W200 Backstroke: Emily Seebohm Hits Perfect Pitch & Pace For Twin-Gold Triumph

Emily Seebohm of Australia by Patrick B. Kraemer

Australian Emily Seebohm cracked the Commonwealth record in 2:05.81 for the 100-200 double, her tactic the smartest on the day for the circumstance, her last-lap reserve sweeping her past Katinka Hosszu (HUN) and then defending champion Missy Franklin, the American Olympic champion who followed up with her own double at the global showcase two years ago and held her head high with a strong show for silver today

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Australian Emily Seebohm cracked the Commonwealth record in 2:05.81 for the 100-200 double, her tactic the smartest on the day for the circumstance, her last-lap reserve sweeping her past Katinka Hosszu (HUN) and then defending champion Missy Franklin, the American Olympic champion who followed up with her own double at the global showcase two years ago and held her head high with a strong show for silver today



2nd best ever in textile? Franklin was faster in 2013, 2011 also.


Finally commentator who can pronounce “kromowidjojo” right, this eurosport guy. He must have asked around.


I had Hosszu as favourite for this but she needs to review her tactics and preserve energy through the rounds.
Not much return in these championships for Franklin. Hard to know what to make of it. Todd Schmitz said she was ready to go. So what went wrong?


Highlight of the race was seeing that idiot husband of katinka infuriated on the big screen.



second best ever performer in textile is what I read from the sentence.


I felt a bit bad for Franklin, from 6 golds to 1 gold and no individual gold. Tomorrow’s medley relay is no certainty for gold either.



I am loving this side entertainment called Shane Tusup.
Please more of him !!!

Bad Anon

Sad for Missy, threepeat opportunity gone in smoke. She couldnt have lost to a moreworthy competitor. Looks like the 100-200 double isnt hard, lol!


aswimfan: You may be right; maybe that was the intention.
Franklin goes in the mixed relay; but sparse compensation if she wins.


Shane Tusup vs. Bert Le Clos. My money’s on bert.


The Hosszu camp had her expending her energy “all over the place” rather than picking her best shots at medals/winning & concentrating on them. The results speak for themselves.

Lacourt looking very good for the M50BK. Credit due to Treffers for bouncing back from the 100. He’s always been a better 50 swimmer.


Lacourt with impressive 24.27 while sporting face hair. He is sending out very strong message to Grevers!

Surprisingly two aussies in the final while stravius is out. Nice to see Tancock in too.



I agree with the (lack) of strategy from Hosszu camp.
IMO, unless your name is Phelps, it’s ok to swim 7 or 8 individual events in smaller meet but NOT in global meet.

Hosszu spent too much energy swimming 200 free and fly. Should have restricted to 100/200 back and 200/400 IM .


The Ledecky show!

The only question is: How much is she going under the WR?


Answer- quite a bit.



wowww… and the primal scream by Ledecky.. she knows that’s the time she should have swum.

This WR is not going to be broken in a loooongggg time.


Right now, Ledecky is the world’s greatest swimmer. Period.


So happy that Carlin finally deservedly won a medal. Ashwood alsmot caught her.

Boyle has been swimming better and better since training with Cotterell.

Friis has significantly regressed since training with Bob Bowman.


WILL be interesting if “the run” lasts through Rio. Regrettably, like all things, they must come to an end and it will happen to Ledecky just as it happens to all other great sportspeople who hit that “purple patch”.

In all bar the 200, she has sufficient gap on the field that even ‘very good Katie’ will win with comfort.


I am very interested to know how Ledecky trains. Is there anything on the web I can read about?


Americans are with all their big guns in this mixed relay!


Looking ahead to the medley relays tomorrow, I have taken the top times swim by each nations top swimmer in each stroke from this meet and added them up. This is hardly an exact science, especially complicated by the U.S. who will more likely than not swim the likes of Cordes and McLaughlin over their 100m representatives.

Top 8
AUS – M. Larkin, J. Packard, J.Hadler, C. McEvoy
52.38, 59.44, 52.09, 47.94
USA – M. Grevers, C. Miller, T. Shields, N. Adrian
52.66, 59.86, 51.03, 48.31
GBR – C. Walker-Hebborn, A. Peaty, A. Barrett, B. Proud
53.02, 58.18, 52.33, 49.35
CHN – J. Xu, X. Li, Z. Li, Z. Ning
52.89, 1:00.96, 51.33, 47.84
FRA – C. Lacourt, G. Perez-Dortona, M. Metella, J. Stravius
52.48, 1:00.80, 51.24, 48.52
RUS – E. Rylov, K. Prigoda, E. Koptelov, A. Sukhorukov
53.14, 59.60, 52.38, 48.28
JPN – R. Irie, Y. Koseki, T. Fujii, S. Shioura
53.10, 59.93, 51.58, 48.84
BRA – G. Guido, F. Silva, A. Mendes, M. Chierighini
53.57, 59.56, 52.55, 48.27

Also watch for Germany, who had no individual 100m free swimmer, and for South Africa, who have two excellent legs but are let down by the backstroke.

