USA Olympic Trials: Power On Display As Katie Ledecky Pops 8:10.91 in 800 Free

A word with the water: Katie Ledecky at one with her sport, by Patrick B. Kraemer

Katie Ledecky cruised through the prelims of the 800 freestyle and still posted the third-fastest time in history, an 8:10.91.

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Katie Ledecky cruised through the prelims of the 800 freestyle and still posted the third-fastest time in history, an 8:10.91.



Is the reaction time measured differently when a swimmer starts from the water (backstroke) than when s/he does it from the blocks?
The reaction time at today’s w200BK
Franklin – 0.63
DiRado – 0.58
Beisel – 0.59
Galyer – 0.55


How Ledecky who knows her100 splits to the fraction of the second can be so mistaken about her time? Has 8:10, the third fastest time ever become so easy that it is indistinguishable with 8:20 to her? Sometimes I don’t take seriously what she is saying.


Backstroke start’s reaction time is almost always faster, on average by around 0.1-0.15 seconds, compared to dive start.
probably because the handle bar provide additional pressure/push


Ledecky also said similar thing about her 1,500 WR prelims swim in Kazan.
I’m sure she breaks WRs in her training.


Leah Smith improved her personal best by 3 seconds in prelim. Is she going to surprise us one more time proving that she is internationally competitive? What can be possibly swum by a long distance swimmer who’s 200 is 1:56 and 400 is four minutes flat. Looks like 2013 Ledecky. Can wait for tomorrow final to get shocked.
Don’t see who can challenge her in final. Becca Mann s out and Cierra Runge’s PB is two years old.


It’s amazing to think that Adlington’s 8:14 which itself broke a record that had stood for 19 years, is now not even in the top 10.
That quote is hilarious about the 100 free. From what she said it looks like the WR is odds on to go down.


Ger, don’t get surprised if Leah will be up to this Adlington’s record tomorrow.


Unbeatable in the 800.
Nearly unbeatable in the 400 (only Leah Smith has a say)
Clear favourite in the 200
Leader of the near unbeatable (only China can have a say)

A legend that is Ledecky!!!

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