Pereira & Rodrigues Matched With Lap To Go & Then 1:57.91 Apiece in Rio 200IM Fight

Photo: Thiago Pereira, world silver in 2015, and heading to a home Games after a match with Henrique Rodrigues at the Maria Lenk - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Stroke for stroke in the 200m medley at the Maria Lenk Trophy in Rio on the penultimate day at the Olympic test event, the splits identical at the last turn and the last wall: world-titles medallist Thiago Pereira and Henrique Rodrigues turned precisely together on 1:28.96 and then fought down the last lap to a tie: 1:57.91 apiece – 4th equal in the world so far this year.

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Stroke for stroke in the 200m medley at the Maria Lenk Trophy in Rio on the penultimate day at the Olympic test event, the splits identical at the last turn and the last wall: world-titles medallist Thiago Pereira and Henrique Rodrigues turned precisely together on 1:28.96 and then fought down the last lap to a tie: 1:57.91 apiece – 4th equal in the world so far this year.



Identical last lap and finish splits.. You don’t get to see that too often

And congratulations to Perreira for 4th Olympics and very long swimming career while avoiding the pitfalls that have befallen many other Brazilian swimmers.


Pereira made a bold move trying to be faster at last leg:he changed his breath position in crawl.He always breathed to his left side and now he changed to right.
He told he still have 3 months to be adapted completely.

Craig Lord

We assume, DDIas, that he’ll be able to breath both left and right come the hour, it being impossible to predict which lane he might draw in an Olympic final 🙂 (is there a technical explanation from him why he feels switching form one side to other would make him faster?)


something about the hydrodynamic of his swim.

Noteworthy, one more SA record for Larissa Oliveira.Although her time(54.03) is weak at international level, the relay is shaping to be a good one with chance to get a final.Brazil had only two relays final on women side at all Olympics.It would be great to have two in one Olympics(4x200free and 4x100free).

Craig Lord

Obrigado, DDias


A lot of swimmers are conditioned to only breathe one way. Breathing the other feels weird, but it is a wonderful tool to be able to do both.

One thing I have seemed to notice, though, is how top swimmers do unconventional things when in a race. Things that we are told not to do by coaches.

1. James Guy breathes first stroke out the wall.
2. Chad le Clos looks around during fly
3. Sun Yang double breathes going into a turn.

I found Thiago to really pick up the pace drastically, almost as if he was playing around and then surged to try and win. He has always had such great walls, but either he was not as good as Henrique Rodrigues, or he wasnt putting full effort into it.


For me Phelps & Lochte are the 2 greatest swimmers in history. Then there is Cseh & Periera, who are both incredible swimmers who would’ve dominated any other era but non swim fans would’ve never heard of them. That 200 breast was nothing out of the ordinary by Periera he is one of the greatest all round swimmers ever. One of few people who has ever matched it with Phelps & Lochte until the freestyle leg…


Sun Yang double breathes all the time as do all the Miami swimmers, they have such a unique technique within Australian swimming. Very low head position, monster kicking & incredible breathing technique which doesn’t disrupt their stroke or speed which is why they can race like that. Most people cant which is why they are taught those things. Just like Chad on his breathing, 99.9% of swimmers cannot swim fast doing that.


Sun Yang has very interesting breathing techniques; he breathe double into the wall, then triple off the wall, then every two, but drops in a double breath midway through the length.


Thanks for that Stabilo and Felix, I had never noticed 🙂



what’s the seating capacity of the Olympics pool?
It looks very empty for Maria Lenk.
Are the tickets expensive?
I’m concerned many seats will be empty during the Olympics..



The capacity is 6500. The tickets value depends on day and session, it go from 160 to 900 reais.

Also, it was empty due to the fact that on Maria Lenk only Family invitees were there, they did not open for public.

For swimming I think almost all tickets are sold (Swimming, Volleyball, Track and Field and Olympic Gymnastic are the “hits”)


Thanks Rafael!
6,500 is not a lot. London aquatic center had 17,500 during the Olympics.
Do you think they are going to add more seats during the Olympics?


aswimfan, I really don´t know about it, tried to look and couldn´t find anything

About Morning results:

Men 50 free: Cielo went 21,99, Italo, 22,16, Chiereghini, 22,22, Condorelli, 22,22, Govorov 22,29, Fratus (Injured) 22,35, Alan Vitoria 22,33 and Gabriel Santos 22,48 (Top 8, Fina A Cut is 22,27)

Women 50 free: 2 Under A Cut in the morning, Etiene with 24,84 and Lorrane with 25,06, Hermann is still ahead of Lorrane due to a 24,92 from Open.

Men 100 fly: Young Vinicius Lanza improved his 52,7 to 52,22 to take top stop, he is under A cut but need a 52,16 at least to grab 2nd Spot. At night He, Pereira, Martins, Macedo will fight for the top 2 spots. Lanza improved almost 3 seconds on his 200 fly, so a 51 is not out of question for him.

Women 200 Back: No under near fina A this morning, I don´t have many expectations for this.

No results of the slow heats of 800 and 1500 yet.


Rafael and aswimfan,
the capacity is over 11 thousand.It should be near 14, but the blind spots don’t permit to sell more tickets for Olympics.
Lanza is a nice surprise.The junior swimmers on the men’s side a bit of under delivered comparing with the girls.Lanza and G.Silva are nice exceptions.


Cielo is literally putting everything he’s got into one swim swim this evening.

Craig Lord

DDias, you have to take at least 2000 seats off that for media, athletes, Vips etc… it will be the first under 10k crowd in Olympic swimming for a while.


Extra Important news:

Cielo OUT, 21,91 on Finals. Fratus 21,7, Italo 21,82, Cielo 21.91.. We will have to wait if we will have alternates on relay..


sorry for him, but this is not totally unexpected, is it?



Yup, it is not totally unexpected. We have seen the writings on the wall in the past 2 years.
With several younger sprinters swimming 48, Cielo thought he wouldn’t have had any chance in 100, so he focused on 50.
The problem is there is now another sprinter other then Fratus who is faster than he is in 50.

Do you think they are going to take Cielo as relay alternate although he didn’t swim in the 100 final?
What about the 5th and 6th finishers, were they slower than Cielo?


I think will be tought for CBDA to take Cielo.Cielo is 7th with 48.97.
The 6th is Alan Vitória, 30years-old with 48.96.The 5th is on the rise and one of the surprises of the competition:Gabriel Silva Santos, 19 years-old.He was 49.74 last year and made 48.84 in 100free final.If Cielo was 6th, the chances for Relay would be BIG.But with Alan in the middle(not very consistent), I have my doubts.
In the last two years, Cielo body was writing checks he can’t pay.He was doing times in a weird and unreliable sequence, like being faster untapered than tapered.

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