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[Images by Aniko Kovacs and Patrick B Kraemer]

As the year draws to a close, will celebrate the last 12 months in the pool with a host of awards. In the coming weeks, the team here will make its selections for honours obvious and categories previously unheard of. We also invite readers to vote for their own selections in our parallel SwimVortex Readership Choice Awards – starting with three categories today

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As the year draws to a close, will celebrate the last 12 months in the pool with a host of awards. In the coming weeks, the team here will make its selections for honours obvious and categories previously unheard of. We also invite readers to vote for their own selections in our parallel SwimVortex Readership Choice Awards – starting with three categories today



Not being prejudice.. but I think Cielo with the 50 free textile best, defeating a much stronger field and retaining both crowns, should be there instead of Le Clos…

Lane Four

Male Swimmer of the Year: Sun Yang
Female Swimmer of the Year: Katie Ledecky
Male Performance of the Year: Ryan Lochte – 200 Meter Backstroke 2013
Female Performance of the Year: Katie Ledecky – 400 Meter Freestyle 2013
Male Race of the Year: James Magnussen – 100 Meter Freestyle
Female Race of the Year: Katie Ledecky – 1500 Meter Freestyle

Craig Lord

Thanks Rafael … the lists are only ‘tips’ to hint at some of the main choices and stimulate thought and discussion… not our final choices.


Male Swimmer of the Year: Sun Yang
Female Swimmer of the year: Katie Ledecky

Female Performance of the year: 400 Fr Women
Female Race of the year: 1500m Meter Freestyle

Male Race of the year – I’d say 4x100m freestyle
Male Performance of the year – Sun Yang’s 1.43.16 relay leg in the 4x200m freestyle

Swimming Mom

Male Swimmer of the year: Chad le Clos (RSA)
Female Swimmer of the year: Katinka Hosszu (HUN)

Male Performance of the year: Daniel Gyurta (HUN)
Female Performance of the year: Ruta Meilutyte (LTU))

Male Race of the year: Ryan Lochte (200 Back)
Female Race of the Year: Katie Ledecky (1500 Free)


Some interesting suggestions to ponder, not sure I agree with all of them but then that’s half the fun. I shall ponder my personal selections a little longer.

I have a slight problem with ‘race of the year’ awards that only go to one swimmer though. In my mind what makes a great race vs a great performance is close, epic competition, and that takes two people. That women’s 1500 was a great *performance* from Ledecky with the WR, but it was a great *race* because of both Ledecky and Lotte Friis. In the same vein, although both were great swims, I’d rate Efimova’s 50 BR final higher than the 200 BR, because it was a closer race and she had to come back from the euphoria of breaking a WR only to have it last just a few hours. But without the tight competition between her and Meilutyte it wouldn’t have been as exciting.



You seem to be ranking swimmers very highly based on world cup performances, seeing as your swimmers of the year are the world cup leaders and not worlds MVPs

My personal picks, and rationale
Male Swimmer of the Year: Sun Yang- No one has done anything to top the 3 individual gold medals he earned
Female SOTY: Katinka- She has the world champs performances to compete with anyone, but her day-in, day-out racing and WC performances (20 wins, uniting every s/c IM WR) put her ahead of the dominance Ledecky and Franklin showed during their week of glory in Spain

Male Performance of the Year: Gyurta’s 200 breast. It has the only mens CR of the meet and the second fastest performance ever, all suits
Female POTY: Ledecky and the 1500

Male Race of the Year: Cielo’s 50 free victory. There were 4 people who had been under 21.5 going into the final, including a 3 Olympic champions. Cielo surprised and won in a textile WR
Female ROTY: Ledecky and Friis in the 1500

Craig Lord

Hi DanishSwimFan… I’v extended the Race of the Year to include the main protagonists ๐Ÿ™‚ The names we list are simply tips, suggestions – thy are not a shortlist or our final choice, just food for thought. Thanks for the note on race of year’ – quite right.


Swimmer of the year:
Race of the year:
Female: Ledecky Battle against Friis was EPIC!Something to tell to your grandkids….
Male:50free.There is no comparison.All finalists were Olympic medallists(And five of them won gold if i am not mistaken).Probably the most star packed race ever.
Performance of the year:
Gyurta 200breast and Ledecky 1500free.
Good surprises of the year:
Cielo recovery in 50free(after dont breaking sub22 in season-a first since 2007 and losing two races prior Worlds-what dont happen since 2008, i dont believed he could take gold), Campbell textile best(something i was expecting years ago to come) and Sarah in 100fly(some people called her a choker-very unfair)

Lane Four

Wait, so we AREN’T locked into the choices above? Or are we?


