Russia Ran ‘State-Dictated Failsafe System To Protect Doped Athletes’ From Detection

Russia got to chink glasses with the IOC once more in Rio in 2016 - but the story is not over, nor the fallout [All images are stills from "Red Herrings" by ARD]

Alleged state involvement in the Russian doping crisis has been confirmed, according to the WADA Commission report led by Prof. Richard McClaren. As the news unfolds, a system not far removed form the GDR’s State Plan 14:25 in some regards is suggested. (This report was written love during the McLaren press conference). At a press…

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Alleged state involvement in the Russian doping crisis has been confirmed, according to the WADA Commission report led by Prof. Richard McClaren. As the news unfolds, a system not far removed form the GDR’s State Plan 14:25 in some regards is suggested. (This report was written love during the McLaren press conference). At a press… […]



The Disappearing Positive Methodology spanned all sports. Now it’s time for IFs, NOCs and the IOC to act to protect CleanSport and athletes worldwide.

Rio will not be 100% clean, no Olympic Games will likely ever meet that lofty goal, but we can get closer.



How is it Julio whatshisname can say with straight face that there’s no doping problem.

Craig Lord

Quite. He and the director should resign: both have been leading figures in FINA since the days of the GDR. Asleep at the wheel, as in the article – both should resign or be forced to go. FINA needs urgent, independent review (replacement the only other option).


For Julio and Cornel to have been leading FINA for so long, I’m 99.99999999999% sure that there must be some corruption at the leadership level down to national federations.

Just like what happened at FIFA and IAAF.
Samaranch was lucky he was too old and got out before spotlight was shined onto IOC.


The fallout is likely to be unimaginable. It will be a case of which international sporting federation can emerge anywhere near unscarred rather than how many.

Whilst there is more than a little “look over there” going on, if RUS goes down; its hard to see them not taking an awful lot of federations down with them and, rest assured, many other countries “dirty linen” will be aired.

Barring RUS from Rio ?? Hhmm, sounds easy but legally, they are entitled to due process (like any accused) which is looking unlikely to be resolved in time given the very short time-frame remaining. They MAY choose to withdraw … who knows.


Didn’t Julio or Cornel also violate their own pledge to not get (re)elected?

Craig Lord

Samaranch was the man who pushed the medals back across the table at two GDR swimmers and said ‘keep them, you were not the only ones who doped’… what a warrior for clean sport he was.

Craig Lord

Withdrawal may be the only honourable option CW. And if IOC calls for that … and if they refuse … and if CAS puts them in etc… the show may well collapse, boycott a serious possibility I would imagine. Any pools free and ready to go? Hopefully it won’t come to that but there’s more to come in the story…


Sorry, Craig, but putting aside THIS issue; “the boat sailed” in probably December last year with regards to any other options than go ahead with Rio or cancel.

You still realistically need a 9month notice period to put on an international sporting championship for any major sport so its too late to try looking at “doling out” sports to other cities and in any case, competitors have all worked their preparations around peaking in 3 weeks time.

Craig Lord

Yes, CW – but protest (proper kind) doesn’t work like that … a world-class swim meet can be arranged in a week if you want it to be. Been done before… don’t think it will be so this time but not impossible.


So, the same methods for covering up were also used in Kazan last year along with other events before that:

Wouldn’t that necessitate that all Russian swimmers competing there should have their samples retested to check for tampering, elevated salt content, etc.?

I am a little confused about the bottles and the scratches that indicated tampering. Were these scratches evident with the caps still on? Otherwise, how does the investigating team know that it, itself did not cause the scratches while opening the bottles? Maybe I misunderstood his description of the process, I’m not sure.
Also, I would have thought that without any question that these bottles should not be used again and I was surprised that McLaren did not recommend this.


A swim meet at lower level most certainly; and if a location has been “on notice” ahead of time it can be done but “cold” …. on this short notice its just not viable for something on this scale. We’re not just talking venue, we’re also needing to sort out accomodation let alone other logistics.

Had there been notice of rescheduling various sports out to various cities spread out over the rest of the year (or at least the next 3 months); then it could’ve been practicable but that boat has sailed.

It’s essentially “can it” (which quite probably would be the sensible option albeit unpleasant for the prospective competitors) or go through with it.

As for boycotts, it may not be as unanimous even across teams as we may think …. we are asking them to go against their own career self interest and for some this is/would be their only shot at the big time or their last . Easy for us to moralise from this distance when WE are not the one’s being called upon to make the sacrifice.


