U.S. Olympic Trials: Nathan Adrian Takes Sprint Double By .01 Over Anthony Ervin

Nathan Adrian - USA
Nathan Adrian - by Patrick B; Kraemer

Nathan Adrian and Anthony Ervin got the job done for the old guard, finishing at the front of the field in the 50 freestyle, 21.51 to 21.52.

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Nathan Adrian and Anthony Ervin got the job done for the old guard, finishing at the front of the field in the 50 freestyle, 21.51 to 21.52.



@ThereaLuigi. If you are glad with what was achieved by Anthony Ervin, then congratulations.
P.S. BTW do you remember our discussion and predictions made in March of what would be shown by Dressel at Trials? I was closer 🙂

kevin roose

I am curious to see who Australia second swimmer is in the 50 as far as i know only Mcevoy has been nominated for the 50 ….
Chalmers was listed for 100 but not 50 …..
They may do a time trial amongst some to decide …


So… the races that I anticipated the most…50 and 100 free by Dressel.. were a bust…

Back to square one, Dressel. Maybe he should move to Auburn now that Sergio is coaching there.


kevin, Matthew Abood finished 2nd in the Trials under FINA A.
And he is already in the team, so my guess is he will swim the 50.

Eugene Chc

aswimfan, what very wrong with Troy swimmers.
except Beisel and Dressel they not exsitent at this trial.

i hope Dressel will be much faster in RIO.

kevin roose

Abood , Magnussen and Roberts were not selected originally , there names were put forward for the mens 4 x 100 free relay subject to Australia qualifying. At that stage only Mcevoy and Chalmers were the sprinters in the team .
So i am not sure personally i hope Chalmers gets a go in the 50 the more experience in the long run for him the better


Well Kevin, they COULD do that but I’d have to say Abood should have right of first refusal given he was 2nd at Trials and has the quicker entry time. Chalmers, for whatever reason, failed to make the 50 final at Trials.

And for that reason, I would NOT be overly agreeable to them simply handing it to him. DID he earn it …. no he didn’t. He is not demonstrably quicker (indeed he’s slower than these guys) nor any exceptional circumstances to support his case. IF Abood declines the swim, then OK but then why not Magnussen who has a faster time than Chalmers ?

Good experience for him, you claim ……. he’s going to be getting that in Rio …. in the events that he has already qualified for by right & maybe 4×200 relay heats. World Junior Champion, you will undoubedly proclaim but frankly that’s irrelevant … his time wasn’t anything internationally competitive …. it was slower than both Abood & Magnussen at Trials.


Kevin, to even imagine Chalmers would get to swim the 50 is beyond ludicrous. Especially when they left Wilson at home for Palmer in the back up breaststroke spot when Wilson is clearly the future of Australian breaststroke, until Randal Imgram gets his time.

As for Ervin, awesome stuff. Incredible that he’s half a second faster than as a 20 year old Olympic champion. Phelps really has his work cut out in Rio…..just making that 100fly final will be tough after the 200im in which beating Hagino is going to take a near wr. And as for the 200 the 3 way battle will be sublime.

200breast shaping up as the race in Rio for me….the 2 yanks, Japanese, Brits, Koch, Gyurta, Russians…..


I think Dressel has ‘sinned’ by inexperience in LCM.What the hell he was doing swimming 100fly prelims?
He made a nice PB by 0.5s in 100free, but he was a way behind his 21.53 in 50free.Once more, we can tell LCM is another sport(comparing with NCAA).


I agree with Felix, to even entertain the idea that Chalmers swim 50 in Rio is ridiculous. Both Magnussen and Abood have faster times this year AND last year.

Why shouldn’t Dressel swim 100 fly? If one round of 100 fly makes him less speedy, then maybe he is just not Olympics material yet.
McEvoy also swam 100 fly at the Aussie trials as well as 200 free all the way to final (Dressel only swam 200 free prelims)


Looking at M 200 breast field, I think there will be at someone who gets spooked and goes out crazy fast in something like 59.90 only to die in the last lap in final time of 2:11. It will be very entertaining.


Dear Yozhi, I don’t exactly recall our discussions but I take your word for it.

Yes, I am very glad about Ervin. As everyone knows, he is my favorite male sprinter of all times. I already thought he was the most naturally gifted male sprinter ever to compete in the pool; now I have no doubts left. They should film him in hi-res above and under the water while he still competes, and show his technique to all coaches in the world because there is something unique about it.

kevin roose

oh Felix and Aswimfan really ludicrous in deed harsh words on what is one of the hottest new young guns in world swimming Chalmers …. my point was for long term experience let him swim the 50….they have nothing to loose Abood and Magnussen aint gonna medal in the 50 or will they make the final ….

Dave Nicholson

Dressel is a “bust” at Trials? He’s 19 years old! He has essentially no LCM experience! He swam a huge PB! He will swim the 100 individually! Admittedly, his 50 was a bit off but that was an extremely tough, nerve-shredding field. Perhaps some hyperventilating fans were expecting Dressel to swim 47 low or something, but those people weren’t being realistic. Give this kid a couple of years and then we’ll see. US sprinting will be fine.

Also, there’s some merit to the idea that SCY and LCM are very different but they’re hardly “different sports”. Lots of NCAA stars who were untested in LCM swam very well at Trials.


you can’t compare Dressel with McEvoy swims because McEvoy trains in LCM all year.And 48.2 is a GREAT time for any 19years-old in the World.

yards and LCM looks like a different sport not only because the number of turns, but they don’t even have the same length.For every star who delivered in NCAA and LCM(Like Adrian,Bousquet and Cielo) there is plenty more we will never will heard about it once they NCAA career is gone.


@ThereaLuigi: Never mind about our bet. It was about possibility to predict LCM progress based on the progress shown in SCY.
I know little about man sprinting and rely completely on your expertise about quality of Ervin’s swimming. But I also noticed that there is indeed something not right about him 🙂 When he and Adrian were giving short interview immediately after race he looked like a schoolboy stending next to a grown-up. But more interesting was that there was almost no white water around him when he swam 50m race.

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