U.S. Olympic Trials: Brawl In 100 Backstroke Set; Texas Men Sharp In 200 Free

Sprint ace David Plummer [Photo: Peter Bick]

The trio of David Plummer, Ryan Murphy and Matt Grevers easily advanced to the final of the 100 backstroke, but one will be left off the Olympic Team.

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The trio of David Plummer, Ryan Murphy and Matt Grevers easily advanced to the final of the 100 backstroke, but one will be left off the Olympic Team.



A lot of very enthusiastic Americans on other fora are making an ungodly mess of their underwear over these M100back times ….. as if a WR in the final is purely a “matter of course”.

It may well happen but that WR is still the best part of 0.2sec away. Whoever wins tomorrow night will go into Rio as a deserving favourite but unless he somehow blows a new WR right into a new stratosphere; he’s still some way from having his name engraved on that medal.

Firstly, his team-mate will most likely be too close for comfort. Secondly, those who can recall back to AUS Trials may’ve observed how “untidy” Larkin was technically; particularly his wandering around his lane in both 100 & 200. If he swims like that in Rio, he’ll get beaten; if he tidies things up then he’s very much at this party.

W100back: Not looking good for either Franklin or Coughlin; not impossible as the 2nd place time isn’t exactly striking international fear (nor is Smoliga’s) but they’re aren’t inspiring much confidence.

What is Smoliga’s “top side” ? Is there a sub59 ? Its plausible but the girls in that territory are going out quicker than her and coming home distinctly quicker. She’s certainly a positive sign, especially given the indifferent form of more illustrious names, but as yet she still has a significant gap to bridge to the “business end” internationally.


M200free semis were frankly pretty “meh”. Maybe they’re all being tactical but Dwyer is the only one looking like 1.45 material. They will certainly need to step up a couple of gears tomorrow night.

With Efimova’s participation being questioned and Ruta not looking as convincing in the past, the W100brs is looking a more open event than many first thought. US lacking a finalist in Kazan was a major shock to the system and the emergence of the likes of King & Meili certainly bring relief.

Some US enthusiasts have been touting 1.04s from King but she’s only been sub 1.06 twice (including tonight) and a drop of a full second in 24 hours ?? No, a more realistic scenario would be an incremental improvement on her 1.05.73 PB; maybe a tick below 1.05.50. This will most certainly see her as a medal contender for Rio.

2nd qualifier ? Looking very open. Meili was sub 1.06 last year but hasn’t quite shown such for this year. Hannis has been 1.06low prior to Trials so has to be considered. Hardy is the other sub 1.06 in semis; not out of the question but will be needing to find something.

Bad Anon

One cant help but be concerned about Franklin and Coughlin… One hopes they’ll punch their tickets in the relays at the very least… Great prospect for multiple of Coach Marsh’s Swimmac making the team. Lochte and Clary in the 800free relay, Baker 100back and Meili in the 100breast


Lets hope Missy can turn this around, If she can get a half decent start she is a chance!

Scott Scofield

There will a new WR after tonight in the men’s 100 backstroke. If you don’t think so, then you haven’t been paying attention. All of the men’s 200 free have been purely tactical. They have been taking out the first 100 at around 52.1. They will be out much faster tonight. I’m curious to see how Jack Conger handles swimming his 200 final and then 200 fly semi-final afterwards.


Scott, I don’t know how long you’ve been watching or following the sport but WR’s don’t just happen because you expect them or want them to ….. or just because someone is swimming close to that range.

Plummer, Murphy & Grevers MAY push someone past that world mark …… or they could be too wound up that they DON’T swim nearly as fast as expected. A situation like we have for tonight’s final is far from uncommon and history tells us that both scenarios run about even when it comes to probability.

WRs happen ….. when they happen. Maybe we’ll see one tonight, maybe we won’t.

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