VD Burgh & Brown Open RSA Gold Count At Africa Games; Campbell/Seebohm Match

Cameron Van Der Burgh by Patrick B. Kraemer

News Round-Up: Olympic champion Cameron Van Der Burgh and Myles Brown gave South Africa a winning start on the first day of action at the 11th African Games in Brazzaville; and Bronte Campbell and Emily Seebohm share Aussie swimmer of the year award, Bronte’s prize making her and sister Cate the first sisters to have had the honour bestowed upon them

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News Round-Up: Olympic champion Cameron Van Der Burgh and Myles Brown gave South Africa a winning start on the first day of action at the 11th African Games in Brazzaville; and Bronte Campbell and Emily Seebohm share Aussie swimmer of the year award, Bronte’s prize making her and sister Cate the first sisters to have had the honour bestowed upon them



Roy, I want to know how 2 swimmers with 2 individual gold are more deserving than Larkin who also won 2 individual gold….

Craig Lord

They aren’t, Felix… not sure how Larkin could have been left out of that, though Seebohm and Campbell had the greater claim on the count of relay medals


It was always going to be a difficult 3-way call between the trio with double golds.

Both Larkin & Seebohm could’ve been seen as being more “dominant” than C2 in their individual events . However, her relay splits were pivotal in both the 4×100 (broke the race apart) & 4xMED (saved a bronze medal after inept BRS & FLY legs).

A possible “differentiating point” may have been the total medal hauls. Larkin had 2 individual golds & 1 relay silver whereas the ladies both had 2 individual golds 1 relay gold & 1 relay bronze.

Larkin DID collect another award, the ‘Swimmer’s Swimmer” so he didn’t leave without something.

paolo rubbiani

At Worlds Mitchell Larkin made everything to deserve the main award along with Seebohm and B.Campbell: two great individual golds (and national records) in 100 and 200 back and a great lead-off in 4×100 medley, with Australia more than half a second ahead of Usa.
If Packard started with a very slow reaction (+0.52) or Hadler swam only 51.91 (.15 worse than Morgan in the heats) his fly leg, so that Australia didn’t win the relay northeless the huge anchor of McEvoy (46.60!), it wasn’t certainly Larkin’s fault..
There was a trio with double golds and great performances.., why not share among the three the main award?


Paolo, what’s the point in “sounding off” about this ?? None of us have access to the exact criteria used by those who had to make this call.

I would not have complained had it been a “3 way split”; there is very little, if anything, to split them. My possible “criteria”, with regards to relays, MAY or may not have been part of the process.

I would agree that just about any other year, he WOULD have won the major award.

Craig Lord

Roy, some of those making good progress are based in the United States and far away from any unrest back home.

Craig Lord

Roy, the standard of the African Games in the depth is extremely weak. I realise that it is not your role to show good editorial judgment (so don’t feel obliged to report every result from Brazzaville – as I said yesterday, the reader can see the result sheet rolling live) but your mention of Katie Ledecky in this context is ludicrously silly. Vast shoals of teenage boys are faster than her all over the world (hundreds of them in fact), so I’d recommend you drop that particular line of daftness (FYI: she doesn’t make the top 600 all-time and this year not even the top 100).
Meanwhile, the reporting at SwimVortex is done by the editorial team and today’s report appears here:


With our testosterone level being three times higher let’s prove that we are MEN being three times more remarkable with our attitude toward her. :):) Cheer.


Roy I was about to comment that I wasn’t disagreeing with your first comment regarding Larkin but then I read your comment regarding Katie…….give it a break


Roy, if you really want to know what I am thinking, I’ll tell you and it wouldn’t be a joke. I think that you either really don’t understand how it’s looking of what you are doing or you intentionally mucking everybody around pretending to be a naïve person who in his search for the truth unintentionally becomes a source of indecent gossips and rumors. In either case it is very disturbing.
Katie Ledecky is a very young woman who wants to be attractive and loved as any other girls of her age. Wants to be loved not because of her glory, medals and records but because she is a nice young girl. How can it be not clear to the man of your age? (I hope you are a man. If you are a woman than things are even worse)
If Mr.Lord likes to keep your dirty insinuations it’s his business. But I’m pretty sure that Katie doesn’t read it. Because of such “roys” this site for sure is banned by Katie’s family along with other yellow press publications. With your “naïve insensitivity” you made postings of other people with their interesting and helpful expert observations, professional opinions, analysis and support useless because they are associated with the site that keeps posting such stupidities like your direct and indirect insults.

