U.S. Olympic Trials: A Fifth Olympiad For Michael Phelps As GOAT Wins 200 Butterfly

Michael Phelps [Photo: USA Swimming]

For the fifth time, Michael Phelps is an Olympian, and he earned his berth to the Rio Games in the 200 butterfly, the event that started it all.

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For the fifth time, Michael Phelps is an Olympian, and he earned his berth to the Rio Games in the 200 butterfly, the event that started it all.


Richard Stevens

OOOOOOHH BOY!! The match up between Cseh, Le Clos, Phelps and any other contender will be set for the history scribes!!

The Hungarian great has been a man reborn too with a love for the sport that (dare I say it) surpasses Michael’s (bearing in mind the London revelations which sure fooled me. I mean, what did coach Bowman think and feel about their relationship?!)

What we have a real human stories/drama as a backdrop to what will be set to be compulsive viewing come Rio!!

I can’t call it yet..but where there’s a Phelps, there’s a way….!! 🙂


MP screwed up that last turn, but still, the time is kinda meh.
Maybe now everyone finally understand that there is a big difference between one off fast swim (last year’s nationals, where prelims was basically just a warm up) and three rounds of fast swimming (US OT and the Olympics). US swim fans kept thrashing Le Clos and Cseh for having swum slower times in Kazan final last year.

This year MP talked about having done the best training and preparation since London. I believe him and I think he’s telling the truth. It is just age that is betraying him. Even the GOAT is impacted by ageing. If age were not a factor, Phelps would have crushed 400 IM, 100/200 free. And yet here he chose to avoid them.

Since his “comeback”, I always thought that he should have just abandoned 200 fly and focus more on 200 IM and 100 fly. I am still convinced that swimming 200 fly is a bad idea. But that’s why he’s the GOAT and I’m not.



This year MP talked about having done the best training and preparation since Beijing.


ASF, Maybe he hasn’t fully tapered, he pulled out of the two freestyle events and maybe Bowman knew he wouldn’t have any difficulty qualifying in butterfly and IM?

Agree that the time won’t scare Lseh or Le Clos. Hell, Murphy and Pebley will prob swim faster in the 200m backstroke


@ASF: hate to break it to you man, but Cseh is 30. Nice try.


It could be that he has not fully tapered. We’ll see in 5 weeks time.
But right before Texas Invitational 3 weeks ago, Bob already sad that they are starting tapering that week, and Phelps in interview stated that he wanted to swim fast 200 free in that meet to be considered as relay alternate.
I think when you get older, it’s harder to predict how your body react to the usual training and rest. After 2012 US OT Coughlin was interviewed and blamed it on not resting enough before the trials where the only ticket she won was 4×1 free relay alternate.


but Cseh is only focusing and training on 100 and 200 fly.
MP was trying in 3 individual events and was hoping to get into the relays as well.

Even Coughlin was able to split 52.9 in 4×1 Barcelona as it was the only event she swam. Or that she swam one off 59.0 last year but swam horrendously in 3 rounds of 100 back this year after more training.


Lots of factors go into overall performance. I’m not going to say age is irrelevant, but lets not forget Michael’s training after 2008 was spotty at best. And he was drinking quite heavily during that time. During his first retirement, he was out of the pool completely for a couple of years. In fall of 2014 he was out of the pool and in rehab for 6 weeks. It was only after that he finally got things together and re-focused on his training. Pre-2008 MP never even went a day without missing a practice. I think he and Bob will make a final decision re: events based on the training leading up to the games. If this is just a partial taper things are actually looking good, wouldn’t want him to peak too early. He was pretty wrecked at Texas meet not too long ago. Still have my money on the Goat.


Agree that he might be best served to sit out at least one relay- maybe the 4×100 this time.


By the way, does anybody else find something weird with this page:

For me the texts do not appear.

Barnabas Mandi

for me too.
And the w200im ranking is funny in the other article. Really medley 🙂
Cseh will swim in the 4×100 medley relay, and I’m not absolutely sure about the 200IM.
200 fly. 85 years will be on the podium in Rio.

kevin roose

i am surprised at Toms time i thought he would of went faster i know he prefers the 100 to put in prospective the 2 Aussies Morgan and Irvine went faster than him at the Aussie trials. Mens Butterfly is considered going into Rio one of Australias weaker events .
Time will tell but i think Tom will go faster than the Aussies in Rio i rate him a better butterflier ….


85 years old? for 200 fly or 200 IM?

let me do my math:
For 200 fly
31 (phelps) + 30 (cseh) + 24 (le clos) = 85
found it! 🙂
200 IM
31 (phelps) + 32 (Lochte) + almost 22 (Kosuke hagino) = 85!
so both podiums will be 85!! 😀

Craig Lord

asf, all well now. Rogue html…


I have doubts a groin injured lochte might qualify on 200im if he goes a 1:57 low he might be left out on all individual events.


Who do you think can usurp Lochte?
Dwyer or Kalisz?
Dwyer seem to be in form and he has the speed too.

Speaking about 200 IM, if Nolan doesn’t get to swim 1:59 or below, he could be one the greatest yard swimmers who just can’t convert it to long course.

Barnabas Mandi

your maths is really good. The rankings is not so important for me at the moment, but I think Hagino and Cseh. The combined ages are the same, weren’t it?

Eugene Chc

aswimfan, almost all stanford men swimmers were very bad in long course several last years. and Bowman not best choices, if you name not Michael Phelps.


Eugene Chc,
That makes me appreciate Tom Shields more, who has preserved during all these years, and now going to Rio in 200 fly ticket!! craaazzzyyyy

It is also a testament to the skill of Dave Durden who has mentored young yards-centric swimmers successfully into long course greats. I still have hope for Seliskar.


I was thinking Dwyer of Prenot taking Lochte spot.. but both will not swim..

Eugene Chc

aswimfan, i also think Seliskar need a time, his yard season was tough, conference times not very good. But in NCAA he was good.

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