W100 Freestyle: Bronte Campbell Takes Big Sister’s Crown; Cate On 1st Sibling Podium

Bronte Campbell of Australia on her way to gold - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Campbell had the crown, Campbell keeps the crown but the crown passes: come the moment it was Bronte Campbell, the younger, the sharper to the turn, who took the title: 52.52 was good for gold, nervy the moment, slower the clock but fast nonetheless – silver for Sarah Sjostrom (SWE), 52.70, bronze for Cate Campbell, 52.82

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Campbell had the crown, Campbell keeps the crown but the crown passes: come the moment it was Bronte Campbell, the younger, the sharper to the turn, who took the title: 52.52 was good for gold, nervy the moment, slower the clock but fast nonetheless – silver for Sarah Sjostrom (SWE), 52.70, bronze for Cate Campbell, 52.82


Personal Best

Big PB by Bronte and super impressive time.
Cate has been consistent all meet, but outside her best from both this year and last.

I guess this means Bronte swims the medley final?

Very impressive time from Kromowidjojo too… close to her best, right?


Bronte would have to get the medley swim – not only did she win today but she split 51.7 in the last relay


Yes, it does seem Ranomi is getting back into shape again.

Question: I suddenly realized no GBR swimmers were entered, no Halsall (who should have made the final) or O’Connor, who also had a time below 54. Why?


I’m so annoyed that australia once again not swimming the mixed relay despite being favourites! Mcevoy and chalmers are done and they have plenty of female 100m sprinters if they don’t want to use the Campbell’s in the heats. Mcevoy chalmere c1 and c2 would have easily taken out the relay!!!!


Very very happy to be proven wrong in my prediction. Thought this may be one year early for C2 ….. but you take pleasant surprises.

These three should be going around once again in Rio. Who can join them ?

Heemskerk doesn’t seem to be able to deliver when it really counts. Kromowidjojo seems to be able to put out 53lowish but hasn’t been sub53 for some years.

The Americans are way off. Franklin has other and better events. Manuel, for all the NCAA hoohaa, hasn’t progressed LCM from last year and, at this point, is 3-4 levels below our medallists.


I was also wrong about C2 chances, and I too thought she was not ready and that next year will be the year.

Well.. the little sister is now out of big sis shadow.

Sjostrom invested too much in 100 free. It’s no wonder she looked extremely unhappy.


I wonder if c2 can pop a sub 24 in the 50m….


I think C2 has to be considered favorite for 50 now.

Her start was better than anyone in that 100 free final. There will be 50 specialists of course such as halsall, ottesen, vanderpool wallace. C2’s start can now match anything 50 specialist can throw and she can mow them down in the last 10.

Despite all smiles and happy for her sister, I think C1 is now pissed, and she is C2 biggest competitor in 50.


Hello Anon; do you have you wires crossed ? The team you are touting would be for the mixed freestyle relay, not the mixed medley relay.

AUS IS on the entry list for the mixed free relay; as to whether they field McEvoy & the Campbells remains to be seen.

As to the mixed medley, very good reasons not to. The likes of Larkin, the Campbells & McKeon still had major events to come & the form/quality of second stringers ….. debateable.

Personal Best

It seems almost logical… Bronte has the front end speed being first at the 50, going out faster than Sjostrom, and has more more speed in the second 50 than Cate. Fine balance.


Please Pedersen win this…watanabe could spoil though


Japan from ZERO female gold world medalist for 42 years to TWO gold medalists in two days!


Commonwombat, my bad I didn’t see them on the start list! Can’t see them losing if they swim the Campbell’s


Ohh… watanabe is so emotional ..

3 bronze medallists !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

has this ever happened at global level before?


I don’t think there’s even been a 3 way tie before. I’ve once seen two on 1st and 2 on 3rd.
Also commonwombat’ suspicions confirmed – handler is just as useless as dorsogna
Such a pity – they have an amazing backstroke in Larkin, great freestyle in mcevoy, Packard who swam 3 pb’s in breast stroke, why can’t they just get a decent butterfly swimmer 🙁


If only I were allowed, I’d post an appropriate music clip but seeing that is not possible, shall we not all join together in the chorus of that great old Ray Charles song in honour of dear stalwart Tommaso & Jayden for their years of stellar international performance ?

“Hit the road, Jack …..


….and don’t you come back….


I am humming “Hit the road Jack..

and now it doesn’t get out of my mind

The swim and drama today has been spectacular though


Koch wins!!!!!

who;s from germany here?
they must be happy!

It’s been a long tough road for Germany since 2009 but now they’ve finally won major gold!

Cordes decision to travel and live all the way to Singapore and train under Sergio Lopez has paid off handsomely

Personal Best

I forgot Kromowidjojo has been a 52.7… still, an impressive time considering so few can get to those times with regularity. And she was far ahead of the rest.

