Tireless Hosszu Cracks 200IM World S/C Mark: 2:04.39

Hungarian Katinka Hosszu [Photo: Aniko Kovacs]

In his boyhood, Michael Phelps once said to Bob Bowman: “I don’t get tired.” On might imagine Katinka Hosszu (HUN) having said the same to one of her teachers. If not, she’s certainly proving the point now. This morning in Eindhoven, the Hungarian world champion cracked the global 200m medley short-course record with a 2:04.39 blast in heats at the opening round of the 2013 FINA World Cup in Eindhoven

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In his boyhood, Michael Phelps once said to Bob Bowman: “I don’t get tired.” On might imagine Katinka Hosszu (HUN) having said the same to one of her teachers. If not, she’s certainly proving the point now. This morning in Eindhoven, the Hungarian world champion cracked the global 200m medley short-course record with a 2:04.39 blast in heats at the opening round of the 2013 FINA World Cup in Eindhoven



Congratulations to Hosszu. She’s been so much around and visible that she really deserves her first world record. A mark in 400IM may be in danger too as it’s also in the beginning of the session tomorrow evening. After this I’m sure she’s going to try. A 100 IM will be tough one considering her schedule and

That’s a very good point: “studies will be doubtless made”.

After the Olympics she said she’s going to try something else and it meant this “crazy” racing. I’ve doubted it all the time but I don’t anymore. It seems to work for her and probably because of it she manages to perform in a very high level every time. Her doing appear to be so certain; there are no absolute flops anymore. I hope many elite swimmers would follow her food steps and give it a try. It might be good for them, especially if you have problems with your consistency, and it would be good for swimming as well.

Is this Hosszu’s legacy? She will change the whole methods of training and racing during training season? 🙂


Congrats Hosszu… does a WR at these meets still carry a nice bonus from FINA? Certainly should do. Double so for usurping a shiny suit short course WR (with all the suit assisted turns). Only Lochte and Agnel have done that so far no?

Agree with SFF, her approach could lead to a paradigm shift in methods of training/ coaching. I think Magnussen was on record saying that the reason he didn’t race in the lead up to London was so as ‘not show his hand’. That proved to be folly, and interesting that he’s racing here. We might see a 45-high from from him, but probably not the shiny WR.


WR in the 200 IM final !!!!

also one for le Clos in the 200 fly final !!! plus one for ranomi in the 50 free final !!!

It’s pure joy to see those swimmers beat the times of 2008-2009 !! that era must be forgotten has soon as possible !! Swimming is so so so so much better now without the suits and controversy !!

Lennart van Haaften

Muffat and Franklin had also broken suit-assisted world records already, in 2011/2012.

Craig Lord

Yes, and others …


Every time I see a magic suit record gone I am happy !!! the best day will be when someone beat Biedermann WR !!! the ones he set in the 200m and even more in the 400m are pure holdups !!! The guy is a great and awesome swimmer but NOwhere near the level of Phelps and Thorpe so to see him hold the records always irritates me !!!

FINA nearly killed swimming (I hate FINA !! I wish it was only swimmers and former swimmers and coaches on the board), Rome 2009 was a circus !!! I still can’t understand why they keep the magic suit records =s clearly some are gonna take ages to beat.

But yeah, so happy Katinka, ranomi and Chad got rid of 3 of those records !! a lot more to go but one day the magic suits era will be in the past completely !!


I have a little bit different stance on world records. The same rules were applied to everyone and every winner of that era deserves his/her victory and was the best swimmer in that particular race.

When it comes to FINA I seem to think similarly. It was a total failure since they failed to ban those suits early enough. By the way, why they didn’t? I think we should also blame swimming community to some extent. Too many love world records and that’s exactly the problem. We need to appreciate winning and racing, no matter what the times are. I believe it was a trap which FINA fell into. They saw how people cheered when world records were smashed and then got blind to what was happening to swimming in general; it was losing it’s purity and beauty. When they realised how bad the situation was it was already too late. Yes, I know many kept saying it all the time.

However, that’s not all. FINA had a chance to save what could be saved and introduce a parallel table for suit and textile records. People, who know more about swimming, have said this many times and I agree with them. It seems FINA refused to accept they made a mistake. Now the parallel table exists among the swimming community (e.g. on this site) but it’s not official and this lack of officiality results in the fact that we can’t be happy for textile bests. So two failures by FINA.

Let’s hope there will be no third. Textile suits are becaming better. Just my humble opinion though.


