Sun Yang & Conor Dwyer in Santa Clara, Leah Smith in Indy Flourish in 200 Free

Sun Yang by Patrick B. Kraemer

Sung Yang and Conor Dwyer engaged in a thrilling duel in the 200 freestyle at the Santa Clara Pro Series stop, Sun winning with the top time in the world and Dwyer ranking No. 3.

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Sung Yang and Conor Dwyer engaged in a thrilling duel in the 200 freestyle at the Santa Clara Pro Series stop, Sun winning with the top time in the world and Dwyer ranking No. 3.



Sun Yang must now be considered favourite for the 200FS. Dwyer, Guy and Hagino look to be the main challengers. Maxime Rooney is supposed to be the future for the USA in this event but looked slightly disappointing. Kyle Chalmers looked better. He didn’t swim the 200 at trials but could very well be a wildcard in the 4X200. Back to Sun Yang*, could we see the first ever Olympic freestyle treble for men in Rio?

Craig Lord

Longstroke, the answer – lets hope not – terrible image for swimming and its lack of seriousness when it comes to ‘stars’ who fall foul of FINA’s ‘zero-torelance’ (not) on doping. The other answer is: no, we won’t see that.


Leah Smith and Melanie Margalis made finally American 800 relay #1 on paper even without Franklin. If Schmitt and Franlklin improve their times at 200 tomorrow by swimming faster than Smith (1:56.6) then on paper the American team will be ready for the world record.


USA have always been ready for women 4×200 WR since the rise of Ledecky in 200 free. I have always had the belief.
It will be massively disappointing if they don’t do it in Rio, but they will.


As for Sun Yang, I cannot stomach of him winning a single medal, let alone 3 golds. Ugh.


Ledecky is still such an untapped potential in the 200. The US has 3 superstars in the 200, no-one will be able to live with them in the W4X200.


You can say what you want about Sun but he ain’t getting beaten in the 200 & 400

Craig Lord

I wouldn’t go that far FDP: lots of folk said that last year – and he was beaten in the 200

Charles wang

Sun have not gotten any gold medal in worldwide competition of 200 freestyle,I hope he can fulfill his dream in Rio.


The most annoying thing about Sun Yang’s doping case is that he didn’t seem to have served any punishment at all.
His ban was retroactive, and only 3 months at that!
He was still competing in events he had planned to, and the only negative outcome out of his doping is that he cannot continue training with Australian podium centers and their coaches, but thank to USA for the rescue, he’s now seemingly training better than ever!

If Yang (and Zetao and other chinese swimmers with warnings) and Efimova swim and win medals, Rio may turn out to my least favorite Olympics – swimming wise.


Eat barbecue is warning swimmers and eat Cannabis was suspended swimmers won the gold medal, is the Rio Olympics shame!
[Eating a barbecue gains only a warning for swimmers while consuming Cannabis gets swimmers suspended … the shame of the Rio Olympics… is how we interpret this comment – ED — sorry Vichel, your translated meaning is not entirely clear but it seems you are referring to how clenbutreraol has been treated – with only a reprimand – compared to suspensions imposed on water polo players who took cannabis; if that is what you are saying, the point is a good one]

Craig Lord

Yes, quite so asf. The sinking feeling will be a part of these Games if WADA and others don’t take a grip and live up to that zero-tolerance policy they like to claim. Everything is in play right now.


I think Mack Horton, who is still young and improving can beat Sun Yang. In fact he may be the guy to take down Biedermann’s WR.

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