Craig Lord

Yes, Roy, we’ve all worked out that KL is remarkable. Thanks

Craig Lord

Yozhik, I feel sure that KL and family, while they will have read articles on swimming far and wide, do not stretch to reading comments (why would they care; there really is no need): I see stupidity and libel everywhere I look well beyond us and much closer to home (and unlikely that any swim family will ban them all from their reading world) and many mainstream media platforms that have teams of people and filters to cut such stuff out. Roy’s blabbering on KL is as transparent as it is stupid – and when it tips over, I edit out … Roy has had a fair few comments removed and has received two warnings not to repeat, so he/she knows very well there’s a line. Comments such as those suggesting 7:59 trouble me not: anyone who understands swimming knows what that means and knows that those suggesting such things have an education ahead of them.


Both Craig & Yozhik’s points are entirely correct but there is one other; the other readers & “contributors” have reached “saturation point” with meaningless digressions that are completely irrelevant to the topic of the article.

Going “off at tangents”/minor digressions will always happen … and people generally accept that but there’s been just TOO MANY topics subjected to this “nonsense”.


Roy, Katie Ledecky is also faster than me. In all distances. And I am a male. You want to take note of that.


Roy, I’m starting to wonder if you’re human or one of those “girls” as wombat would say, that you find on Internet dating sites that are really just computer generated responses full of complete and utter nonsense.


Felix, please don’t “put words in my mouth” as I have never made a deprecating comment about women’s swimming. I DO “drop the bucket” on specific individuals on the grounds of their consistent non-performance; NOT on specific genders/nationalities.

Having said that, I am in full accord with your earlier “give it a break” comment.


Roy, what DOES Allison Schmitt OR Katie Ledecky have to do with this article ? The subject matter relates to the All Africa Games AND the annual Swimming Australia Awards.

Seeing as Ledecky is NOT competing at the All Africa Games NOR is she Australian; I DO have to join those who do find your habit of entering Katie Ledecky into completely UNrelated topics rather annoying.

As regards my “dropping the bucket”; excuse me but we are all allowed to have opinions. Mine can sometimes be harsh however I DO try to substantiate them with hard facts to support them. Further, I only make them on relevant “threads”/topics.

I have come to take a hard line with the “serial tourists” that seem to always be finding their way onto AUS teams. I did not originate the term; rather this has come from AUS Swimming & Olympic officials themselves to describe those who swim times in domestic competition/at Trials but over an extended period of time (3/4/5 years) NEVER replicate these times “when it counts” in the major international meets.

It is only after that period of time that I “drop a bucket” on these pages/elsewhere in criticism; less perhaps at the swimmer themselves but more at the failure of the system to either address their issue or “call time” on their international careers.


Roy, please allow be address your points as follows

You will find that AUS universities are actually very accommodating when it comes to sportsperson-students and the time taken to obtain their degree. IF he is still studying medicine, he would most certainly NOT be having to meet the schedule of the standard med student which IS brutal.

With regards to his intl career; in 5 years he has had ONE international performance in his career – the 4×100 heats in London. Otherwise he has never replicated a domestic performance in intl waters & his last 3 4×100 outings have been disastrous.

To the other “serial tourists”, Hadler is in his 5th year on the team and his record remains that of 1 semi (only just) in individual events & an ublemmished record of uncompetitve relay legs.

McKeonD is in his 4th year on the team and has yet to replicate his time at Trials in major competition & he is an unreliable relay performer.

My point is … just how many trips do these people get when the hard FACTS are self evident; they have proven themselves incapable of handling the pressure.

Some people DO “turn around” questionable international records; Mitch Larkin & Jess Ashwood are cases in point but those in my “sights” have had FOUR & FIVE years on the team…. shouldn’t selection policy be brought under scrutiny ?

With regards to your “internationalisation” comment; this is NOT something new and with exception of LTU (with Meilyutye & Titenus) ALL of the nations you have listed have histories of producing top class swimmers including champions at the highest level. At times some have been “major players” internationally in the sport.

AUS mens side remains very weak with Larkin & to a lesser degree McEvoy the only current “top liners”. Chalmers look highly promising & Packard MAY fill Sprenger’s boots on BRS but otherwise its questionable. Their 2 relay medals from Kazan are frankly far from secure bets to replicate in Rio.

In fact, there is only ONE AUS gold from Kazan that can be reasonably described as a solid bet for Rio, the W4X100. Seebohm COULD win the 100back & either Campbell the 100fs but the competition in these events is such that they’re a much safer “medal bet” than for the win.

The AUS swim result in Rio is far more likely to resemble the result in London than that in Kazan; possibly 1-2 more gold than London but a similar total (10-11) maybe even less.

The ‘days of plenty’ of Sydney thru to Beijing are over and its back to “regular programming”; that of being one of the best 2nd level teams.

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