U.S. Olympic Trials: Global Venture Pays Off For Kevin Cordes In 100 Breast (59.18)

Kevin Cordes [Photo: Aniko Kovacs]

It’s not easy to change. It’s not easy to pick up from a comfort zone and move to a part of the world that is a complete mystery. But that’s the path Kevin Cordes chose to pursue a little more than a year ahead of the United States Olympic Trials. With the way his evening…

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It’s not easy to change. It’s not easy to pick up from a comfort zone and move to a part of the world that is a complete mystery. But that’s the path Kevin Cordes chose to pursue a little more than a year ahead of the United States Olympic Trials. With the way his evening… […]



A very interesting result. His sub59 AR in semis had certain American enthusiasts on various fora sizing him up to challenge Peaty but his performances should just be seen for what they are; highly creditable ones that (1) confirm US has someone truly internationally competitive in this event and (2) place him as a legitimate medal contender for this event.

Miller’s 2nd place MAY pose a wee selection poser re the medley relay in Rio. Given his track record of disqualifications for technical infringements; will they dare risk him in heats ?


I’m hoping Cordes can Brexit Peaty from the top of the podium. He’s in the mix now for sure. Wish he was more consistent tho.

Hopefully the underwater cameras will be out at at the games to stop weasels like Miller. Anyone know if that is happening?

John Lohn

I think there is a need to look at what Cordes did within reason. Great job to get on team, and an excellent job to go under 59. But let’s not discuss him beating Peaty. He is a full second behind, and until he gets much closer, no reason to compare with Peaty.


Miller looked clean to me in the final, but dunno..bad habit dies hard.
It would be catastrophic for the US if Miller swim 4×100 medley prelims and DQ.

Of course there will be underwater cameras at the games (which is great for screen viewers), but what’s the use if FINA keeps refusing to use it.

Craig Lord

He won’t easy speed, is my view – unless he goes a lot faster 🙂 or Adam goes a lot slower. I struggle to see either of those scenarios right now. Peaty is very clear about saying that it is all to win and nothing is taken for granted but no denying the solid edge of speed he has going into battle. Pellegrini is closer to beating Campbell in the 100m free, for example. And I don’t see that happening either.

Felix Sanchez

I think there’s still some question about Peaty’s ability to swim his fastest in finals, but this is still too big a gap.

Craig Lord

Felix, the same applies to Kevin C and several other big contenders in many 100m events – the semis fairly often faster than finals. You then have to ask can the swimmer win. Peaty has answered that very well so far.


I meant will the officials actually use the cameras. I heard there will be a crackdown but won’t believe till I see it..

A little good natured trash talking to Mr. Lord and our friends on the other side of the pond. Like the Brexit line?


to be able to officially use underwater video footage in ruling a DQ means there should be a change in rules right?
I don’t think I have seen any such changes.

Poor britain, everyone is making cheap fun at the expense of Brexit now 😀

Craig Lord

easyspeed… hope you’re right on the cameras (though it really ought to be official and above board not done through whisper and suggestion behind the scenes). As for good-natured etc no problem there 🙂 though I make this point, many in Britain were hugely grateful to Iceland last night and glad to see the idiots among fans sent home … and… trash talking often tips to the damaging stuff we see from England football fans – and that diminishes all of us … meanwhile, here’s Mr Peaty getting faster through the rounds to a 58.3:

Dave Nicholson

The US men haven’t had good depth in the 100m breast for years. They now have 5 men under a minute (including a 17 year old), it took 59 low to make the team and an American breaks 59. This represents a major improvement over the past few years and a good sign for the future of US 100BR. Now people set aside the improvement and focus on the fact that the US men won’t beat Peaty. This despite the fact that NO ONE in the world is anywhere near Peaty. Shifting goalposts. I’m only really half serious here, but it’s funny.

Cordes tightened up in the last 10m. I think he’s got a 58 mid in him if he can calm down and start swimming reliably. Both Cordes and Miller are sketchy in relays, making what should be a US victory a bit more “exciting”.


Yep, the only chance for the rest of the world to win m4x100 Medley is for Miller pr Cordes to DQ.


I thought Cordes had cost US a few relays with DQ’s and technicalities… was it Miller?

Brexit slurs and talk of Cordes challenging Peaty? Hilarious

Peaty will wipe the floor with Cordes. In fact, I believe if an American is to reach the individual podium it will be Miller.


I agree on Cordes Miller assessment. Miller seems the scrappy kind a guy. He is a racer.

Cordes cost USA 4×100 medley gold in Barcelona when he jumped. He was also DQed in several NCAA races AFAIK


@GBswim: I hardly think my remark qualifies as a “slur.” You need to relax buddy. As any regular reader of the comment section knows, I am a Peaty fan.

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