TIME Honors Distance Star Katie Ledecky As One Of Its Top 100 Influential People

Katie Ledecky and Janet Evans - one pace in the pantheon of greats sealed, the other in the making - Photo by Peter Bick

Katie Ledecky has been named one of TIME Magazine’s top 100 most influential people.

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Katie Ledecky has been named one of TIME Magazine’s top 100 most influential people.



I hope nobody told Ledecky about that. I remember her excitement when she broke 4 minutes at 400m race winning her first Championship medal. But it wasn’t this medal that brought the the excitement. She was happy that she proved that she can be as fast as those boys who were practicing with her and who could be under 4 minutes. That, I tell you is the real motivation. Nothing even close to that of being among most influential people.


For me, the most influential person in the world is my mother 🙂


Good for you, Aswimfan. I don’t only see why it’s supposed to be a joke. I hope you had a chance to tell your mother such words.
In several years, not far in the future when people talk about our time they will call it the time of Katie Ledecky. Same way as we mention now Ian Thorpe and his time in swimming – the swimmer who influenced generations.
I remember how Canadian sportscaster commenting on Ledecky’s world record race couple years ago said:” As many after Olympic race I was wondering if this schoolgirl is a real deal. Yes, she is! She is the ONLY deal in swimming now”.
If you happen to be to Downtown Chicago you won’t appreciate the size of Sears Tower. Just another skyscraper among magnificent other ones. But when you drive 20-25 miles North the only thing that remains visible of the city is this remarkable building.
I think that the Times doesn’t exaggerates Ledecky’s influence and is respectful enough to be trusted in summarizing opinions of many. It is definitely not shortsighted FINA with its “swimmer of the year” choice.
Congratulations Katie.


a smile is not always a joke, yozhik


For all that the American press is going to hyper her up as’ the next Phelps’, Thorpe really is a better comparison. In between Olympics, Michael actually lost a fair number of big races. Sometimes because he was experimenting with events outsideo f his core area, but sometimes because Crocker or Lochte was just better that odd-numbered year.

Ledecky comes with that sense of inevitability I haven’t really seen since Thorpe’s glory days. What was the betting line on her for the 800 free in Kazan? Something like 1 to 20 just in case she fell off the starting blocks in the final?


Katie is the best female swimmer on the planet right now, we all know that, and with all due respect she is not stopping wars or curing cancer!

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