Sun Yang 3:44 Marks Return To World Top 3 Of Olympic Champion Circled In Trouble

China's Sun Yang [Photo: Aniko Kovacs]

Sun Yang’s first test since emerging from the scandal of a doping suspension served in secret last year produced a 3:44.53 victory over 400m freestyle on the first day of Chinese national championships in Baoji against a backdrop of troubling circumstances

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Sun Yang’s first test since emerging from the scandal of a doping suspension served in secret last year produced a 3:44.53 victory over 400m freestyle on the first day of Chinese national championships in Baoji against a backdrop of troubling circumstances



I’m confused. The article states Sun Yang is banned from training in Australia. It also says he’s working with his former coach’s assistant, Bian King, who is under investigation. At the end of the article it is mentioned that Sun Yang just returned from training in Australia. If I’m understanding this correctly, despite the investigation Brian King is still coaching in Australia, and Sun Yang is working with him. So What facility in Australia is employing a coach under investigation and why is Sun Yang allowed to train there?

Craig Lord

The links take you to previous articles Danjohnrob: Sun is banned from training at any podium funded program, as are all athletes who have failed a doping test. He is free to train privately in Australia…


@Danjohnrob, Brian King has been coaching Sun Yang, presumably under direction and training sessions provided by Denis Cottrell, at various pools in/around southern Queensland.

Sun Yang cannot train at any podium centre, which are the elite training centres created/specified by Swimming Australia, see (which Miami swim club is) per the Swimming Australia directives in regards to athletes who fail doping tests.

Brian King has been leasing space at other pools, with some pools cancelling or not renewing the leases due to the fall out and potential ‘guilt by association’ implications.

John Decourcy

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!


Thanks Mr Lord and AussieBob:
Wow! Well I guess nobody can prove Cotterell is providing the workouts, and I guess Brian King needs the money (and apparently something REAL to put on his resume), and I’m sure the pool facilities can use the extra cash too, but… If I were Cotterell I’d be concerned about my reputation. I guess it goes to show how much Sun Yang depends on his coach though, or he’d go back to China to train.


It is not just Sun Yang, there are many Chinese that have and are training in Australia (Liu Zige, Ye Shi Wen, etc). Prior to 2012, most were in Queensland, now some in NSW as well.

The Chinese have the money, and for the majority of swimming coaches who do not get paid well, if they are viewed to be able to deliver performance, the Chinese will work with them to improve their swimmers and pay them well above average for their time.

The Chinese have the money and will do what it takes to (try) and become the number one nation for swimming. That is their ultimate goal, using sport as another means to showcase themselves internationally (very similar to Russia and GDR during the 70’s and early 80’s).


If I was scrubber like King & 1 of the greatest swimmers ever wanted me to coach him (& probably get paid very well) I would do it, don’t see a problem with it… there ain’t much point complaining about it. You can say he’s a cheat yet plenty of the other swimmers who are so called greats were also cheats, they just didn’t get caught or named as cheats. People can wish for Sun to lose but how does anyone know for sure that that could also be by a cheat.


No surprise Brian King is continuing to salute SAL with his middle finger.

Who is pulling the strings

Mark Anderson is a puppet – controlled by Dennis Cotterell. The man is a spineless jellyfish and an absolute joke! What hope does SAL have with that man in charge?

I don’t know of any private organisation that would allow this BS to go on – Brian King has allegedly falsified his resume and his educational qualifications.

He has, in my view, lied so many times to so many people – let’s start with the basics:

Brian King does not have a Masters or a Degree, he was not a coach for the Paraolympic team and his wife does not have cancer.

Brian King himself states he had cancer but he didn’t – what the man did do was hold a fund raiser whilst living in the States then purchased a motor vehicle with the money raised in a cancer charity.

Mr King was subsequently sacked from Penn for engaging in inappropriate relationships with University swimmers.

This is the same Brian King that is alleged to have hit on a female athlete at the AIS facility in Miami. He is a married man with a child and yet …

So many questions – so few answers. Let’s start with an easy one – Why is it taking SAL so long to finalise their investigation – is it because Mark Anderson is stalling to increase his superannuation?

Bring on a royal commission – SAL is in turmoil!

Craig Lord

Pulling strings – alleged is an important word in some regards, so you find one or two added to your comment. Ultimately, you are right, SAL and ASCTA have responsibility for professional affiliation and accreditation within Australian jurisdiction. They cannot, however, control what he does overseas, though they could inform FINA of any judgment if the allegations are proven and any decision goes against the coach in question … there would be grounds for an international ban (there is precedent for that)

Who is pulling the strings

Point taken Craig – I should have a more realistic expectation of SAL – when have they ever done due diligence or acted quickly – certainly not in the Scott Volkers case!

How many children suffered in silence, how many parents abused – it makes me sick.

That man not only abused children (mentally) but then blatantly hit on female athletes. He abused his position of trust and as far as I’m concerned Mark Anderson is akin to a headmaster turning a blind eye to a teacher molesting a child. Mark Anderson needs to go and Brian King should be banned from coaching in any sport.

Craig Lord

I can well understand why it makes you sick, pulling the strings… you express the sentiments of those who have made official complaints. With no wish to prejudge the case, I would imagine that SAL would wish to speed the process along for all concerned. The world is watching.


If all these allegations are correct, surely he cannot be on pool deck at the Worlds with Sun Yang. BK is talking about looking forward to the “next block of training and getting the best out of Yang”. Yep, “this is a joke”, he continues to salute SAL with his middle finger.

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