Swimming Australia & Retired Judge To Consider Case Of Sun Yang Coach Brian King

Sun Yang and Brian King, the coach is is training with, have made headlines in Australia [Image: ragout of the Sunday Telegraph article that broke the news of Sun's private training troubles]

At a meeting this Friday, Swimming Australia’s Board is to discuss concerns raised by complaints against Brian King, the coach who has taken on Sun Yang in the wake of the Chinese Olympic champion’s positive doping test and her months of a suspension spent in secret

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At a meeting this Friday, Swimming Australia’s Board is to discuss concerns raised by complaints against Brian King, the coach who has taken on Sun Yang in the wake of the Chinese Olympic champion’s positive doping test and her months of a suspension spent in secret



Brian King sounds like a complete idiot not just from this article but also from what I’ve heard from that club which is much the same….however if Sun (who is an adult) wants to train under him under a hired lane I don’t see what anyone can do to stop him, or what the big problem is. If Sun wanted to come & swim with me & Chinese swimming were to pay me I would happily do it. Obviously ascta could ban Brian from coaching in Australia based on what happened at Miami & that would be the end of that….

Mini bus

Best guess: BK is standing at the end of the pool with a stop watch but someone else is pulling the strings (writing the sets). Gets around any issues from national fed.


If SA take away his accreditation, can he legally train Sun Yang at Thanyapura? Don’t they require coaches to be accreditated to use their facilities?


He could always re-emerge as a ‘triathlon coach’ ala Brett Sutton.

Megan Smyth

I don’t care if he trains adults but he should not be allowed to train children. He is too aggressive for children. I agree with what Dream Catcher said in her comments on swimswam. He did exactly the same at Miami as he did at Kingston. He would berate and humiliate children for putting their feet down in a set. He would tell them to get out of the pool and do push ups for the smallest things. One little girl at Kingston had the flu – she had not been swimming for a couple of weeks prior to a broken arm and when she had a coughing fit in the pool he made all the kids do extra work. I agree that if an adult wants to pay him to train them then I don’t care but kids should not be subjected to that and more. No kid should be called RETARD or IDIOT (or worse).

Concerned Member

Enough is enough! Why are ASCTA (and SAL) deferring this problem with Brian King. ASCTA has had the complaints for over 12 months, and gone nowhere. I believe SAL has also had these complaints and done nothing. Hence, the level of scepticism about this issue being dealt with properly. The people making complaints should have a reasonable expectation their complaints will be heard quickly. Lumping this in with an investigation by a retired judge just means any action could be delayed another 12 months (or more). This indecision has allowed Brian King to continue coaching at Kingston, and that is a real tragedy.


What SAL are doing now is nothing short of window dressing appointing a retired Judge on their payroll.

Craig Lord

Well, given whoever this is is retired, opportunity abounds for SAL on this Campbell: we can all look forward to some speedy footwork given that this legal eagle has time to give singular focus to complaints that have been sitting on a shelf for 4-5 years. I have read vast volumes of the stuff in the past week and can see where SAL policy has been seriously tested, if allegations stack up. I can see no reason why this issue could not be dealt with, interviews undertaken, a hearing had and a conclusion made within a matter of a couple of months or not much more if there is a genuine will to get it sorted, one way or the other.

Time to Act

Can I encourage those affected by the conduct of Mr King to lodge a complaint with SAL and ASTCA. Otherwise they will dismiss the complaints as one or two isolated incidences. So please do not leave your experiences with Mr King as a comment on a website. Please take the time to put your experiences in a letter to both SAL and ASTCA as the representative bodies. How can a coach be employed when all the responsible bodies knew of the complaints at hand. I am horrified that Mr King went on the repeat his abuse and vilification of children at another swim club.

Craig Lord

Sound advice for those who genuinely feel that they have a complaint to make. Thank you TtoAct


This is one of several issues pending with SAL at the moment. Besides the (ongoing, continuing) investigation of Scott Volkers, there are a few other items of impact on SAL’s plate at the moment (which are being kept quiet).

