U.S. Nationals: Message Sent! Michael Phelps Uncorks 1:52.94 Blast in 200 Butterfly

Michael Phelps [Photo: USA Swimming]

Looking to make a statement at the United States Nationals, Michael Phelps dropped a 1:52.94 in the 200 butterfly to take the No. 1 spot in the world.

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Looking to make a statement at the United States Nationals, Michael Phelps dropped a 1:52.94 in the 200 butterfly to take the No. 1 spot in the world.



Woohoo how good, just like that the fav to win 100,200 fly & 200im in Rio plus 2 relays with Grothe & Congor big threats to make the 4×200 as well. 24 Golds looking very possible.




Ha, told you so!! A Swim Fan? Doubters? Yup, Phelps is old and washed up. If he is lucky he will just get a relay spot. Etc.


With all due respect to some on here, people go to much on stats and conventional wisdom. How did I know? You have to understand swimming from a training and psychological standpoint. Phelps was training well again and he had the hunger and focus back. Success is bound to follow with that combination in the best athlete the sport has ever seen.

Richard Ortiz

Right on, easyspeed!


Thank you. *Takes Bow*


On the psychology side: I bet you that stinky performance in London was probably driving The Goat crazy. That’s right, I said stinky. He bombed in the 400 IM and literally handed Le Clos the gold medal in the 200 fly. Yes, I know Phelps still won the 200 IM and 100 fly, and threw down some good relay splits, so it wasn’t a complete disaster. But by his standards, it was a relatively (emphasis on the word relatively) bad meet. Don’t think he wanted to go out like that..

Chris Dolan

Why she should anyone panic if Great Britain beats the USA in the 4×200 relay. I wasn’t it was a great result and as a Brit I hope it happens again in Rio!

Sorry that bit of the article was unnecessary partisan.


I don’t think that he expected that right now.
The look on his face after the race said it all… Shock.

The 100 fly is going to be a cracker he looked soo good to 100.

A little bit more work and I think we could see him pop a 1:51.

So he will be there on 200 fly, 100 more than likely, the 4×200 definitely, the short medley, hells yeah!
4×100? the way feigen looked, yes


easy speed,

I would be surprised if he wins 200 fly in Rio. And I am sure this is another motivation for Phelps. Ha!

Remember that in early 2012 I was the first and only one who said that Phelps will un-retire to swim in Rio. I was even got attacked for saying that. It is funny how suddenly everyone is getting on Phelps hype train now when they were all saying Phelps should remain retired. I never doubted he would get 100 fly and 200 IM berth in Rio and I still firmly believe as I have said since 2012 that those two events are his best chances for gold even more so than his 200 fly.


Why would you be surprised if he wins the 200 fly Aswimfan? Sure it’s not a given that he wins. LeClos, Cseh among others will provide stern competition. However, it seems fairly odd to me that anyone could be surprised that someone swimming a 1:52 in the 200 fly would be a surprise victor in Rio. You’ll probably be the only person on the planet surprised if Phelps wins this race next year. Yesterday there may have been reason for doubt based upon unknowns. We didn’t know how close to his best he could get nor how much focus he was putting on the 200 fly. Now we know. I think he’ll probably be even more motivated to win this race in Rio than the 100 fly.


surprised maybe a little too strong a word.

But in my mind, his chance in both 100 fly and 200 IM is still greater.

What’s so funny is that not too long ago people who were claiming to be his greatest fans were saying that Phelps should remain retired as to not “taint” his legacy by coming back and then delivering sub par results. Little they had faith in their own idol. And now they are they same people who claimed I told you so.

John Lohn

Roy, the reference to “panic” was used because it was coverage of a U.S. National Champs, because an 11-year streak ended and because there was immediate “uh-oh” reaction from the American base. It required addressing. Very well aware of our readership being a global spectrum.

clive rushton

I am on record as saying his return was a mistake, big mistake, huge.

I humbly apologize to everyone.

The GOAT is back.


@ A Swim Fan: I know your predictions are usually very good and you take a lot of pride in them. Just giving you some jazz for this one. Can’t disrespect the GOAT like that 😉

@Clive Rushton: very classy of you! Your post gave me a chuckle.

Graham Bell

Properly, truly back. I’d quite like to not see him swim this in Rio, and focus on the 100Fly and 200IM.



with Phelps’ 50.45 today, I am more confirmed in my believe that 100 fly will bring Phelps gold better/more? than his 200 fly 🙂


Graham Bell,

I have the same conviction as you do, focus on 100 fly/200 IM and get the fourpeat, but I guess Phelps wants a rematch 🙂

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