race one more time for details. Best underwater swim by Ledecky that gave her significant advantage as it was for Lochte in his race. Was that her secret weapon that she mentioned at her last interview before WC? Also despite Pelligrini got very close to Ledecky about 10 meters to the finish Ledecky was much stronger(and younger) with last surge that brought her the victory.

Re Thomas

Ledecky has nothing to learn from Pellegrini. Has Pellegrini swum 2 separate word records in the 1500m this week? Has she gone sub 4 in the 400 this week? I think not.

Craig Lord

We can all learn something from each other Re 🙂


Now the expectations for the remarkable race at 800 are getting red hot. But very strange splits at 400m race and no improvement at pb at 200 are making me cautious with prediction. On the other hand Ledecky is so out of standard reasoning that it looks like everything is possible. Who would expect besides Roy 🙂 that she will jeopardized her 200 event by trying to improve her world record set day before in prelim.

Felix Sanchez

Ger, it makes me cry to think about it.

Personal Best

Well, the most impressive thing about this is the fact it was swum after two 1500m WRs set on the two preceding days.

Without the 1500m perhaps she would have gone faster. It doesn’t matter now.

She’s a great racer, and as I thought, would swim her own race here. Next year there is no 1500m to contend on the biggest stage.

Chris Dolan

Will she have a replacement event for the 1500 for the Olympics next year?

Can’t see going all the way down to 100m free, perhaps 400IM or 200m Butterfly?

World’s best swimmer without a doubt, she won a gold in London but Rio is going to cement her legacy on the biggest arena.


In rush to express my excitment I forgot to thanks John for the great article. It was what I needed. I share each your point and statement about Katie. I don’t remember myself being so nervous watching sport live coverage for long time already. Nice to have this feeling back. Thank you John for sharing same admiration.

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