South Africa’s Chad Le Clos Completes Butterfly Sweep at World Cup in Chartres

Chad Le Clos (RSA) takes a peek [By Patrick B. Kraemer]

Following wins in the 50 butterfly and 200 fly on Day One, South Africa’s Chad Le Clos completed the fly sweep on Day Two of the World Cup in Chartres with a decision in the 100 butterfly.

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Following wins in the 50 butterfly and 200 fly on Day One, South Africa’s Chad Le Clos completed the fly sweep on Day Two of the World Cup in Chartres with a decision in the 100 butterfly.



Craig, its a bit early to be calling Seebohm favourite for Rio, a lot can happen in 12 months, Sure she would be a medal contender at this stage, but the Olympics are not the Commonwealth’s or even World Championships!

John Lohn

Gheko, the definition of favorite is the person best positioned heading into the event in question. As reigning world champ and with the top time in the world in each of the past two years, that makes Seebohm the favorite, early or not.


Wow great win by Smith in the 200 free.. Baby steps but I hope he hovers around 1:45s by Olympic Trials

Craig Lord

Gheko, article is written by John, and as he notes, right now, Emily is the favourite, the in-form favourite a year out and the same can be said of many (not all) who claimed gold in Kazan … and yes, as you say, much can … and will … happen on the way to and in Rio to change the overall picture, breadth and depth, I would imagine


Quite a positive step, Verram and building on a Worlds where he showed up quite well.

Competition SHOULD be tight for the 200 individual berths; hopefully at times superior to those of this year. Should he track as you hope he does then that should put him well in the mix.


Veram, goes well fro the 4X200 as well, they could have 3 of them at 1.45s in Fraser Holmes, McEvoy & Smith, with both Hackett & Horton potential 1.46s & not rely on the serial tourists.


Robbo, at the risk of being labelled a “glass half full” that is contingent on whether TFH can/does return to 2014 vintage. Next year will show which version is the “standard” TFH & which was the aberration.

Horton may be of some use but I’m sceptical of what Hackett can really add. He’ll be 36 by Rio and the 2015 version was crying “Taxi” on the way home during the relay heats. The spirit cannot be question but will it be cashing cheques that the body can no longer pay ?

They MAY be in the medal mix next year but not sure Kazan final a wholly accurate guide. Whilst GBR are unlikely to “go away”, USA is unlikely to be that vulnerable. Also suspect a number of Euros will also have their act far more together next year.

Rob M

A couple of thoughts on the mixed relays. The medley is a farce but actually could see the free relays widening the potentail medal base from the usual suspects. Also having mixed 100 and 200 relays scrapping the current would open up the chance of a men’s 800 and women’s 1500


Commonwobat, yes I am banking on TFH to step up, remember he beat James Guy quite easily, while swimming the best times in 2014, a time that would’ve won the 2015 WC. I realise a lot of ifs about, but this is what we are talking about. If both Smith & McEvoy gets down to 1.45s, you only need a low 1.46s from Horton, Hackett or even McKeon & the Aussies would be very hard to beat. Not many countries have 3 swimmers in the 1.45s (US possibly)


Ggheko seebohm is with ease the fav, franklins first 25 is pitiful right now, 4×200 in Rio usa gbr jpn


Horton split 1:45 at 2013 junior worlds.

He *should* be even faster next year.


Should is, sadly, an all too big IF. How Horton rebounds from the brutally educative experience of Kazan will be interesting.

At this point, I still see the M4X200 as one of the most “rubbery” of the AUS medals from Kazan. Even if the Trials times ARE fast, the dysfunctional recent history AND the fact that the competition is likely to be much stiffer has me marking it as a possible rather than likely medal contender.

Re M800 & W1500 debate, whilst I fully acknowledge and accept the arguments in favour; the power and influence of the TV lobby will most likely mitigate against them.

The strongest points they DO have against the 50 form-strokes is that the IOC are seeking to cap competitors numbers. These events will essentially mirror those of the M1500/W800 (ergo negligible/nil increase in nos) whereas the 50s DO see some specialists and would potentially add numbers.

Think that mixed relays may still be some way from the Olympic program. Not saying impossible but more likely to be 2024 earliest rather than Tokyo and would think the mixed free rather than medley.


The big IF, is something you can equate to all teams, I’m sure the stiffer competition comes from, IF Angel comes back from injury, to the form of 2012, he’s not swum close to those times in 3 years. The big IF, that Lochte & Phelps at 32 years old can swim to their 28 year old selfs, maybe Phelps is a smaller IF. The big IF on who will turn up for the Russians.

So the other countries all big IFs as does Australia, who can be very competitive IF they get 4 swimmers swimming 1.45s & another couple back up on 1.46s low.

Ye of little faith, I think the 4X200 has a strong chance to medal in 2016.

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