The SwimVortex Readers’ Awards: Vote For Your 2015 Choices, Win A Speedo Prize

Top swimmers of the 2015 world championships: Katie Ledecky (USA) and Adam Peaty (GBR) - images by Patrick B. Kraemer

SwimVortex Awards – readers, vote for your 2015 choices. This year, Speedo has kindly offered some prizes to readers, including five signed posters of Team Speedo, five pairs of Fastskin 3 Elite racing goggles and a men’s yellow Speedo suit signed by Cameron McEvoy, Nathan Adrian and others

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SwimVortex Awards – readers, vote for your 2015 choices. This year, Speedo has kindly offered some prizes to readers, including five signed posters of Team Speedo, five pairs of Fastskin 3 Elite racing goggles and a men’s yellow Speedo suit signed by Cameron McEvoy, Nathan Adrian and others



Top Swimmer: Ledecky.

Top Male: Larkin. Extremely honourable mention – Peaty. Deciding factor being the multiple golds in Olympic events plus World Cup performances.

Top Female: Ledecky. Extremely honourable mentions: Hosszu & Seebohm

Top Junior Male: Chalmers in a split decicion from Chupkov & Rooney. The “HH” not even in the picture !

Top Junior Female: Gunes. Very honourable mentions to Ruck and Atherton

Best Male Relay: GBR M4X200 for the upset factor.

Best Female Relay: Tie AUS W4X100 & USA W4X200 – both equally dominant in their respective events

Most Improved Nation at Worlds – Overall & Male: GBR not so much on their medal tally but rather a couple of “upset” golds with Guy & M4X200

Most Improved Nation at Worlds – Female: Extremely difficult to award as some nations were purely reliant on the heroics of one individual performer and I classify CHN as an existing major power rather than a mover. My vote goes to JAP.

Race of the Year – Male: M1500 – Worlds

Race of the Year – Female: W200BK – Worlds.



Top Swimmer: Ledecky. No competition.

Top Male: Peaty. His pioneering WRs had the edge over Larkin for me. His 100 got the headlines but his 50 is .2 faster than anybody else in history.

Top Female: Ledecky of course!

Top Junior Male: Chupkov

Top Junior Female: Gunes

Men’s race of the year: Controversial as it wasn’t at worlds – But Peaty’s 57.92

Women’s race of the year: Can’t split Ledecky 800 or Hosszu 200IM

Best Male Relay: 4×100 Medley

Best Female Relay: 4×100

Most Improved Overall & Men: GBR

Most Improved Women: Sweden – Sjostrom superb, Johansson came good, medley relay pulled a stunner. Hansson sisters making waves slowly now, too. Honourable mention to Canada – Lacked medals at worlds but when you look at the young names on the women’s side (Far beyond just Ruck & Oleksiak) – Watch of world in 2020.

Female Coach: Mel Marshall
Male Coach: Shane Tusup – I just think what he has done on all of Hosszu’s strokes is mind-boggling.

Garry COx

Top swimmer: Ledecky
Male: Peaty (for the world records)
Female: Ledecky
Race Men:Vanderberg and Peaty at Worlds
Race Female: Seebohm’s tactical masterpiece at the worlds 200m Back
Best Male Relay: UK 200m Worlds
Best Female Relay: Crazy depth of Australia in the 4 x 100m. There ‘C’ team would medal!
Most Improved: Australia(W) and UK(M) Australia (overall)


Coach of the Year – Male Swimmer: Mel Marshall/Adam Peaty – GBR. Very Honourable Mention Michael Bohl/Mitch Larkin -AUS

Coach of the Year – Bruce Gemmell/Katie Ledecky – USA. Very Honourable Mention: David Lush/Emily Seebohm – AUS. Shane Tusup would’ve been in the frame but loses points for her overloaded program at Worlds

Lifetime Achievement Award: none. Feel this more appropriate to give at the completion of an Olympic cycle when people may or may not “pull up stumps”.

Mr Magoo Award for Prescience, Wisdom and Sure Management: Dual award to Messrs Maglione and Marculescu. Also comes with free set of water wings for both gentlemen should they so venture to run themselves a bath !!

Betterment of Swimming Award: no nomination. Whilst we have a lot of words, “mission statements” and the like form certain corners; at this point all we have are words rather than some clear tangible evidence of anything more. Come this time next year and this should hopefully be different.