Now that we know the Russians had been doping leading up to London, I wonder if the samples of their swimming bronze medalists (Efimova and men 4×100 free) have also been retested?
I understand that samples of winners from athletics and few other sports have been retested, but I’ve never heard about swimming.

The fourth positions in those two events were:
Pedersen and the Australians.


ASF, with due respect, lets burn that bridge when & if we come to it.

In many ways, I am rather conflicted over some of these cases of re-awarding medals in doping cases. IS justice being served …. arguably yes but in some ways, I’d leave it in the hands of the competitors themselves as to whether they wish to receive whatever medal under these circumstances and respect whatever call they make.

I HAVE, actually, found the greed of a certain NOC more than a little distasteful regarding their headlong rush to grab hold of such medals under these circumstances …. almost as if they’re still trying to pump up the medal tally how many years after the event ??

Craig Lord

Not recommending it CW; nor asking for boycott. I am thinking of the various things that could happen in the void of uncertainty that will be filled with something in the coming week. If the void is filled with ‘all well, Russia, as you were’, I would not be surprised to see collateral damage of a different kind.

Markus B.

I highly doubt that there will be any serious consequences for FINA:
1. So far no national swimming federation has openly questioned this corrupt system (here in Germany Christa Thiel, the leader of the Germany Swimming Federation, still claims that swimming is clean, haha)
2. Hardly any high profile clean athlete openly protests against the current FINA system (I wonder why? Maybe they are not so clean at all?)
3. Apart from Rica Reinisch, Petra Schneider and a handful of other GDR doping victims, no swimmer has openly spoken the truth about what is going on if you want to be an Olympic Champion, no matter if it was the 8os, 90s or nowadays. This wall of silence, like an Omerta, makes it very difficult to change the system and FINA.


I wonder what kind of ratings the ‘documentary’ on how evil WADA was crushing the dreams of innocent Russian athletes got tonight on Russian tv.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Vitaly Mutko spins this in coming days. He really is starting to remind me of former Iraqi information minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf (aka. ‘Bagdhad Bob’ and ‘Comical Ali’ in western press) who used to give reports on the Iraq-Coalition conflict that were truly impressive in their disassociation with reality.


And now the big day becomes Thursday when CAS rules on the appeal of the Russian track & field suspension for Rio. If they rule for Russia, we might as well declare clean sport dead and issue every athlete their own steroid vials once they hit junior national team levels. If they rule for the IAAF, it’s a start and sets precedent for a few other nation level bans currently pending in weightlifting and canoeing.

If they rule for the IAAF, I’m kind of okay with following the IAAF’s very narrow middle path that says that all drug tests for the past several years should be considered null and void. So elite international athletes with only RUSADA tests are have not been subject to testing long enough to be allowed to compete in Rio since they effctively haven’t been tested at all. However, if an athlete has at least, say, one non-RUSADA out of competition test every calendar quarter for the last 18-24 months, that will be sufficient as an anti-doping record for the athlete. Also no melodium positives in 2016. So a few athletes based elsewhere in Europe or North America would be allowed

Craig Lord

You points are reasonable, Markus B, including your reference to Omertà. (I think there have been a few more than Rica and teammates who have spoken up about this – a fair few folk spoke out in protest down the years, on the basis that they were clean and faced those who were not …). Silence, of course, does not always mean guilt. There are clean programs, coaches and elite swimmers working at what they do every day. The federation controlled system is built to ensure that all those people are more likely to remain silent than not … until now. We shall see…


Cate Campbell, who’s rarely on social media, wrote this a while ago:

Congrats @JaredTallent. Olympic Champion. Your victory is a victory for all clean athletes & a warning to all drug cheats. #justiceforJared

Jared Tallent originally won silver in London 50 km walk behind Sergey Kirdyapkin. Kirdyapkin sample was retested positive, and Jared Tallent was finally awarded gold this year, almost 4 years after the fact, robbing him of Olympics glory and all the monetary prizes/awards that entailed.

So yes, like CL said, some top swimmers are speaking up, not only Ruta.

Craig Lord

Yes, asf. Good to see and much needed – the more who do that, the more will find the courage to do so – and stand together against the dark side, as it were (the rider from history always to pay attention to who stands among the tub-thumpers for clean sport while actually working for the opposite…Kipke style)

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