Pressure Of United States Trials Behind, Missy Franklin Anxious To Let It Rip In Rio

Missy Franklin by Patrick B. Kraemer

Missy Franklin fully admits that the pressure of the United States Trials affected her in Omaha, but she’s ready to let loose in Rio with nothing to lose.

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Missy Franklin fully admits that the pressure of the United States Trials affected her in Omaha, but she’s ready to let loose in Rio with nothing to lose.



I’m sure that pressure was a huge factor in Missy’s underperforming at the trials, but I feel it’s not the whole picture.

It was clear as daylight in 100 back that there was some serious technical problem. And this issue seems to be sidestepped by Missy during interview.

Eugene Chc

aswimfan,also overtraining destroy her sprint. Missi did not even in preliminary heats 4*100 free relay, its bad sign.


Has the 4×100 prelims line up been finalized?

Eugene Chc

aswimfan, no.
usually announced shortly before the start.

Eugene Chc

aswimfan, three swimmers come train to Schmitz. Kara Lynn Joyce in 2012, she trained for six months and left a few months before trial. Mexican Gonzalez, trained half year and didnt qualify for Rio. Only chinese Tang Yi qualify for Rio in relay with 54.7.
And I think she not return to Schmitz.

Dave Nicholson

To, this will be the most interesting story to watch unfold for the US swimming team. We may see some other surprises but everyone has simply discounted Missy from doing anything in Rio. We know what she’s capable of, but that was years ago. We’ve seen flashes of brilliance (AR in the 200fr at NCAAs last year, for example) but they’ve been fleeting and rare. Missy says she feels great and has been training well (she’s not one to lie) but we haven’t necessarily seen the results.

I’ll put it out there: I think Missy is a genuine threat for gold in the 200 bk. I also believe she’s an outside threat for a medal in the 200fr. I still have faith in her abilities. It’s likely I’ll be disappointed.

Eugene Chc

Dave, i think only yardage was “great”. But wins not the one who trains the most. Unfortunately her coach is very little understood in swimming, and even her abilities will not help.


Realistically, she should leave Rio with at least one gold; from the 4X200.

As to the 200fr; its far from implausible that she can make the final buts she’s going to need to “go some” to do so. To podium, she will most likely be needing a very significant PB. Not impossible but that would be quite some turnaround in such a short period of time.

200back: despite her poor backstroke form, she actually isn’t completely out of it due to the fact that no one else has definitively taken ownership of the event in her absence. If someone grabs hold of the event and takes it out to 2.05low or better; then I’m not realistically seeing a 3 sec turnaround. However if the minor medals are still being decided in the 2.06s, that MAY be more plausible.

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