AUS – E. Seebohm, T. McKeown, E. McKeon, B. Campbell
58.26, 1:06.97, 57.59, 52.52
CHN – Y. Fu, J. Shi, Y. Lu, D. Shen
59.02, 1:06.28, 57.36, 53.91
SWE – M. Coleman, J. Johansson, S. Sjostrom, L. Hansson
1:00.55, 1:06.76, 55.64, (54.40)
DEN – M. Nielsen, R. Pedersen, J. Ottesen,
58.84, 1:07.39, 57.04, 54.60
USA – M. Franklin, J. Hardy, K. Stewart, S. Manuel
59.40, 1:06.68, 58.06, 53.81
CAN – D. Bouchard, R. Nicol, K. Savard, C. Van Landeghem
1:00.31, 1:07.24, 57.52, 53.93
RUS – A. Fesikova, Y. Efimova, A. Polyakova, N. Lovtsova
59.55, 1:05.60, 59.42, 54.44
JPN – S. Akase, K. Watanabe, N. Hoshi, M. Uchida
1:01.62, 1:06.43, 58.45, 54.22

Hansson’s time is in brackets because she didn’t swim the 100m free (Coleman and Sjostrom), I have taken her 4x100m leg and substituted her reaction time for that of her 200m free.

Also watch for Great Britain, no representation on 100m free or breast, they will be taken up by Halsall and O’Connor, and for Netherlands who may swim Heemskerk over Maike de Waard on backstroke.


Emily will head to Rio as the favorite. How will she handle that? And how will Missy respond next year?


I hope AUS swim Larkin in the morning to make sure they afvance to final:
Larkin – Packard – Dorsogna/Hadler – Chalmers

Then replace Chalmers with mcEvoy in the final.

USA and GBR will battle it out for gold.


Australia will win the women’s medley. Men, not even certain to get silver due to hadler under performing. It’s a pity that they didn’t swim the mixed relays – they had a genuine chance of topping the medal tally with 10 golds (which hasn’t happened since 2001) but basically gave one away to uk and another to USA. Thanks to ledecky, USA will finish on top yet again.
The only comfort is they’ll have won 7-8 golds in Olympic events, with Larkin, seebohm and Campbell’s starring this meet


Aswimfan, there is no way that gbr is battling for gold – they have 2 good legs but couldn’t even get a single person in the SF of butterfly or freestyle. They’ll be battling with australia for silver – USA will get a very easy gold


The only people in Kazan capable of depriving the USA 4XMED of victory are themselves. All other teams have fatal deficiencies. TBH, the minor medals are a lottery.

The women’s race is a race in four.

– DEN via Nielsen, Pedersen & Otteson could well be leading at the final change but Blume (mid53 PB) has been way off the pace in Kazan & they are liable to be swamped going home.

– USA is potentially conceding heavily on 2-3 legs and will need all their swimmers to swim at least 110% better than they have a this meet AND the opposition to swim poorly to win.

– CHN are the “dark horses”. They will potentially be fielding finalists in all 4 100s. The only leg where they are likely to concede major ground is the freestyle anchor.

– AUS look the favourites and will bookended by individual stroke champions and the fly leg shouldn’t concede much. The BRS could, however, prove problematic. McKeown has no relay experience and despite swimming a sub1.07 PB in 100 heats; she has swam progressively worse as the meet has progressed. Will she freeze under pressure ? Sadly the alternate, Tonks, is just not good enough.


Australia should have enough on the other legs to account for any relative weakness on breast. The US would need a massive advantage heading into the last leg to withstand the Campbell lightning and I don’t see that happening.


McKeown worries me; she looked to be increasingly “overwhelmed by it all” with every swim. These are the swimmers liable to either panic & break OR go out too hard & completely die on the way home.

USA’s back half would need to take a quantum leap forward to be there at the finish but DEN & CHN are probably far more of a concern as they could have that significant lead going into free.

Unlike the mens 4xMED for the USA or the W 4X100 for AUS; this is not one you can “pencil in” beforehand.

Personal Best

Did not expect that one at all… but was very confident of Seebohm swimming a PB as she has shown progression in her times through the rounds. Good race strategy from her too.

She has always shown potential in the 200 back but never really gave it attention. I think she used to focus on the 50 much more, and I think held the 50 back WR at one point (for a day). Very happy for her.

That was probably Franklin’s best swim these championships, in her signature event. Awesome effort considering.


I think Missy’s best swim was when she anchored USA mixed 4×100 free, she could have been passed by Heemskerk but she fought really well in the final metres.

Meanwhile, the 200 back was her most gutsy swim from her in all week. She was like “This is my event, I’m going out hard and try to win this and die on the final metres if I have to”. Not the smartest swim of course, but that’s how she always swim her 200 back. The difference this time is that she seem to not be at her best and Seebohm had more energy and speed at the end.

craig watson

Double play for Dolphins backstrokers. Brilliant performance to Bomber and Mitch. Dual world champs.



Bruce Gemmell discusses training Katie Ledecky in 2013



Beachmouse, Thank you!

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