The Depth of Katie Ledecky’s Dominance; Katie McLaughlin Continues to Surge

Katie Ledecky, the outstanding swimmer of 2014 [By Peter Bick]

Katie Ledecky’s dominance in the distance-freestyle events can be more easily appreciated when looking at all-time performances.

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Katie Ledecky’s dominance in the distance-freestyle events can be more easily appreciated when looking at all-time performances.



McLaughlin was very impressive this past weekend. Indeed by Rio, she may well be USA’s #1 on both fly events and part of USA 4×200 final line up.


McLaughlin has a lot of potential. Unfortunately she’s going to CAL. And Terri will destroy her development just like what happened to Franklin.

Craig Lord

pol, the coach doubtless has better things to do than worry about anonymous comments but as editor I feel it fair to note a couple of things to balance out your obvious dislike of McKeever’s work.
When mentioning Franklin, I think you might also wish to acknowledge the back injury the swimmer arrived with when she made her way to Cal. It was significant and it has played a part in the story of the past two years of Franklin’s career. Not to acknowledge the impact of that is to do a disservice to the swimmer and all those around her who have played a part in monitoring and taking into account the need to keep a great athlete healthy for the long term in the middle of an Olympic cycle.
Fair to note, too, that some of those who have worked closely with the coach you are not a fan of feel quite differently:
Quotes from members of the USA women’s team at the past few major internationals also support the view that McKeever has played a significant role when it comes to having the team gel (for want of a better word) at moments when such things are critical to outcome.


It would have been interesting to see how McLaughlin would have done at the World Championships at the 100m. Had the U.S. had their trials at their more usual time, which is about now, she would have been favourite to make it. 57.87 would have won the trials last year.



maybe you needn’t worry just yet. isn’t mcLaughlin deferring her college enrollment for a year to focus on making it to Rio?


Am I wrong or Franklin shattered the American and US Open record in the 200 yard free under McKeever?

Italian fan

@luigi: swimming short-course yards is a totally different sports (for instance the best american performances ever in the 200 yards free were from Romano among women and Walters among men, two swimmers never competitive in the 200 free long course).
Pol’s comment was “tranchant”, yes, because Teri McKeever, in general, has a good/great reputation in the swimming world.
Anyway, I remind that Sara Isakovic, after an extraordinary 2008 with her slovenian coach, went to Cal and, nearly suddenly, her results got worse, a lot worse.
Like many coaches, McKeever has both successes and failures (and everyone has his opinion if are prevalent successes or failures).


Pol, please, make this conversation interesting. Besides your personal general dislike of coach McKeever, that we all are already aware of, please bring some juicy story that nobody but you knows. This is an anonymous site, so we can safely make up whatever we want until got caught and censored by Mr. Loard. But he is always busy. Since actually nothing bad was said by Pol about this coach and the only thing stated was that she is overrated, then I am beginning to suspect that Pol is nobody else but shy coach McKeever by herself, who wants to get more public attention and to hear multiple voices in her defense that she is good. Some trick to get a publicity. How is that, Pol? Did I get you right? 


Does anybody see the controversy between what Mr. Loard and luigi say about Miss. Franklin? So far there is no indications that this swimmer is not ready to compete at highest level this season at LCM. So why there are so many rumors and opinions that swimming for college made her not ready by far to race at LCM. The rumors that are not rebutted neither by her no by her coaches. Is it just a way to stay on safe side by having an excuse in case if there would be no triumph at WC? If it is so then I hate it. So I am assuming that it is not a case and she indeed is not ready yet for some reason. So what is this reason? Health and injury as Mr. Loard suggested. No. If she was capable to set amazing record at 200y then there should be no such problems. Is it a common knowledge that racing at SC and LC are completely different animals and are required different type of preparation that exclude each other? No, the elite swimmer last year were able to compete successfully at short and long pools. So the only explanation that I left with is the one that Miss. Franklin was not trained at college to be able to compete at LC. And if this supposition is correct then I have to ask Pol to accept my apology.


Craig, I am sorry for misspelling your last name.

Jim C

Craig Lord.

I know about a back injury to Franklin in the summer of 2014 after she had been coached by McKeever for one season. I know of no back injury before she arrived at Cal. If there was an earlier back injury, please give us the details.


Thank you for reminding me that yards are not meters and SCY is not LCM, but I got that figured out. I can only reply that you can only win the challenges before you. McKeever had to train Missy to win in the NCAA: mission accomplished. It’s not like she trained her for LCM and failed.


McKeever train Franklin to get a NCAA team’s title for McKeever. She is not act for the best interest of Franklin.
Cal has so many elite backstrokers, so Franklin is sacrificed to compete in 200 and 500y free and 200y back. No 100 back. No 100 free (except the relay).
Franklin’s start still bad and the turn and underwater still awful.

So MF doesn’t get much from McKeever and Cal, except friends and good educations maybe. ?


The college sport is a weird thing and luigi made a valid point. A student gets a scholarship, a coach is paid salary and a college has rights to demand return on such investment. This is the deal all involved parties are bounded by. The swimmer and the coach are not at liberty to do whatever they want to do.
On the other hand it is hard to imagine that should Ledecky be successful at Rio and being still on a rise and not planning to quit competitive swimming, that she will train for college meets only. I’m pretty much sure it will more resemble Belmonte’s or Sjostrom’s or Hosszu’s approach to the training process and her college coach will be of huge help with that.

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