W100 Breaststroke: Victory Taylor-Made As Sophie’s World Takes On Golden Hue

Sophie Taylor turned around a troubled week for Commonwealth gold

Sophie Taylor put behind her an indifferent Games to clinch a late victory in the 100m breaststroke tonight.

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Sophie Taylor put behind her an indifferent Games to clinch a late victory in the 100m breaststroke tonight.



Finally, a female GBR breaststroker and an intl class time !! Atkinson followed her form-line of the meet of running out of gas when it counts. Creditable finish by Tonks but her time was nothing to break open the bubbly for – giving up @ 1sec to Taylor. This may give some cheer to the ENG 4XMED prospects but one suspects the AUS FS leg dominance will be the difference


Craig, to update your article, Lorna Tonks no longer swims with Ken Wood, but with Chris Mooney. She changed coaches six months ago.

Craig Lord

Thanks Bob: it is Liz’s story … she’s changing now… the official guide still has Lorna’s coach as Ken Wood.


No worries Craig (and Liz). She trained with Ken Wood for the last several years and only recently changed coaches to Chris Mooney and trains with Taylor McKeown.


I feel so sad for Atkinson! She had both the 50 and 100 leads, and unfortunately failed in the finals…
Hope to see her soon with a gold!


Jaki, I wouldn’t say Alia failed at all – she is now Jamaica’s most decorated Commonwealth swimmer. The breaststroke events are always unpredictable. Her 50m was a disappointment, but she won a silver medal, it is a big achievement. On the 100 – Taylor swum faster than Alia ever has, by almost half a second. It is disappointing that she couldn’t hold on for silver, but her pacing was amateur.

She was never going to hold onto 30.8 – she went 1.06.8 off a 31.1 split in the semi finals, that is not the way to swim a 100BR. Taylor paced it beautifully, 31.47/34.88 = 1.06.35. Masterful timing by the 18 year old, and she held onto her stroke at the end, too.

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