Report: Michael Phelps & Katie Ledecky Tabbed For Duty In 400 Freestyle Relay

Michael Phelps in Omaha at USA Olympic Trials - by Matthew Bish - Bold Action Media

Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky are expected to see action in the 400 freestyle relay when the Olympic Games open this weekend.

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Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky are expected to see action in the 400 freestyle relay when the Olympic Games open this weekend.


Wesley Gilchrist

I am worried about Michael’s Freestyle. I don’t think that he has shown promise throughout the year and I think putting him in this position is a mistake.
I am sure the goal is to try and get as many medals as possible again, but at what cost?

Felix Sanchez

Here’s a somewhat spurious statistic. If Michael Phelps wins gold in both freestyle relays he’ll become the first swimmer to win seven freestyle gold medals. Obviously, looks a tough ask at the moment.


I think it’s a good, conservative decision.
Phelps has always been reliable in both free relays.
And Ledecky still needs to prove her credibility in 4×100 by swimming the prelims.

Phelps swimming the 4×100 final is a bonanza for NBC.
So now we know that for the final, USA will field Adrian, Dressel, Phelps and the fastest from prelims (Held, Earvin, Pieroni, and ???)

The only problem is that USA has 6 relay-only swimmers in its 4×100 entry list (Conger, Held, Pieroni, Smith, Bentz, and Feigen), which is absolutely bizarre. I wonder if it’s a clerical error or that USA didn’t fully understand the rule when submitting the names.

John, can you please make enquiry and find out about it?


aswimfan, it seems both FINA and US Swimming don´t want to talk about it and Hope to let this pass without any problem.

Let´s see what happens if the other countries appeals on the day of the race without giving much time for US and FINA to escape..

Also Pieroni and Feigen did not swim so well at US time trial this week.. Ervin did, but who knows what will happen Sunday? If Feigen Pieroni and Ervin does not deliver.. Kazan 2 is here.. and The Field will be much faster than Kazan..


Yes, I get what you mean.
It will be disastrous if France, Australia and Russia make an appeal on the day of men’s 4×100.

But, we’ll know by the first day during the women’s 4×100 free, because USA Swimming also make the same mistake on the women’s entry list.


Well.. The countries must define the list of prelims swimmer friday right? On that day we will know what each country will do and if they will appeal or not.


the other countries can’t appeal until USA submit list for the w4x100 final lineup, which is after the prelims. So, saturday afternoon.

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