Viktoria Gunes Sets Up Breaststroke Sweep With World No14 100m in Singapore

Viktoria Zeynep Gunes - four golds and a stunning WJR - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Viktoria Gunes (TUR) and Michael Andrew (USA) posted world top 30 ranked swims on the third morning of action at the World Junior Championships in Singapore this morning

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Viktoria Gunes (TUR) and Michael Andrew (USA) posted world top 30 ranked swims on the third morning of action at the World Junior Championships in Singapore this morning



Been Reading up on the MA story over the past few days. Its very interesting. Apparently very focussed, scientific on his approach to swimming, and most of all, very humble.

I am pleased to see that he rebounded so well this morning, as that 50 back is the most impressive result i have seen from him this far IMO.

Would be absolutely fantastic if he cracked 25… at 16!!! wow


Gunes ……. is in another league entirely to the rest of the completion in this event. In Kazan, she wasn’t able to “back up”. Here her margin over the competition is such that she doesn’t need to do so at “optimum level”.

Re MA; what you are saying may indeed be true but there clearly needs to be a major rethink by himself but more importantly his “entourage”/coach.

There is a smattering of likely Rio candidates for selection at this championships; what has been made patently clear is that young Master Andrew isn’t one of them and is frankly some distance from being one.

Craig Lord

His heats time would have claimed gold in the 200IM final, Roy. His schedule got in the way of him showing what he’d got. And that we will see at U.S. Olympic trials next year … and, more likely in terms of Olympic selection chances – and assuming he’s still loving it – 2020.


His schedule HAS intruded but the facts do still speak most clearly that he is still a major distance (at best a second, in others several seconds away) from contending for selection at next year’s Olympic trials. And that’s not taking into account the competition already in front of him.

Much as this meet has been a salutary lesson to Team MA; it’s also a very timely ice-bucket for his boosters amongst US swim fans & pundits. Whether it is retained in their memories remains open to speculation ….. we can expect the usual chorus leading into US Trials.

Rooney on the other hand looks a realistic candidate for at least 1 FS relay.

Craig Lord

Yes, I can’t disagree with that general thrust, common wombat; so far, so hype… and that’s a shame for the kid, regardless of what others may say about it ‘doing him no harm’.


Have to agree, Craig. A sharp dose of humility at this time of life is generally highly beneficial in the long run but the current (and potential) scope of this experience may tip over to counter-productive.

Much will depend on his family environment and whether they are people who are/do keep him “grounded” or whether they are “enablers”. Is his father also the coach ? If so, that has the potential to be counterproductive.

Craig Lord

Yes, commonwombat, he will need a lot of the right kind of support. Living out the learning curve for so long in public … feels very uncomfortable from afar. He seems and sounds (and reads in his own words) like a pleasant and dedicated lad. Yes, his dad is his coach.

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