Santo Condorelli Delivers 48.09 & 48.16 Clockings in 100 Freestyle on Way to Rio

Santo Condorelli, courtesy of Swim Canada

Santo Condorelli checked in with a time of 48.16 in the 100 freestyle at the Canadian Olympic Trials to clinch a berth to Rio.

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Santo Condorelli checked in with a time of 48.16 in the 100 freestyle at the Canadian Olympic Trials to clinch a berth to Rio.



What’s interesting in the Canadian quartet is that they are all very young. They could make that quantum leap that projects them in the stratosphere on racing day.


This Canada’s men 4×100 free guys have some potential, and young guys have more steep upward improvement potentials, but whether the potentials will materialize into reality, we will see.

Australia’s men 4×100 free in 2012 should makes us a bit wiser:
Magnussen (21), Roberts (21), mcEvoy (18), and then …. nothing, despite having the two fastest (and young) sprinters on their arsenals.

Felix Sanchez

Surely a quantum leap would be the smallest possible leap? (Unless something to do with time travel).

The point is a good one though. Young sprinters coming on together could suddenly be a competitive team.


I can’t wait to learn about Maria Lenk results.
I am hoping their men 4×100 free and medley relays and women 4×200 free can improve to be medal threats.

It’s always good for the sport, for the Olympics, for the hosting citizens and swimming fans around the world if the host team put up good relays. The atmosphere alone will be amazing.

Craig Lord

If their women’s 4×200 is a medal threat in Rio, I’ll eat my cap and goggles, aswimfan – nowhere near the average it’s going to take to get a medal: for them to get 4 women on 1:58 would be a huge improvement – and that would leave them well shy of the medals, of course.



not medal threat for Brazil’s 4×200 that would raise a hell of questions 🙂
But to make final for their w4x200. Very very tough right now and unlikely, but here’s hoping they can scrape into final.

Craig Lord

Good revision, aswimfan, yes, just to make the final would be a big step – and yes ?s indeed if the make the podium 🙂


Condorelli and Grabich will swim in Trofeu Maria Lenk next week


the girls wants to goes to final with Brazil 4x200free relay.
In the last 3 years, the women’s 200free sky-rocket in Brazil.It was pretty common to win ML Trophy with 2:01 mid.South American record was 1:59.
Now, 7 of 10 all time best were made in the last two years, with the youngsters generation leapfrogging the other beating age group records every year.
Craig Lord,
their true intention is to match or surpass the historic 2004 relay(7th).

Craig Lord

Thank you DDias. I wish them the best in their endeavours to make progress (My reply to aswimfan was simply to say that I just don’t see a medal – the opposition is just way too stiff)


the level on Brazil women’s swimming is so low, only TWO times a women’s relay went to final at Olympics:1948 and 2004.So, there is no medal conversation in this history.

Craig Lord

Indeed, DDias, you repeat my point (it was simply a reply to asf, who clarified what he meant, no problem)

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