Speedo “Rogues Gallery” (L to R) SMOC, McEvoy, Hardy, Dwyer, Heemskerk, Hackett, Beisel, Vladykina, Sprenger, Atkinson, Horton, Pascoe , Lochte, Boyle, Manaudou, Franklin, Jamieson, Slater, Pereira, Adrian, Carlin, Clary, Belmonte, Guy.

Gin Ichi

Best Solo Performers of the Year Long-Course
Top swimmer: Ledecky
Top man: Peaty
Top woman: Ledecky

Top Juniors
Top Boy: Chalmers
Top Girl: Gunes

Race of the Year
Men: Kazan 100 Fly
Women: Kazan 800 Free

Mentor Medal – Coaches of the Year
Women: Bruce Gemmell/Katie Ledecky
Men: Plagany Zsolt/Laszlo Cseh

The Quartet Cup for the Best Relay
Men: Kazan Medley
Women: Kazan Medley

Most improved team at World Titles (overall, men and women): GBR

Lifetime Achievement Award: Hosszu for who she is, best wishes for her next year.

The X Award Of The Year: Best Old Man Award for Lochte. This 31 year old swimmer lead USA at Kazan with his individual race and relay performance, doing double double in Duel in the pool, challenge Fina for that stupid rule, yet he didn’t get any compliment(for example Golden Goggles)

The Betterment of Swimming: Katie’s 1000 Free today, I am really touching by that.

Peter Lee

Top swimmer: Is this even a question? Katie Ledecky.

Top man: Peaty for his incredible 57.92.

Top woman: Ledecky. 8:07.39 is simply astonishing, even for her calibre.

Top Boy: Chalmers, for his stepping up at Senior Worlds, then backing up at Junior Worlds, with some very good relay splits and that 48.4 solo swim to boot.

Top Girl: Gunes, 2:19 was spectacular.

Race of the Year Men: 200 free at Worlds, for James Guy’s upset of an established field. 100 breast close second for that thrilling finish.

Race of the Year Women: Not much of a race, but Ledecky’s 800 was out of this world. Katinka’s 200IM a close second.

Mentor Medal – Coaches of the Year

Women: Shane Tusup for the insane achievements of Hosszu.

Men: Cliche, but Bowman for not only Phelps, but also Kalisz and Schmitt amongst others.

Relay Men: GB 4×200 without a doubt.

Relay Women: AUS 4x100FREE has insane depth and stacked talent.

Most improved team at World Titles:

Overall: GBR for Peaty, O’Connor, Carlin, Murdoch and the relay medals

Men: GBR.

Women: Sweden. Not only Sjostrom, but Hansson sisters, Johansson’s gold, and their relay.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Allison Schmitt. Not only were her results slowly returning back to 2012-era Schmitt, she also alerted the swimming world about the dangers of depression and was an incredible role model for others to follow.

Spot the Team Speedo Swimmer

One signed poster of Team Speedo to one entry, picked at random, among readers who can name, left to right, all the swimmers in the Team Speedo Poster as displayed in the main image at the kit maker’s elite-squad website.

The Incredible Implosion Award Of The Year Goes to: Vlad Morozov. Need I say more?


Top Swimmer: Katie Ledecky

Male: Adam Peaty
Female: Ledecky.

Top Junior Male: Kyle Chalmers.
Top Junior Female: VZ Gunes.

Best Male Relay: US Men’s medley
Best Female Relay: Aus Women’s 4×100

Most Improved Nation Overall: Great Britain

Most improved, Male: Great Britain
Most Improved, Female: Canada (Dee–Overholt won bronze in the W400IM).

Not sure if race of the year is to mean quality of the competition or the performance of the winner, so…

Race performance of the year:
Peaty 100 BR WR
Ledecky 800 FR WR

Most thrilling races of the year:
Men’s 100 fly Kazan
Women’s 100 free Kazan

Mentor Medal:

Mel Marshall (Adam Peaty)
Bruce Gemmell (Ledecky)

Achievement award: Forbes Carlile. For living into his mid 90s. Although the swimming stuff and his role in the fight against doping are pretty good too. He’s probably gotten plenty of these already but it’s deserved. The sport owes as much to him as anyone. The achievement award should be named after him.


