Psych Sheets Rolled Out For the United States Olympic Trials In Omaha

Ryan Lochte pipped Michel Phelps at the first 100 'fly clash since the Olympic champion made his comeback [USA Swimming]

Ryan Lochte is entered in six events at the United States Olympic Trials, including the 400 individual medley, where he’s the reigning Olympic champion.

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Ryan Lochte is entered in six events at the United States Olympic Trials, including the 400 individual medley, where he’s the reigning Olympic champion.



As much as exciting this Trials are promising to be it will be actually all same old stuff – some win, some lose. To me personally it will be only two events of the interest. That is M100BK where three swimmers have very good chances to be the Olympic champion and W100FR to see how strong American sprinters can possibly be and how many relays Ledecky will make: 3, 2 or just 4×200 only.

kevin roose

i am fascinated to see how Phelps , Lochte and Franklin perform and what Ledecky actually decides to enter in ….i will be surprised if she does the 400 i.m .

Bad Anon

Really keen to see how fast Natalie Coughlin will be at trials. I believe she can go best times in all her events
50free – 24.38
100free- 53.15
100back 58.77
Good luck Nat!


Nathalie Coughlin is an excellent relay swimmer even she is nowhere near her best in individual events. USA should hope that she will be at least in the top 6 in 100 free. I hope she qualifies in 100 back as well because that would be perfect, but I am not optimistic about any of her individual event chances.


I am most excited to see what Caeleb Dressel can do in 50 and 100 free, as this will be her first major major most important LCM meet as senior swimmer. If he can translate his SCY prowess to long course pool, we’ll be in for a treat.

Jay Ched

While I understand the desire for “OT Qualifier” bragging rights, aren’t some of these qualifying standards just a tad easier than they should be? I looked specifically at the women’s 100 back – 168 listed? Seriously? It would be nice to get the trials back to a location that people might actually want to visit – Omaha? Three times in a row? The 2004 event was held in Long Beach, CA, which is a far more desirable vacation spot than the middle of nowhere. Either way, I look forward to the event finally beginning, but some of the prelims will be torturously and unnecessarily long.

Blah Blah

I agree with aswimfan .. dressel is what I’m most curious about, and whether or not franklin makes it in any individual other than 200 back.


Jay Ched,
The answer to all your questions and complaint is: MONEY.

Omaha Location: Mutual of Omaha paid the highest bid. Thus, money.
Extremely large number of qualifiers: OT is USA swimming’s single largest source of income. And it doesn’t happen every year. So it is in their best interest to milk the event as much as possible, such as maximizing ticket sales which means filling in a whole indoor stadium for 8 days and nights. And to do this, getting as many qualifiers as possible so they bring their family and friends. Thus, money.
Sponsorship deals also hinge upon the fact of live and screen viewers.

Being a private enterprise, it’s not in the interest of USA swimming to limit the number of qualifiers.


I also feel like a rough and crowded warm-up pool helps to sort out the head cases who need everything perfect for optimal effort from the athletes who can better roll with whatever an international team trip brings.


The only real justification I can think of for having so many qualifiers is that is gives the wider swimming community, those with no hope of challenging for a spot, a reward for the time and effort they have put in through the years. For them, this is the pinnacle, and for that reason I would say fair enough. It also gives younger swimmers who may be players in four years time, a valuable experience. But as a spectator, I wouldn’t be crazy about the idea of watching up to 20 heats in an event.


Beachmouse, I agree with you. The pressure-packed USA OT with such chaotic scene may not be ideal and good for the individual swimmers, but, the wisdom is, whomever qualifiies will be tough and passed all the pressure cooler tests.
And this shows at the Olympics where majority of US swimmers look the least stressed out but the toughest racers.


The coach of my son’s high school varsity team was just 20th at USA Olympic Trials. It made him a Hero in eyes of young swimmers.
Olympic medal, Olympic team, Olympian Trials – it is all achievements. I think it isn’t that bad to have that many swimmers at trials. They may not make the team, but they can get 20th.


The times will be interesting in themselves but for me, it will be a matter of how certain “bigger pictures” play out.

On the male side, US has maintained a general international dominance but their teams have still retained a large preponderance of “senior” names. As distinguished as most have been (some indeed regarded as all time greats); for how long can they continue to withstand Father Time and to what extent (and where), can/will the current generation supplant them ?

On the women’s side; when we look past the immense stature of Ledecky, the picture is very different. Apart from the W4X200, it is difficult to see where another American woman sits in a position of clear international dominance.

There are, most certainly, some promising signs of advance from American swimmers in certain women’s events and they certainly look to have medal contenders in a number of events. However we would need to be seeing these signs of promise/contenders step up to world leading times (not just medal contending ones) before we can confidently say US women are likely to reassert their former dominance.

Jay Ched

Yozhik: 20th is great for a finish in any event.

ASW: while I’m fully aware it’s all about money, back in the 80s-90s you didn’t see well over 100 people in an individual event. For comparison, I looked back to 1992 trials for the W100 Back – there were about 36 in the prelim results. The same event in 2000 shows about 67, both well short of the bloated field of nearly 170 listed for this year. I’m not picking on the W100 back, just using it for an apples to apples compare.


Jay, how many lanes can be used in prelims in this pool? If ten, then it won’t be that terrible.


True. But these days, pay package for USA swimming CEO may be multiple that of the 70s, 80s or even 90s. On top of that, USA Swimming may need to set aside some larger than usuals cash reserves for lawyers as well as compensation arising from lawsuits etc. All these need money, money, money… must be funny


Even when 10 lanes used for prelims heats, it will still take very long.
eg. On the first day prelims:
400 free 109 entrants —> around 1 hour including changeover
100 breast 125 entrants —-> around 15 minutes including changeover
400 IM 100 entrants —> around 1 hour including changeover

100 fly 141 entrants —> around 20 minutes including changeover
400 IM 138 entrants —-> around 1.5 hours including changeover

So it’s around a minimum of 4 hours for swimming and changeover only. You add more time for all those introductions between the events, swim off, time-trials, dq deliberations, appeals etc etc and prelims session can stretch to 5 hours easily.


Yes it’s the same old stuff, but it’s exciting stuff.

The old lions & lionesses, will they have a last roar? Phelps, Lochte, Coughlin, Ervin … I particularly root for the last two.

Then you have the young guns, Dressel, Murphy and the others.

And you have the veterans who are still young, like Franklyn.

And then, picture this: relays aside, to grab an Olympic spot in your race you need to be one of the best 2 swimmers of a nation of 320 million people! That’s more than the population of UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy combined. It’s brutal and unforgiving and heartbreaking!

I can’t wait

Jay Ched

Yozhik – I looked quickly at the meet guide on USA Swimming – the 10 lanes for prelims can be used “At the Referee’s discretion” – so I assume that will be the case for efficiency purposes. What I couldn’t find is if the “dive over” for non-backstroke events will be used for heats. That saves a lot of time. I give the organizers credit for starting exactly on time, and for moving the heats along quickly. And they may also flight the 400 and over events, which will keep the fastest five heats during the original time schedule. Let the Trials begin!


On the first couple of days, the 400m events will have the heats split into 2 sections. On day 1 for example, only the fastest 5 heats will take place as listed for each 400m event, with the remaining heats taking place at the end of the session.

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