Three Champions, Two Slots: Ladies’ 200 Free at U.S. Trials A Battle For Ages

Olympic champions (clockwise from top left) Katie Ledecky, Missy Franklin and Allison Schmitt have the speed for a world-record 4x200m attempt - who's next in line for the USA quartet? [Images: Patrick B. Kraemer, Aniko Kovacs, and Mike Comer - Schmitt - for USA Swimming]

They’ve each corralled a global championship in the event, but at least one of Missy Franklin, Katie Ledecky and Allison Schmitt will not qualify for the 200 freestyle at the 2016 Olympic Games.

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They’ve each corralled a global championship in the event, but at least one of Missy Franklin, Katie Ledecky and Allison Schmitt will not qualify for the 200 freestyle at the 2016 Olympic Games.



Having trained a full year with Todd Schmitz at altitude and without the unnecessary distraction aka SCY, my money is on Missy to win 200 free in Omaha.


Katie will smoke her


Despite Franklin was already under 1:55 and her relay split in BCN in 2013 is more impressive than Ledecky’s one at PP in 2014 I hardly see Missy in this territory again. I don’t know if it is an illusion or a real fact but Franklin of 2015 vintage looks heavier than at her championship year. It looks like it takes a serious effort for her to complete the race. Something from her teenage era – bright and sparking – is missing. She got mature and it could be a good base for making progress. Like Hosszu for example. But I would rather expect Ledecky to be under 1:55 than Franklin.
Allison’s 1:53 and 4:01 in London can be sooner called an abnormal state of mind and body than what has happened to her later. To see her again at such exciting condition hardly possible and maybe not healthy especially after such deep psychological dive. But as a swimming fan I would prefer to have her and Ledecky to win trials. I don’t know why I feell that they deserved it more than Frankliln. But sport is a sport and the strongest wins.


Roy, if you are so confident with Sjostrom’s easy win in Rio, please tell me why she didn’t do it this year if it was so simple and what will make the next year different. Thx


Sjostrom didn’t smoke her 200 free competition in Kazan because she didn’t swim it.

Felix Sanchez

A strong argument for more than two swimmers a nation.

At the moment it’s hard to bet against Ledecky despite the p.b. deficit in the event; however, the level of competition could potentially force decisions about her preparation. On the longer events she would clearly have the ability to train through US Nationals and qualify unrested, but the 200 might require her to be at her best and manage a double taper.


If 1:55.37 shown couple weeks ago can be considered untapered in training swim, then there would be no need for Ledecky for special preparation at trials. I think that there will be a poker like game and we won’t see fast times during the season from neither girl. Cards will be opened at actual racing in final. Franklin is in the most difficult situation, because she has to be well prepared for back stroke competition at trials as well. Despite her chances to be qualified for individual 200 FS are high the double tapering can put her at disappointing fifth if not worse place in Rio (Sjostrom, Pelligrini, Ledecky, Hosszu and maybe more). Therefore I don’t even guess if she will be tapered or not. She will think very careful about her priorities. Schmitt has nothing to lose. Just getting on Olympic team one more time will be a great achievement by itself. She will be well tapered. Very intriguing.

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