Reigning Olympic Champ Nathan Adrian Seeking to Ascend The 100 Free Podium Again

Nathan Adrian by Speedo

Nathan Adrian hasn’t clocked a sub-48 performance in the 100 freestyle since the 2013 campaign, but he’ll need to revisit that territory if he is to contend for gold in at the World Championships.

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Nathan Adrian hasn’t clocked a sub-48 performance in the 100 freestyle since the 2013 campaign, but he’ll need to revisit that territory if he is to contend for gold in at the World Championships.



Great article… You can really see the respect Adrian has for the Aussies… Especially for Magnussen


Adrian will have plenty of competition from China, Canada, Australia and Russia, and could miss a medal here!


I don’t think Australia is in contention for 400 sprint relay gold, in fact imo they are not even in medal contention and I will eat my proverbial hat if they win medal at all in this event.
The men’s 100 free has lost its lustre for me, after the fastest man in every year since 2010 withdrew.


Don’t forget about Santo Condorellia from Canada. Leading off the 4×100 free relay at Pan Am he went a 47.98. I hope he can step up and fill Brent Hayden’s spot.


On the other hand, there’s no clear favorite and any of these swimmers can win it: Adrian, Morozov, Zetao, McEvoy.

Another Russian, an Italian, a Canadian, a Dutch, or Brazilian may also spoil the party for the favorites and snatch gold.

My money is on the two smallest sprinters in the final lineup.

John Liu

I’m surprised you said the event has lost its lustre. If you remember I was the best Magnussen groupie there was in 2012, but its been hard to be optimistic about his prospects in the subsequent years. While it is without question that he is the most physically talented of the field, watching his championship swims has been an anxious anticipation of which magnussen shows up- rather than the excited anticipation of a spectacle.

That said, i didn’t have Magnussen winning even when he was enterred in the event, I think we’ll see many 47’s from unexpected places.

John Lohn

aswimfan, Australia is certainly a longshot, but with Nathan mentioning the squad, I felt it necessary to include them in what is a wide open year. That said, big mountain to climb…REAL BIG.


John Liu,

Maybe I was exaggerating a bit about losing “lustre”.
But here’s to think about:
At the end of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, in each of those years Magnussen had the fastest time by far. I am confident he will repeat the same this year if he’s healthy.
And now the event will be without him in Kazan.
I can’t think of any other event whose fastest swimmer in the past four years not swimming in Kazan.


What will be quite interesting to see is how Magnussens training partner swims at US trials, could give an insight as to how Magnussen will go once he starts competing again. Australia will not medal in the relay agree, McEvoy this is time to step up…..if he doesn’t win worlds then there is a problem with what he’s doing….


I hope that the 100m freestyle will be a great race. Too bad that Mr. Magnussen and Mr. Agnel will not be present. Will Mr. Gilot be in the race? He’s a swimmer that always comes through in moments of high pressure. I look forward to great performances from Australia, Japan and Great Britain in the 4x100m freestyle relay!


Is Florent Manaudou going to swim 100? I believe this guy is capable of wining it. Let’s just take a look at his 45 flat at 100 free SCM few years ago. Olympic sized pool requires more endurance of course, but those 45.0 can be easily converted to some 47-low in long course.


No, he is not swimming, and I bet he will not start the relay…maybe not to be compared (I hope a sub 47 anyway in that relay).
Strange strategy not to swim a distance that needs so much experience if you really want to be a gold contender at the olympics next year!

Craig Lord

Yes, though Alex Popv had never swum a major global race before Olympic gold in 1992; Ledecky, Meilutyte, various others lacked ‘experience’ of a truly big occasion before they found themselves with Olympic gold. Of course, Florent Manaudou is European 100m champion and 50m Olympic champion, so I don’t think he lacks experience 🙂


Yes, but speaking of Meylutite and Ledecky, they took the first opportunity to swim their own distances…and they won. He doesn’t, I mean at a world level (Long Course). European championship is far to be compared to the world level on this very distance…less risk to be beaten. Kazan would have been a very serious challenge (even without Magnussen)!

Craig Lord

Yes, I think that was the thinking of Romain Barnier, in part: that he wasn’t ready to face that yet… a work in progress…


Not swimming it in Kazan could turn out very well for Manaudou next year, actually.

So he can swim 100free “under the radar” until french open next year.

I also don’t believe in “lack experience” thing. Manaudou won 50 free in London despite not having swum in any major before.
Magnussen won his first Worlds while never having swum in any major before.
Popov won Barcelona having won only Euro 1991.


for33.. I think australia Japan and GB will have to fight to qualify on top 8.. now together with China and Canada..

Probably France Brazil US Russia and Italy will have some cushion to qualify. These teams can probably go 3:13 guaranteed, which is something I don´t see from the teams listed above..


Agree with Rafael’s “read” on this relay. I will go further and say that none of the AUS male relays look “rock solid” finalists. Whilst the 4×200 looks OK on paper, it’s form-line is poor including a DNQ at 2013 Worlds. The 4xMED is very shaky, especially if Larkin & McEvoy are rested for heats as the 2nd strings are at least 1 class below and the BRS & fly leg respectively are already “questionable” or uncompetitive .

Re Adrian, his big meet record is such that he has to be respected as a major threat. Favourite ??? Not sure of that but then again there’s been nobody who’s established a clear case amongst any of the contenders.


If I’m not mistaken Mc Evoy have beaten Magnussen already twice in the 100 free… Pan Pacs & Aussie Trials. Mc Evoy, Morozov and Adrian should be the favorites.

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