I agree with you swimfanfinland,

I’m not criticizing Bidermann, he swam at the time with the same rules as the others, but still I can’t see him as the better swimmer given the fact that magic suits were truly magical !!! You basically floated with them !! how can it still be called swimming when you don’t have to think about floating anymore =s

In the summer of 2009 I bought my first full body suit (a speedo pro something, the one before the LZR), I was stupid enough to fall into the trap of buying a body suit, and what’s worse I bought it just weeks before the ban was decided lol anywayz, I stopped training for the whole summer as I was away on vacation, and when I came back I had a swim meet just three weeks after the beginning of the season. I beat every single one of my PB’s in that meet and the ones that followed untill late 2009 … I nearly had no training and could easily beat the times I had done in april/may just a couple of months earlier when I was in full shape =s

I can honestly say the suit felt like I was not even touching the water !!! the turns and starts were so much easier it was crazy !! =s and it was not even a polyurethane suit !!!

anywayz, just to say that even though I don’t blame the swimmers for not speaking up earlier but only FINA for nearly destroying the sport, I still can’t see the ones who set WR as valid WR holders … They will be valid to me the day they win olympic or world championship gold in super time !!! like sjostrom did last week ! I don’t want to take anythg away from the swimmers but I will never look at 2009 races the same way I do with 2010 forward !


as for the textile and official WR , I for one don’t really look at official WR to know the true strenght of a swimmer. Textile best is all that matters ! but yeah it does take away from the swimmers that their efforts are not recognized the same way =(


Still think they should have a “suit aided” list just like they have a “wind assisted” best performance list in track and field, and have the textile list as the OFFICIAL list of best performances.. But yeah. We all gushed and fawned when the WR’s tumbled, but the novelty soon wore off when reality struck.

Lennart van Haaften

I must say I’m surprised by how fast we are swimming post-2009, as if those suit-WRs have broken some mental barriers. Who in 2007 would have expected to see a 47.10 100 free in 2012 or five sub-21.5 50 frees in 2013?

I can understand FINA’s decision to keep a single WR list. Two lists would have been horribly obscure to the wider worlds of sport and could have further damaged swimming. Swimmers could have done more themselves in 2008/2009, e.g. boycott the suits or threaten with a large scale boycott of certain meets. Not many were vocal about it.

good point raised by SwimFanFinland, that the current suit models (extending to the knees) potentially allow another crisis. FINA should go back to briefs for men and normal suits for women.


yeah especially women’s suits seems like the one where a new crisis could come from =s I’m sure it’s no surprise that women WR have been “more easily” beaten given their current suits are not so different (except for the material). whereas for men’s it’s back to before sydney 2000. A jammer is basically nothing, sure it helps a little but that much can be autorized I think, you still need to be able to float to win =)


I saw Eurosport’s magazine programme aimed at introducing the latest innovations in textile suits, such as how to extract carbon from a textile which makes it faster. They also highlighted that it’s important no water gets under the suit, in other words between a swimmer and suit. So Belgium_kangoo, it will be the same feeling in the future that you’re not touching the water.

Swimming world needs to have a conversation about what is the minimum amount of a textile covering man and woman what is still appropriate in most cultures and comfortable for female swimmers too. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to fight for pure swimming. Otherwise we are in the endless battle of the determination of forbidden textile materials in the future.

First, I couldn’t understand the decision to allow swimwears extending until the knee. A nickname DanishSwimFan pointed out reasons which are likely behind it. Swimwear manufacturers are significant contributors for swimming and the decision clearly helps them to sell their products and ask a higher price for them. It’s a difficult situation. Swimming cannot afford to lose it’s main sponsors.

Craig Lord

I didn’t catch that programme but do know that it is not allowed under the FINA parameters for suits to block water out altogether… there has to be permeability … it is one of the battle lines because the moment you block out the water, you’re back to bad stuff – and its not swimming.


Okay, thanks for the info.

Then the programme was misleading because I remember that quite clearly. It came out just before the World Championships and was replayed during the meeting as well. It wasn’t very long, more like a review of what’s going on with textile suits.


yeah I just hope next time the suit makers cross the line (which they will given time), swimmers, coaches and the wider swimming world will actually stands against that !!!

Swimming has never been so interesting as it as been since 2010, so many new kids are coming in, so many new nation, so many exciting times !! I just pray they don’t destroy the sport once again !! I thought the retirement of Michael would put the sport in a transition period where it would be a lot less interesting but God i was wrong !! Just look at Franklin, Ledecky, Melyutyte, … on the women side and Le Clos on the male side, those have the potential and charisma to make the sport bigger !!!

I was at there in Barcelona to watch the last three days at the championship and it was phenomenal to see such good races and such good names coming up !! I’m so exited for the road to Rio !! So yeah I just pray FINA doesn’t interfere and change things too much lol the less they control swimming, the better I guess. it is perfect the way it is now.


I heard many opinions in the 2008 that the textile fabric of Speedo Pro II Z was really advanced, it’s the swimsuit used in 2007 Melbourne Worlds.

Some even contend that the gap between previous fabric and Speedo pro II Z is actually bigger than from Speedo Pro II Z to LZR

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