W100 Backstroke: Aussie Sweep As Emily Seebohm Bids Farewell to Bridesmaid Status

Gold for Emily Seebohm, silver, Madison Wilson (right), one nation, Australia, two medals - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Emily Seebohm claimed the first global title of her career by leading a gold-silver sweep for the Aussies in the 100 backstroke, with Madison Wilson .

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Emily Seebohm claimed the first global title of her career by leading a gold-silver sweep for the Aussies in the 100 backstroke, with Madison Wilson .



Seebohm was supposed to win Shanghai but she fell so sick.
We all know what happened in London.
So this is such a huge relief to her.


Seebohm did well to win. After consistently breaking 59 the last 2 years she deserved this win.
Katie ledecky though – what a monster! To be able to do that after a WR in the heats, and with only a 100m backstroke before the 200m SF!


John, it’s Madison Wilson not White !

The 200 now looking very very interesting. Hosszu will have to be thinking Franklin’s looking very vulnerable at this point. This will be Seebohm’s first 200 at a Major; it will be interesting to see how she goes over the longer trip.


I wouldn’t be surprised if 200m was between hosszu and seebohm with Franklin swimming so poorly


I think Missy will still be in strong contention for 200 gold as start is nowhere near important in 200 as it is in 100.


No one should write off Franklin, especially for the 200 which has actually been the one event where it can be said “she’s owned it”/demonstrated clear undisputable superiority.

Having said that, she has to be worried as whilst her FS has looked OK at this meet, her backstroke hasn’t. Hosszu has to be considered a real threat although I am a tad puzzled at her expending effort in the 200FS where she’s distinctly less favoured and looking minor medal at best.


Awesome performances by Emily Seebohm and Madison Wilson. Hopefully they can also perform well in the 200m backstroke race. That and Australia’s 4x100m medley relay. We also need more improvements from Japan!


For, Wilson did not make selection for the 200. The 2nd Australian competitor is Hayley Baker who is a 2.08flat swimmer. Her prospects ….. unlikely. WILL be very interesting at next year’s AUS trials in this event; especially if Hocking can make a full recovery as I suspect Wilson will also be making a major push for the 200.

Lennart van Haaften

I’m happy for Seebohm, a very deserved major title for the OR holder.

Franklin’s situation is worrisome, she could easily lose all 3 of her individual world titles. I see Hosszu taking the 200 back, maybe in a WR but definitly under Egerszegi’s NR (and famous former WR).

And I still think Hosszu is favorite for the 200 free, though Ledecky is hard to ignore. By the way, I just noticed Hosszu holds 14 out of 16 individual short-course national records — all except the 400 and 1500 free, if wikipedia is up to date.


Who’s Madison White? Is there a White in the field??



thanks for the info about Hosszu NRs. For a country with steep great swimming history as Hungary, holding 14 NRs even if short course is very obscene.

John Lohn

Fixed the last name. My error, Writing too quickly.

peter robinson

Aussie medley relay looking good.

Richard Ortiz

Aussie medley relay looking great.

Tony McKinnon

Danish medley relay also looking great

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