Mireia Belmonte: Pain In Spain – Injured Ace Says ‘I Won’t Be On Plane To Kazan Worlds’

Spain's Mireia Belmonte [Photo: Patrick B. Kraemer]

Mireia Belmonte is out of the World Championships in Kazan. Medical tests last Thursday on injuries in both shoulders and a final test in racing suit this morning led the Spanish ace, her coach Fred Vergnoux and doctors to the conclusion that to press on could damage her prospects for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

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Mireia Belmonte is out of the World Championships in Kazan. Medical tests last Thursday on injuries in both shoulders and a final test in racing suit this morning led the Spanish ace, her coach Fred Vergnoux and doctors to the conclusion that to press on could damage her prospects for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games



Heals well, Mireia.

I hope next year she won’t repeat the attempt for the crazy schedule.

Let me recap the Kazan Kurse victims:

1. Belinda Hocking
2. Michael Phelps
3. James Magnussen
4. Tamas Kenderesi
5. Mireia Belmonte
6. Therese Alshammar
7. Yannick Agnel
8. Kosuke Hagino
9. Brittany Elmslie
10. Park Tae Hwan (convicted doping)
11. Kylie Palmer (doping process)

Did I miss anyone?

The biggest hit in absolute number is Australia, but in relative terms to their medal chances are Spain and South Korea.

Craig Lord

Juan, the Olympics is the one that lasts, the one that grants you a different status. If she misses this to gain in Rio, then it will have been a wise decision, especially where injury is concerned.


Out: Jiao Liuyang (some sort of horribly painful chronic stomach problem that she was having problems controlling in a WADA-compliant fashion; is considering retirement over it) Liu Zige, (blew out a shoulder, and while she wants to try to train on to Rio, her body may not let her)

Unknown- Melanie Henique (gay bashed)

Going but swimming at various levels of wounded- Emily Seebholm (kneecap, already scratched from 200 IM), Jeanette Ottensen (injured in road rage accident), Kyle Chalmers (typical teenage buy stupidity), Elizabeth Beisel, jessica Hardy

There is a golden opportunity in the women’s 200 fly for someone to have a bid podium breakthrough given the names missing, provided they don’t slip and break an ankle on the way to the blocks



I agree. Women’s 200 fly is maybe the most open event at the worlds with all of these contenders have equal chance for gold:
Hosszu, Hoshi, Hentke, Groves, Jiaoyang.
Throssel, McLaughlin, Ignacio Sorribes, Szillagy and Adams may also vie for medals as well or even surprise for gold.


^ my mistake, it’s Jakabos instead of Szillagy.
Next year will be Szillagy is my prediction.

Craig Lord

No Jiao Liuyang, aswimfan… she’s out this season, too. Zhou Yilin and Zhang Yufei for China

Judit Gál

Jakabos will swim IMs and 50 free, Szilágyi and Hosszú will race for Hungary in 200 m fly. We have too many good 200 flyers 🙂

Craig Lord

Juan: it is indeed easy and clear: she is injured but not to the extent that she could not race on if the circumstances allowed her to be a swimmer chasing a win; the circumstance that does not allow that if smart is what you want to be is clear: Rio 2016. That is what coach and swimmer tell me – and I believe them, for it makes perfect sense. In every interview and chat with them since 2012, Rio 2016 was always the priority and overrode all else. They have that in common with a great many others including programs in AUS, USA, GBR and many other nations.

Craig Lord

Juan – your interpretation … but in order to be accurate you really would have had to have talked to Mireia and Fred Vergnoux to have understood the long-term plan: yes, she has been working like hell and when I visited the altitude camp over winter, all talk was RIO not Kazan – and it has been so throughout the whole cycle. Important work for Rio is, in many cases, Phelps included, being done this year …


I believe that Rio is the target, but I just can’t understand the decision to train for and race in so many gruelling events.

