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FINA Future – Does it have one?

FINA, the Federation International de Natation Amateur. Is it fit for purpose and are those in leadership positions fit to lead? Or are they letting the sport down? A wave of blunders and bad decisions in recent years, several notable examples from the past 12 months, have prompted leading coaches and athletes to ask: can FINA be repaired or is it time to replace the organisation that was created in 1908 but no longer appears to serves its constituency more than it serves its leadership.

A tipping point has been reached. Bill Sweetenham has suggested a way forward for the sport: FINA hold submit to independent review; open its books as the no-profit organisation it claims to be; and work to reform itself for he benefit of swimming. The World Swimming Association stands in the wings ready to replace FINA as the global federation for swimming. FINA would be left with diving, water polo and synchronised swimming as its key assets.

Read our collation all articles features and editorial related to the political crisis in swimming and the campaign for better and more accountable governance of the sport.

Seoul – 25 Years On – an anniversary special

It is a quarter of a century since Matt Biondi, Janet Evans, Anthony Nesty, Krizstina Egerszegi, Tamas Darnyi, Duncan Armstrong, Vladimir Salnikov and Michael Gross stole the Olympic headlines in the pool that hosted the last Games before the fall of the Berlin Wall. We start our special with Matt Biondi’s reflections on a soaring seven-medal-winning performance.

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Reviews on the word from the water

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Swim League Of Nations

The Premiership of the best 20 swimming nations in the world, a league based on results from Olympic Games, World Championships, World Rankings and Records in each passing season.

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Nick Thierry Tribute

Our tribute to the late founder and publisher of SwimNews, Nick Thierry, who passed away in October, 2012. The guardian and gatekeeper of swimming statistics, rankings and history for more than 30 years, he is much missed by all those who knew him and worked with him.

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