United States Seeking To Affirm Its Status As The World’s Premier Aquatic Superpower

(L-R) Chelsea Chenault, Missy Franklin and Jessica Hardy of the United States in Kazan and set for action - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Team USA ran away with the medals victory at the 2013 World Championships and will try to affirm its standing as the world’s premier aquatic superpower.

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Team USA ran away with the medals victory at the 2013 World Championships and will try to affirm its standing as the world’s premier aquatic superpower.



Disagree with Durden, would much rather have this selection format vs one too close to the meet. Momentum moschmentum, these are elite swimmeres; they will be ready.

Not a fan of the team hopping swimmer (Dwyer et al). Never seen that work out well. The Goat has had how many coaches during his career? That’s right kids, just one.


On women’s side; US looks prohibitive favourites in the following: 400/800/1500, 200BK & 4×200.

Could win 100BK but Franklin probably only equal favourite at best. Franklin or Ledecky could win 200FS but just as easily walk away with minor coin or nothing.

Potential for minor medals in BRS & IM. Would need to swim poorly to miss Silver in 4×100. Back half of 4xMED falls away significantly so minor coin more likely than the big one.

Men should win 4xMED although GBR could make it tough. Far from the strongest US 4×200 has fielded but cannot be discounted. Euros & JAP far more likely threats than AUS. 4×100 will need to lift to medal.

There are a number of individual events when US men COULD claim Gold but few if any where they can be said to be clear/prohibitive favourites.

There should certainly be a fair collection of coin, as to the colour that’s much harder to tell. Best chances look to be in FLY & IM.

FS COULD see medals and even Gold but most events look exceedingly competitive even to make finals.


Brazil might surprise in the men’s 4×100 free relay..,


Correct Roy Japan aren’t medalling without their star. Aussie are a gold chance with any combination of Hackett TFH McEvoy McKeon Horton if they all fire. USA team to beat though. Anything short of silver for Aussie would be a disappointment for them. USA should squeak past Britain will be interesting to see who swims the br for USA, Cordes is the man they need. 3 girls beating Ledecky? No chance, the girl to beat in my opinion with Heemskerk & Pelligrini joining her on podium. Going to be a great worlds so many events I think there will be at least 3 swimmers within a very close margin.



You forgot to put asterisk behind Jessica Hardy.

peter robinson

A US gold strike will not happen here. And the spread will be far and wide.

Craig Lord

Thanks aswimfan, not my article but asterisks will be added as we go…

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