Prepping For Nats, Michael Phelps Goes 49.66 in 100 Freestyle at NBAC Midsummer Classic

Honing - Michael Phelps by Patrick B. Kraemer

Michael Phelps clocked 49.66 in the 100 freestyle on Monday at the NBAC Midsummer Classic. He will race at U.S. Nationals during the week of the World Championships and ay engage in a spot of remote battle

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Michael Phelps clocked 49.66 in the 100 freestyle on Monday at the NBAC Midsummer Classic. He will race at U.S. Nationals during the week of the World Championships and ay engage in a spot of remote battle



I think he will be around 48.4, 1.45.8, 51.0, 1.55 & 1.56 with no need to be fully rested this year



I am with you on all those times, give or take a few tenths. The only one i am weary of is the 200 free time.

1:45 is a big ask for him now, I think, 46 high perhaps with a year to go would be a decent goal. Especially for relays. I am not too sure (as with everyone else) what his actual focus will be on.

My bet will be the 100 fly and possibly the 200 medley (4-peat). That would be spectacular.

I think the 200 medley might even venture into the 1:55 zone (i hope)

Kim Simonsen

Felix and Wez, I don’t think you will see such times before next year at the Olympic Trials, if ever again.

I’am not convinced, Michael is back at his best – maybe I’am wrong, maybe not 🙂

Craig Lord

Michael Phelps doesn’t need to be back at his best right now… he’s always been at the best he can be at when it matters most, the biggest of occasions, the Olympic Games. He’ll be sharp but not edge of blade…


I think MP will be fully rested and tapered at Nationals. He and Bob need to see whether they are on the right path.

Nationals are the Worlds for MP. The timing is perfect. We will be able to compare his performance against Chad & co. within hours although they will be thousands miles apart.

I am not going to predict any times but I expect Michael to be fast and post times which would make the top 3 in Kazan in his main events (100fly and 200im).


@Kim, I hope you are wrong in that regard. How incredible would it be to see someone do the 4-peat? To dominate an event for 16 years is something that is just phenomenal.

@Craig, care to make any predictions (give or take a few tenths) in your professional opinion?

What do you think a 49.66 represents at this stage of his prep? Hasn’t he just come off a huge training camp at altitude? If so that time is an indication of some great work done.

Craig Lord

@Wez, give or take a few tenths I don’t think Felix is far out, a low to mid-48 when ready to race at current peak likely, same for a time around 51-low on ‘fly. I wouldn’t like to call the 200s – for that we’d need to know what he’s been working on and how he’s been working at it, as described by Bob B – and that view we’ll hear when it starts to unfold… but 1:56 200IM would be good at this stage. I think he’s on the right path to reach his goals come Rio, his destiny in the pool is to succeed – and he’s proved time and again that he’s prepared to do what it takes 🙂


I think Michael is going to surprise people this summer. Surprise in a good way…


I agree with Wez, no way Phelps is going 1:45 200 free this year.
However, I’ve been wrong many times before…

Other times by Felix look reasonable, although I’m on a more conservative side and put extra couple of tenths on 100 free/fly and half a second on 200 IM.


Also- I agree with Tommy above, a full taper is going to happen. Michael is going to send a message to his competitors.


@aswimfan, you have been wrong before, but I also think that you understand the sport very well, and you have been right about so much more.
I like felix’s predictions, and I think that if MP can get to those times, it would be an awesome stepping stone to Rio.

@Craig, Thanks for your input, its always good to see a professional confirming the fans views and opinions.

@easyspeed i hope you are right. I have a feeling too.

My whole faith here is backed up by the mere fact that he has been a champion before, he has so many great sponsors and can focus completely on preparation. He knows what he had to do in the past, so he has a good yard stick for the work that he is doing now.

Yes he is 30, but we all seem to forget that he is not your average male, with an abnormal metabolism, wing span blah blah the list goes on. Im pumped up to see what he can do in a few weeks time.

Kim Simonsen

I hope the best for Michael, although I don’t think we will see Beijing-times from him again, but 1 or 2 golds in Rio will also do 🙂


I hope we will times very close to his 50,58 from Beijing. Lets say -0,1s/+0,3s in the next 12 months or in Rio.
I know he is 8yrs older but on the other hand his schedule is much lighter now.

18 days until Kazan. I am starting to like to number, much better than 30+ days.


He really doesn’t need to send a message out to anyone. We all know he has 18 golds. I was going to put 1.46.8 then I thought he’s better than Hackett. 1.45 is a super time but that’s 1 event I think he may want to make a big statement. If he can do that then USA are winning the 4×200 in Rio, they win the medley relay so there are 20 golds without even swimming an individual event.
4 Olympics by the way are 12 years apart.



Now that’s a comback that seemed to really gather speed quite quickly. Hackett. You are right ofcourse. Over 200m, he is better than Hackett, but it seems as if Phelps has been hiding the cards way up that long sleeve of his.

There has been nothing “as standout” as What Hackett did in April just yet….

John Lohn

With Phelps having been 1:56.04 last year at Pan Pacs, I think we’ll see 1:55-something from him at Nationals.


I totally forgot that Phelps already did 1:56 last year.yeah,i agree with John

Inviolata Itatiro

MP is a force to reckon with. He and Bob Bowman have something up their sleeves….we are set to be pleasantly surprised by a swimmer who brought the limelight to the sport worldwide!


Totally agree with aswimfan; 1.45 seems like a stretch. Also, why in the world would MP not be fully tapered at US Nationals this summer? The alternative makes little sense.

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