200/400/800/1500 free, 200 fly, 200/400 IM, OW events.
Just thinking about it makes me really tired.

Now that she’s injured, obviously it derails her preparation for Rio.


With recognitions of MP’s achievements in swimming, please take it easy on including him to the list of innocent “Kazan Kurse victims”. The child of my neighbor was killed by drunk driver.

Craig Lord

We haven’t run a list of “innocent victims”, Yozhik and I have mentioned several times words to the effect of “for a variety of reasons”, and placed links to the original stories pertaining to why one swimmer or another won’t make it to Kazan.


craig she is really injured in Spain everyone knows for months, juan is right. she has a very serious bursitis in his shoulder since may, and she didn’t stop train, big mistake. this caused a tendinitis in the other shoulder, now she has both shoulders injured. fred will never admit that his method of training caused it. In recent months they visited several doctors and everybody said the same, you have to stop. They refused and now his injuries can be chronic, i hope not but maybe the end of mireia is coming. i don’t understand becouse she swam open waters in banyoles three weeks ago, it´s crazy!!! but this is not the worst…it’s her life and she does what she wants. the worst is that no allowed two girls (19) swim the world champions becouse she did not tell her upset July 19. maria vilas and catalina corro must be happy


Yes, Craig. For variety of reasons or for the absence of such. Some regular things can be very personal. I didn’t question the integrity of editor’s style. I reflected on Aswimfan’s post and his way of reasoning.



I’m sorry that your neighbor’s child was killed by drunk driver, and so was a friend of mine.

My “Kazan Kurse victims” is a list of notable swimmers who are absence from 2015 Kazan world championships for a variety of reasons, as Craig has also said. If you note, it also includes a swimmers who is serving doping ban.
The list is in no way a reflection of your neighbor’s personal loss.

Craig Lord

Thanks for the explanation, Yozhik

Craig Lord

You present opinion as fact. We were the first intl media to report that she was injured and we’ve followed the story very closely, keeping in touch with the swimmer, the coach and her entourage all the way.
Some points that need redressing:
Maria Vilas (who trains with Vergnoux on national camps) is in Kazan for Open Water; she didn’t quality in the pool, so could not replace Belmonte.

Catalina Corro clocked 4:40 400IM, a qualifier on time but she did not make the team on the say of the NPD because that pace will not be competitive in Kazan and she is young (that’s their thinking) – she was never going to go.

On Mireia and her latest open water swim, when you train 18km a day, doing a 10km one day and a 5km is nothing beyond the norm, just simple a part of preparation: the race was easy, the pace nothing she would not have been doing in training. A whole different scenario to that she would face in Kazan. You cannot possibly know what the medical prognosis and the precise condition(s) and status of her shoulders on the scale of minor to sever injury… obviously, the injury is not serious enough to require surgery (as has been the case among several big-named swimmers in recent years) nor is it serious enough to keep her from training; but it is serious enough to keep her from contemplating a full-on world titles campaign.

Mireia has been training for Kazan, on the way to the priority of Rio and has had full medical back-up and support. As I understand it, she is in quite good shape and training well but not at quite full volume. The intention was to go to Kazan but medical opinion cautioned against it. A difficult but wise decision has been taken.

As I understand it, all efforts were made to the last moment to have the balance tip in favour of going to Kazan. It didn’t work out that way and I suspect that cynicism is likely to add more hurt to a hurt swimmer. I can’t imagine why anyone in Spain would want to do that.

Nacho peña

All this controversy created with Fred Vergnoux is totally false and fabricated and designed by Juan Perez, for the benefit of the input of the current president Sabadell Swimming Club, Miguel Torres, the next president of the RFEN
Juan Fortuny employee of Miguel Torres, current coach Erika Villaécija pass the post of technical director RFEN
Juan Perez will be the director of communications for the RFEN also receive a significant amount of money, which will come from subscription fees Sabadell Swimming Club
If these sinister characters achieve their goals would be the end of swimming in Spain

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