Is Bronte now 2nd fastest ever (in textile)?


And wait, we will still get Morozov vs. Ervin swim off at the end

So exciting! full on drama! bring on the old soviet vs USA thing!



yes Bronte is now second best ever textile.


Mckeon useless yet again!
Great swim from Great Britain to beat America!


Come now, Anon, they were NEVER really in the Gold medal hunt. McKeonD was pedestrian but that’s his international form-line. An excellent anchor leg by Fraser-Holmes; the Russian anchor ‘died’ but hopefully Fraser-Holmes will get his @$#* together next year.

This always looked a non-vintage USA team and, if ever they were going to be “rolled”, this was the chance. GBR were always medal candidates and they had key men in peak form at the right time whereas others did not.


They only lost by one second. Based off his times, mckeon should have easily been able to split 1s faster. Mcevoy was also slower than he could have been. Nice seeing Tfh do a good split considering he was the fastest swimmer in 2014


Best times are all very nice; what’s far more important is WHERE & WHEN they’re swum.

McKeonD receives disparagement from an an increasing majority here for that very reason; he NEVER performs in international competition (this is his 4th year in the senior national team).

Apart from the ToyTown Games last year (a competition a number of levels below this); McEvoy is yet to evidence that he’s a top-line 200 competitor. His opening leg, where he DID concede ground coming home, was actually quite a step up on his ToyTown & PP relay efforts (both 1,48 openers).

Horton COULD enter calculations for Rio. Hackett’s certainly no Messiah; he’ll be 36 in Rio and what we saw in this morning’s heats is probably a fair illustration of what he can offer. The spirits there but its an ageing body.
Smith IS a positive note but they need more than that.


Absolutely awesome swim by Bronte. Cate has the natural born talent and physique, her height an undoubtable advantage. Bronte has a technique and determination that supersedes cates. Cate’s technique looks effortless but Bronte underwater is far more efficient. Been evident for a while, tonight it finally came up trumps. Happy for her. Not many “bridesmaids” manage to step out of the shadows.


Happy for all the Aussie medals won today.. I’m glad the Aussie relay boys managed to smuggle bronze after all that…

Let’s do hope the Aussies enter their best team for the 4×100 mixed free relay, otherwise why bother to enter it at all…our four best sprinters are clear anyway…


The males are now clear but the Campbells aren’t !! Mixed FS relay heats and finals are tomorrow; so are the W50 heats & semis.

Maybe they’ll sub them for the heats but we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m not fussed if they field a team or if they decide “why bother”. The only medal tally that I’m taking note of is the one for Olympic events only.


Point taken but it will be nice to see what our four best sprinters at this meet could muster together (time wise) in a competitive environment.. And I think Chalmers deserves a medal anyway if they could pull it off..


Maybe they should “change the menu” at the Super Series early next year (IF indeed there’s going to be one) and make the mixed relays 4×100 rather than 4×50. That may be an opportunity to have a wee bash at the records set here in Kazan.

They may not be in peak shape but it has been notable that the likes of the Campbells & Seebohm have been capable of fast swims “un-tapered”.


Femke, Femke. A 51.99 in relay should not translate into a 53.6 in the solo event. It should have been 52.5 and at least silver.


Dutch, that was one swim. Her form through the rounds of the 200 hinted that things just aren’t quite right ….. or the pressure has got to her.

With regards to the 50FS, a PB by C2 looks to be clearly on the cards. Favourite ?? Dunno ….. as yet, she’s yet to go sub24 and that’s what looks likely to be required to win and most probably medal.

Sjostrom’s likely to be hurting after the 100 and despite the smiles and public displomacy, C1 will be keen to put the upstart back in her place !

It will be interesting to see if Halsall can approach last year’s times. If so, she should then be mixing it for the money.

Those are the 4 I see as the most likely medal contenders. AVW should be in the final but is probably not quite there with the real contenders. Likwise Kromowidjojo. This looks to be an event where the Americans are likely to miss the final.


Dutchoven that’s not how it works just ask Lezak. Cate looked furious would love to see Bronte beat her again.


Dutch I share your feelings. Her April times and 51.9 in relay promised to make this championships much brighter.

Personal Best

Bronte did mention, when asked if Cate had to redeem herself (or something like that… at 3am who can remember what) that after her shoulder surgery and all that she had gone through, she doesn’t need to redeem herself at all.

Still solid by Cate really.
I think she might be more disappointed with bronze (rather than silver) than her sister winning.

There would be a lot of disappointed swimmers in that final.

So many underperformed according to their best times or their expectations.


Did not see that one coming after the semis, great swims by all three medal winners!


It is stunning that Heemskerk is going home without a single individual medal.
Not in 50, 100 or 200.

No one would have thought of this just a week ago.

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