And SAL, like their state counterparts, can be a bit incestuous, so protecting the management positions appear to be more important than protecting the members they are meant to serve.

One could say they just follow the example set by FINA….

Craig Lord

Thanks Jeff.


That’s just a tip of ice berg. He has done a lot more things to hurt children feelings at Miami Swimming Club. Ask those swimmers who transferred to other swimming club because of his attitudes toward young swimmers.
Also ask co-coaches of Miami Swimming Club Raelene Ryan and Alex Beaver who did not stop Brian

No More Chances

Raelene and Alex are good, honest people, and if not for Brian, we would still be at MSC. My child was fortunate enough to be coached by Alex for a brief period and was always happy and smiling after training. The way it should be 🙂 I think Alex is great with children and a good role model. I have the same respect for Raelene. It is a different story with Brian. MSC was a good club; Brian was the rotten egg, in my opinion. I have lodged a complaint against Brian with SAL. Not for one moment do I blame Alex, Raelene or the MSC Committee for the actions of Brian King, or turning a blind eye – they didn’t. MSC Committee questioned inconsistencies in Brian’s CV and the way he treated children way back in 2010. It is apparent now there was a lot going on behind the scenes that we, as parents, were unaware of. It remains unclear to me why SAL did not intervene and why Rackley employed Brian at Kingston after banning him from entering the Miami pool. It is heartbreaking reading the complaints from Kingston parents and the truth is it didn’t need to happen. Please write to SAL addressing your concerns/complaints (admin@swimming.org.au). The more complaints SAL receives, the more power given to them to take away Brian’s accreditation.

Not so soft


People who saw Brian king coaching all know that 1,000 fly was often given as punishment and the children almost always did the ENTIRE fly! Ask the other coaches and parents at Miami.

There were many verbal and writteb complaints at Miami over many years and many other families simply left so there child did not have to be subjected to king. What happened to children at 10 enjoying swimming and being encouraged. They are dropped to the pool by their parents and there is a duty of care by the pool facility and clubs to ensure they are looked after and happy until they can choose if they wish to swim and try to be a champion and this happens at ages around 14. The other two amazing coaches at Miami raelene and Alex show clearly how this is done they are fabulous with the kids and just amazing individuals. As with all situations like this there will always be Brian supporters ie the ones getting results.. Unfortunately often these children and parents witnessed what was happening to other children but chose to turn a blind eye … Winning at all costs! What about the poor kids in counseling to cope with the effects – how do we justify this. Not just at Miami but also at Kingston and what about his past before this? Is this being too soft? When is someone going to stick up for the kids and actually take action!

Craig Lord

Not so soft, the article overlooks nothing that is safe in law, and as such I have removed that reference.

Not cool

I may share the above name Armstrong but I do not share the same thoughts ! I have nothing but praise for the coaches mentioned above as they are professional , honest people . I do NOT support bk !


ARMSTRONG (I assume that you are either Neil Armstrong or Lance Armstrong because you are certainly not the Armstrong’s that I know) … Raelene and Alex had nothing to do with Brian King. Brian was employed by Denis Cotterell without reference to the Committee or anyone else. Denis was Brian’s boss. Denis was the one that should have pulled him into line and acted on the complaints. Raelene and Alex did their best to manage the situation, but the reality is that they were powerless. If you have to sling mud, then make sure that you sling it in the right direction.

Jeff Jefferies

Craig just to give your readers an update on whats going on….Swimming Austalia has appointed an independent investigator Debbie Simms to gather evidence to determine if there is a case to answer

Jessica Halloran is also continuing to work on a story relating to Mr Kings actions both here and in the USA (allegations that he slept with swimmers while working at Penn State).

Hopefully Debbie Simms is working as an independent and not trying to brush thia away for SA.

As for Dennis Cotterell’s comments he always was a supporter of Brian King and with Brian now coaching his Chinese swimmers the money will continue to flow to him (eledgely from the chinese) and to the Miami swim club from SA as a Performance Centre.

There are more questions needing answers.

Craig Lord

Jeff, many thanks for that update, much appreciated.

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