Top swimmer: Katie Ledecky (I wonder if there’s anyone who thinks otherwise)
Top man: Peaty. His 100 WR clinched this for him, even if his other event is a non-olympics. Larkin would have decidedly taken it had he broke 100 back WR.
Top woman: Katie Ledecky.

Top Juniors
Top Boy: Kyle Chalmers
Top Girl: Victoria Gunes

Race of the Year (Question to Craig Lord: this is too confusing for me, because some voted for best race, and some for best swims, so which one is it?)
Men: James Guy winning 200 free, leapfrogging Yang and Lochte (best race)
Peaty’s WR swim (best swim)
Women: Seebohm’s winning 200 back, leapfrogging Franklin and Hosszu (best race)
Ledecky’s 800 WR swim (best swim)

Mentor Medal – Coaches of the Year
Women: Shane Tusup/Hosszu especially for getting that 200 IM WR
Men: Michael Bohl for transforming Mitch Larkin

The Quartet Cup for the Best Relay
Men: GBR 4×200 for coming from behind to snatch the victory
Women: AUS 4×100 free for breaking the CR

Most improved team at World Titles overall: Perhaps GBR
men: GBR, thanks to Adam Peaty and James Guy and their 200 freestylers in the relay
women: Sweden, in a close call over Japan, thanks to winning surprise 4×100 medley silver, stunningly defeated both Australia and USA. Who predicted this?

Lifetime Achievement Award: Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, and Laszlo Cseh for proving and pushing swimmers peak into 30 territory.

The most positive swimmer award goes to: Missy Franklin. She didn’t defend any of her individual titles from Barcelona and yet didn’t fail to continuously show her trademark effervescent bubliness.

Craig Lord

Best race, aswimfan; ie, a race between people not a person and a clock. Hope that helps.


CL, thanks for the explanation.
So my best race remains James Guy (200 free) and Seebohm (200 back)

Peter Lee

If that’s the definition of a race, then men’s 100 fly edges into second, and the best female race should be the 200 free, then the 200 breast and the 100 free in that order

clive rushton

Lifetime achievement: Forbes Carlisle, and I agree with KeithM – name the award after him.


Top Swimmer: Katie Ledecky
Top Man: Mitch Larkin
Top Woman: Sarah Sjoestrom in butterfly.

I’m afraid I do not know much about juniors, other than Chalmers.

Race of the year
Men: 100m backstroke, Kazan (Mitch Larkin)
Women: 200m backstroke, Kazan (Emily Seebohm)

Mentor medal:

Men: Mr. Larkin’s coach M. Bohl
Women: New Ms. Seebohm’s coach (?)

I would like to say that I would have liked Ms. Sjoestrom’s coach(es) to have encouraged her not to focus so much on the sprint races, and instead venture in the longer distance races. We already know that she’s a top sprinter; there’s very little else to prove for her in that area.

Best relay races:
Men: 4x200m freestyle Kazan. Great Britain
Women: 4x100m freestyle Kazan. Australia

Somewhat frustrating relay races:
Australia and Japan in 4x200m men relay teams

Swimmers that were a revelation to me:
Santo Condorelli (out of this world in the 4×100 men relay in Panamericans)
Madison Wilson, Jake Packard, David Morgan (Australia), James Guy (G. Britain), Mack Horton (Australia)
Jessica Ashwood (Australia)

Most needed swimmers:
Australia men’s needs a butterfly leg. Hint: Mr. Chalmers!!!!

Most improved teams:
Great Britain, Australia

I was hoping much more from Japan and Canada.


Yeah, I feel sorry for both Sjostrom and Hosszu. Both broke incredible fantastical WRs and won multiple individual world championships golds, and yet none will be chosen as the top female swimmer.
(or … two categories of “top swimmer” and “female swimmer” as a way to recognize either women?).

How about the WR of the year?
My choice would be Ledecky’s 800 free WR.
It’s hard to imagine that breaking the w200IM WR is not the WR of the year.

Gin Ichi

aswimfan, people used to said Kukors’s record was an unbeatable WR, and Hosszu break it. In my view, that 807 set by Ledecky, become an unbeatable record for others right now. Yes, she will break it again next year. And the real UNBEATABLE RECORD should place on Liu Zige 200 Fly……

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