Rosie Rudin Leads Brit 1-2 As Aussies Go On Relay Riot At World Junior Champs

Rosie Rudin set the pace for the last 300m on her way to gold - photo courtesy of British Swimming

The USA’s Grant Shoults claimed the first gold of the 5th World Junior Championships in Singapore before Britain celebrated the first 1-2 finish of the meet, Rosie Rudin and Georgia Coates both on 4:39s in the 400m medley; and Australia take both relays – boys’ 4x100m free in 3:17, girls’ 4x200m free in 7:56

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The USA’s Grant Shoults claimed the first gold of the 5th World Junior Championships in Singapore before Britain celebrated the first 1-2 finish of the meet, Rosie Rudin and Georgia Coates both on 4:39s in the 400m medley; and Australia take both relays – boys’ 4x100m free in 3:17, girls’ 4x200m free in 7:56



I remember when Roman Sludnov swam under 1:00 as the first human 14 years ago. And here we have an 18-year old trying to do the same in the final tomorrow.
Perhaps there will be teenagers swimming 58 low by 2030. Lets see.
Chalmers seems to be a little slower than in Kazan. I predict a time around 48,8.
The US coaches should be happy that they have youngster able to split 48,4 – Maxime Rooney. If he keeps improving he can even make the US team for Rio.

Craig Lord

A teenager has already gone 57.92, TommyL: Adam Peaty turns 20 in December.


Craig, you got my on this one. I should have written junior. By that I mean a swimmer not older than 18 years. Mea culpa.

Craig Lord

Got ya (meaning) but didn’t mean to get ya 🙂


It really sucks how Mack Horton dominated James Guy just a couple of years ago in Dubai… Winning the 400 free by a second over him… Fast forward to Kazan and Horton can’t even make the final while James Guy had a record setting meet and totally showed he can swim when it counts..

paolo rubbiani

A lot of interesting things from this first day of competition.
Trying to project them in the big picture of next years (i.e. at senior level), my personal ranking of the 10 best things.

1) Taylor Ruck, already on the verge of 2.00 in 200 free at 14 years old, has made today a big step towars the elite of swimming with her 1.56.74 ( +0.34 at the start) in the relay (also to mention her 60.61 in the 100 back).
If she would have choosen the Usa citizenship instead the canadian one, the Usa dream-team for Rio2016 (with Ledecky, Franklin and Schmitt) would have been really a dream-team.
Ok, better for Canada and, perhaps, also for swimming (what a monster WR would have been swum..) that Ruck won’t swim for Usa.

2) Another double-citizenship swimmer who instead chose to swim for Usa is Maxime Rooney. His fourth leg in the 4×100 was the best of the whole race considering that he swam among the wawes. We’ll see 100 and 200 free, but Rooney could be an important addition for Usa relays next year.

3) Impressed by Minna Atherton’s sub and way of swimming in general. A real talent this 15 years old australian.

4) Great depth in men 100 back semifinals. Nearly all the semifinalists swimming PBs (Greenbank could swim it tomorrow..). What a progression in the backstroke at every level. Tomorrow uncertain and beautiful final.

5) What a race also the women 400 im final with 3 great swimmers (great Spain with Zamorano here and in 100 back with the young Gonzalez). Great Britain has a school in the women medley, by now.
After Miley and Willmott, here we are Coates (the new Miley) and Rudin (the new Willmott)

6) Great improvement also for Victoria Gunes in the speed with her 30.55 in the 50 breast.

7) Nobody agrees with Andrew’s schedule of races (me too, above all for the next days) but bravo for what he has done today: 54.74 in the 100 back and 60.78 are great times.

8) Like happened at senior Worlds in Kazan, 4×100 free has been a race with change of position among many teams. Here, at the end, Australian and Usa have been successful.., perhaps also because have swum with their best swimmers already in the morning lol

9) Beautiful race the 4×200 women free. Already said of Ruck, Aussie swimmers have done a great work (in the individual race what a challange between Ruck and Cook). Impressive that 7.57.8 has been good just for a fourth place finishing for the Usa team.

10) Swimming world becomes wider and more competitive every year. Abdalla, from Egypt, is a great backstroker (54.93 for him), like Irish Conor Ferguson (’99 and 55.60). Swimming has a great potenzial, I don’t know if Fina is aware of that.

paolo rubbiani

P.S. Swimming has a great potential, indeed, because I forgot to mention many things but one in particular: 4.43.36 from slovenian Crevar (2000) in 400 women medley.

paolo rubbiani

Edit: Anja Crevar is serbian, of course. Stop writing of swimming, for today.

Felix Sanchez

With those times Rudin and Coates would both have been on the podium at the 2007 world championships.

paolo rubbiani

@Felix Sanchez: Yes, behind a great Katie Hoff at the WR.
To note how Canada, second place finisher in the 4x200sl, has 3 girls born in 2000 (Oleksiak, Smith and Ruck) and one in 1999 (Harvey).
Canadian swimming has been working pretty well with young swimmers.


The US already “stole” from Canada a tall female swimmer with incredible potential in free and backstroke … I think that’s enough! 😀

paolo rubbiani

@ThereaLuigi: I completely agree and I wanted to hint at Missy.
It seems that having the double citizenship Canada -Usa works very well in swimming.


That Aussie 4×100 team from 2 years ago would seriously struggle to replicate that time if they had swum it today


Incredible times!USA made 7:57.8 and was out of medals…
Chalmers is trying to hold his taper with toe and nails…he was 0.5-0.6 faster in relays at Worlds.


Not sure Felix, Regan Leong 49.74, this year, would match up with the relay split of 2 years ago, Mack Horton 49.68 would also match relay split of 2 years ago. Blake Jones 49.49 would probably improve his relay split by .3 or .4 a second & that would make up for Luke Percy 49.49, decline from 2 years ago.

Would love to see Percy step up next year to under 48s, the 4×100 needs depth. The potential of 2 years ago,Percy, Leong, Jones & even Alexander Graham, never realised their potential, if 1 or 2 of these can next year, it may improve the 4×100 depth for Australia.


While Ruck swim in 4 X200 was outstanding. there was 2 other swims by the Aussies girls in the winning team, Tasmin Cook swam a championship record in the 200, but she is more of a 400 & 800 swimmer & this goes well for her in those events. Gemma Cooney is 15 years old & just split 1.59.08 to hold off Ruck in the last lap. She is also much more a sprinter.


Rob, that may be the case with Cook but she’s not entered in the 800; the AUS entries are 2 8.45 swimmers in Titmus & Messer who aren’t likely to get anywhere near the final.

Re the AUS males; Graham’s been given opportunities at senior level & not impressed. Others haven’t really looked like pressing for senior team selection. Now at the stage where you swap “expect” with “hope” with regards to any further progress.


Common, I most more talking about in Olympic trials for next year for Tasmin.

As for Aus males, I tend to agree, hoping one may step up, but yes hope.

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