Male Swimmer of the Year: Sun Yang (CHN) – A class above the rest in his events. Only did what was necessary to win his world crowns. Looking forward to his next WR attempt.

Female Swimmer of the Year: Katinka Hosszu (HUN) – Broke through on the world championship stage following a year full of travel, racing and honing her skills. Should also win the Toughest Swimmer of the Year.

Male Performance of the Year: James Magnussen (AUS) – 100m freestyle, Barcelona 2013 – An amazing achievement considering his 12 months of soul searching and media / SA / AOC scrutiny after London 2012.

Female Performance of the Year: Ruta Meilutyte (LTU) – 100m breaststroke, Barcelona 2013 – Fast, fast, fast! Has set up the women’s 100m breaststroke to be the event to follow through to Rio 2016.

Male Race of the Year: 100m freestyle, Barcelona 2013. The blue ribbon event had the crowd on its feet for good reason. Delivered breakthrough performances by Feigen and McEvoy, together with a suicidal first 50 by Morozov. Unfortunately I couldn’t rank the men’s 50m freestyle due to concerns that the water circulation at Palau Sant Jordi favoured certain lanes.

Female Race of the Year: 1500m freestyle, Barcelona 2013. Reminiscent of the Ali v Frazier in Manilla. Ledecky on top early (the first 250m). A Frils upset looked possible until Ledecky dug deep over the final 150m.


Soy. Ledecky, yang
Perf of yr. ledecky 400 and Agnel 200
Race of yr. Ledecky 1500 and Grevers 100bk


Swimmers of the year: Sun & Hosszu

Performances of year: Im going with Christian Sprenger who may have been lucky that van der Burgh was injured earlier in the year but he swam a very composed first 50 to break through for his first major Gold at the age of 27.
Ledecky 400. A superb time for a 16 year old boy let alone a girl. Ridiculously great swim.

Races of the year: 0.4 covers 4 nations over 3 minutes of swimming. If relays are allowed then the mens 4×100 was my race of the year. And these 4 nations will all improve through to Rio in what will be another epic race.
Do they have to be from World champs…? The womens 800s from Eindhoven and Berlin were incredible races!
Waterslug I have to disagree with you in that Ledecky was always winning that 1500, but yes it was the womens race of Barcelona.

Waterslug makes a good point of the breakthrough performances from Feigen and McEvoy in the 100fs, maybe that is a good award to add? I think the more awards the better otherwise we are fairly limited to awards/choices.
No one can argue how dominant Ledecky and Sun were at worlds…..

Sjostrom v Coutts was a disappointing race in my opinion. Coutts had a great chance to finally win a major Gold in the 100fly when we all knew that Vollmer was not in top shape. She will never get the chance again at this level and she blew it by swimming the 200im.


Swimmers of the year – Sun and Hosszu (If it was just after Barcelona I would say ledecky.. but what Hosszu did on SC turned it a little to her side)

Perfomances of the Year – Gyurta 200M BR and Ledecky 400 Free

Race of the year – Men 50 free.. ( even with the water or not.. manadou did not lose because of it.. he was on lane 4 all times.. and cielo did not win because of it.. even glided, or we could have saw a 21.2 ) – and probably the strongest field ever seen on a race, Cielo OG Gold, Manadou OG Gold, Schoeman OG Gold, Adrian OG Gold, Ervin OG Gold, Bousquet OG Silver, Morozov and Bovell OG Bronze.. all olympic medallists..

Female Race – Friis vs Ledecky 1500m Free


Hosszu’s SCM was impressive but you have to remember that the World Cups were relatively easy for her to win…not much competition coming off of London. You could easily look at Ledecky or Franklin’s SCY season last year as well but that’s a bit tough to compare, that’s why LCM should be what Swimmer of the year is based on… It is the universal length of pool that is used for international meets. …. Therefore my winners:

SWIMMER OF YEAR: Cielo and Ledecky

Performance of Year: Ledecky 400 and Lochte 200 IM. 2 dominant performances and Lochte had a boatload of races across the week at worlds

Race of year: Ledecky 1500 and Agnel 200 free

Relay: 4×100 women free

Coach: Todd Schmitz (Missy) and Bruce Gemmell (Ledecky) on women’s side and Bob bowman on men’s side (Dwyer, Agnel, Kalisz)

US Swimmer of yr: Ledecky, Lochte

South American: Cielo and Pinto(?)

African: LeClos and Farida Osman

European: Meilutyte and Agnel

Asian: Lui Zige and Sun Yang

Australian: Coutts and Sprenger
(Sub-category…don’t know where it fits in: Boyle from NZ)


Adreina Pinto is South American..

