U.S. Olympic Trials: Medley Double For Maya DiRado; Melanie Margalis Posts Huge Rally

Maya DiRado by Patrick B. Kraemer

Maya DiRado completed a sweep of the medley events by winning the 200 distance in 2:09.54, and Melanie Margalis charged down the last lap to edge Caitlin Leverenz for second.

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Maya DiRado completed a sweep of the medley events by winning the 200 distance in 2:09.54, and Melanie Margalis charged down the last lap to edge Caitlin Leverenz for second.



Poor Leverenz, that very bad finish cost her ticket to Rio. Oh well, life goes on.
At least she already has Olympics medal.

Barnabas Mandi

Pretty interesting ranking. Katinka’s time is In IM all the orther’s is in fly. Please correct is at world rankings too. Thanks


One cannot help but empathise with the competitor who misses out by the tightest of margins and such is the case with Leverenz.

As to the times, respectable but nothing that should be striking fear into the Iron Lady. Would expect DiRado to improve on this time and be well amongst the scrap for minor medals. Margalis, I feel, will need to “go some” to be assured of a finals berth.

Craig Lord

Barnabas, John doesn’t compile the rankings as well as write the files, get the quotes, etc etc – the very idea is most amusing 🙂 The code is now correct; the lists are not ‘hand-written’ at this site 🙂

Barnabas Mandi

I know, but I had to title it to somebody and John’s name was there.
I like to be amusing, on the other hand 🙂

Bad Anon

Margalis pulled off a tough double, 6th in the 200free and 2nd in the IM about 45mins apart… That was a very gutsy swim in the latter race edging out the Olympic bronze medallist from london by 0.05.. Its already 8years when Hoff pulled off such a double with wins in both…. Think outside Iron lady minor medals in the 200IM will be tightly contested ,Britains SMOC whose best is 2.08.21, China’s Ye who’s the defending champion, Coutts and many other 2.10 swimmers…. It may as well take a 2.10 low to final, after all it took 2.10.9 to make the final 4 yrs ago in london

Barnabas Mandi

Bad Anon, I’m think (hope) that Ye won’t be anywhere. DiRado and SMOC for the minor medals.


Gutted for Leverenz, but happy that the Margalis family finally gets their Olympian- big brother Robert was a very talented swimmer who was often relegated to Pan Ams teams because his best events put him against the Phelps-Lochte juggernaut at their peak.


Beachmouse, thanks for your comment! I had forgotten that Melanie was Robert’s sister. I hope he is doing well in his post-swimming life, but I’m sure he’s going to be a bit jealous of his sister.

Barnabas Mandi

Congrats to Melanie, she did it.
And what would you feel in Cseh’s place?

Barnabas Mandi

You can be sure of it. So many siblings are doing the same or nearly the same sport at the moment too. Only from Hungary, Daniel and Gergely Gyurta, Evelyn and David Verraszto (children of Zoltan Verraszto), or Liliana Szilagyi (daughter of Zoltan Szilagyi and granddaughter of Dezso Gyarmati) e.g. Nice to see it.


It’s too bad that the current world championships 200 IM silver medalist, Kanako Watanabe will not be able to swim 200 IM in Rio. The two Japanese that will be there, Miho Teramura and Runa Imai, are not at 2:08 yet which is required to medal.

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