Tom Fraser-Holmes Cuts Three-Diamonds Deal Down Under On Way To Rio 2016

Tom Fraser Holmes Three Diamonds as he drills down to Rio 2016 [Photo: Arena]

World No 1 over 200m freestyle last year, Thomas Fraser-Holmes, Commonwealth and Pan Pacific Champion, has signed a kit dal with Arena, the leading swimwear brand

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World No 1 over 200m freestyle last year, Thomas Fraser-Holmes, Commonwealth and Pan Pacific Champion, has signed a kit dal with Arena, the leading swimwear brand



I hope he continues to improve and be a contender for medals come Rio.. I would suggest he concentrates on 400 IM, 200m free and 4×200′ relays only… Don’t spread yourself too thin at the Olympics, especially with NBC stuffing everyone up for $$$

Viva la Bang

Denis is a great coach, better known for his work with Grant, but he also coached Giann Rooney to a world title in the 200m free, although better known as a backstroker!


I think that, together with Christian Sprenger (now affected by an injury), he’s probably the most consistent and reliable male swimmer in Australia at this moment. I hope this year he can drop under 1.45 in 200 m free and 4.10 in the 4 x 100 m medley. Backstroke and breaststroke are his weaker points. I also have high hopes for the Australian 4 x 200 m freestyle relay: in theory they are very strong at this moment: McEvoy, McKeon, Horton and Fraser Holmes. But somehow it never works to its full potential. It would be very interesting how Daniel Smith (also in Denis Cotterel group) does in 200 m freestyle long course. While I also think that Fraser Holmes probably is better off avoiding spreading too thin, I suspect that with training he could be on a par with Seto in 200 m butterfly. Anyway, wish the best for him.


I am hearing a lot about Daniel Smith and his story.. But while admirable, he hasn’t really done anything too special to put him in the frame for Rio… I think he needs to drop to 1:46 (at least) to be talked about…

McEvoy had two shocking 4×200 splits at both Pan Pacs and Comm Games… Which immediately put Australia behind by 2-3 seconds


My opinion about Fraser-Holmes has always been that he should be swimming the 400m free, not the medley. The 4:10 range is awfully crowded in the medley, and by Rio, there will be at least 5 or more swimming in that 4:08high to 4:10 range which will be fighting for minor medals. Although FraserHolmes, I feel, has what it takes to grab bronze, I feel that his chances are better in the freestyle.

He was a 3:46 back when he was a 1:46high 200 freestler. Not only has he dropped over 1.5s in the 200 in the last 3 years, Jordan Harrison even said in 2012, that Fraser-Holmes would’ve beat him at the Olympic Trials had he not false started. Harrison was 3:45 low, and Fraser Holmes probably has at least a 3:43 in him. I might have my years mixed up in this post, but the minor medals play in the free is much more open given that Hagino is not going to swim this at the olympics.


John26 – that is true although it will be much harder for him to qualify for the 400free at the Aussie Trials – McKeon already has several 3.43s to his name and may go faster, Mack Horton has a 3.44 but is young and will drop and Jordan Harrison may be around there too this/next year.

Meanwhile the 400IM would be easier to qualify from trials but then, as you said, harder once on the international scene


John26 I was going to write the same thing & while the 400fs is stronger within Australia it is significantly weaker world wide. I would back Tom to beat David any day because Tom knows how to swim & finish races. He doesn’t have the middle 200 to worry the elite medley swimmers.

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