And Iยดm not choosing Hosszu because she beat the competition on SC.. but because of the beating she gave to old WRs..

Craig Lord

Lauren Boyle would be Oceania… but you’re jumping the gun… beyond the first few, we haven’t listed our categories yet ๐Ÿ™‚


I think it’s tough to put any weight on short course. World Cup and SCM world records are pretty soft, and 100 IM world record is about as soft as it gets. Who knows what Ledecky could have done at World Cup; instead she chose to be a normal teenager and go to school. I don’t think we can compare SCM seasons until Duel in the Pool. At least wait till SCY champs in the US.

If you’re going to want to base your picks on SCM WRs and swimming a ridiculous schedule, you might as well throw Belmonte-Garcia into the consideration, and Ryan Lochte should have received more consideration last year with his SCM WRs… Both of those things sound wrong to me…


My picks:
Male SOTY: Sun Yang. Not much to choose from here. Although Sun’s distance sweep was kind of forgettable, his 200’s on the relay and at All-China Games put him over the top.
Female SOTY: Katie Ledecky. Three of the toughest fields in history. Three of the greatest swims of the decade. Her worst individual swim at Worlds was a World Record, enough said.
Male POTY: Cesar Cielo, 50 free. Textile best in the 50. Where’s the SwimVortex love?
Faemale POTY: Katie Ledecky, 400 free. 16-year-old goes Roger Bannister in surprise swim of Worlds.
Male ROTY: Men’s 4×100 freestyle. If relays count for this award, this one definitely takes the cake. Otherwise, I’d go with Seto/Kalisz/Pereira 400 IM
Female ROTY: Katie Ledecky vs. Lotte Friis, 1500. Duh.

Craig Lord

Yes, we will have a category in the weeks ahead for the little pool: it doesn’t compare

Craig Lord

The 50 free, where is the love: nothing personal to Cesar Cielo but that result was left with a cloud over it because of the pool flow issue/question. And out tips are not our choices… it isn’t a short-list just a suggestion: the swimvortex panel is yet to vote…


Swimmers of the Year:
Sun Yang (kinda meh though) and Katie Ledecky

Performance of the Year:
Cate Campbell and Daniel Gyurta

Race of the Year:
Men’s 100 free and Women’s 1,500 free


Swimmer of the Year:

Sun Yang was amazing but he has no opponents really at the moment so it was some kind of an “easy” year for him. I might have said differently if he had won the 200m free.
So my pick would be Chad Le Clos, I think fly is a much better stroke, much harder and more competitive then the long distance freestyle at the moment. also he broke a World Record and is about to win the World Cup …
People saying Cielo should be in is disrespectfull to real swimmers … should I point to what happenned in 2011 and the failed doping test … he lost all respect from me that day (not that he would care but still lol). And don’t try to convince me otherwise, he was guilty , caught and got out of it …

Female Swimmer of the year:

Katinka for being all around is incredible really but I have to pick Missy for being the most decorated female swimmer of all time at worlds at only 18 … beyond incredible !!

Performance of the year:

Cate for the 100 free and it’s way overdue !!!!
James for the 100 free given the incredible field and the pressure !!
again I’m not gonna count the 50 because I hate this race =d but it’s a personal opinion.

Race of the year:
400 free women ! incredible swim from katie !
400 IM Amazing race with a bunch of future superstars of swimming !!


Male swimmer of the year: Sun Yang
Female Swimmer of the year: Katinka Hosszu

Male Performance of the year: Daniel Gyurta
Female Performance of the year: Ruta Meilutyte

Male race of the year: James Magnussen
Female race of the year: Katie Ledecky & Lotte Friis.


female swimmer of year: Ledecky

Male swimmer of year: LeClos

Female race of year: Ledecky 1500

Male race of year: Sun Yang 1500 – he made it look so easy

Female performance of year: Ledecky 400

Male Performance of year: Magnusson 100 free

[other catgories noted ๐Ÿ™‚ but we’r not taking votes for those … at last not yet…]


Male Swimmer of the Year: Sun Yang
Female Swimmer of the Year: Missy Franklin

Male Performance of the Year: Chad Le Clos, 200 Fly, Singapore WC 2013
Female Performance of the Year: Ruta Meilutyte, 100 Breaststroke (SF), Barcelona 2013

Male Race of the Year: Kenneth To, Vlad Morozov and George Bovell, 100 IM, European and Asian World Cups, 2013
Female Race of the Year: Katie Ledecky and Lotte Friis, 1500 Freestyle Barcelona 2013


what about Kevin Cordes 200 Breast 2013 NCAA?

Craig Lord

Jacob – for global awards, only metres count… no-one else in the world swims yards, so there is no comparison to be had. best, C

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