Pair of Sub-1:55s in 200 Free Dropped By Katie Ledecky; Elizabeth Beisel Shines in 4:33.55

A word with the water: Katie Ledecky at one with her sport, by Patrick B. Kraemer

Katie Ledecky dipped under the 1:55 barrier in the 200 freestyle on two occasions on Friday, further solidifying herself as the favorite for Olympic gold in Rio.

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Katie Ledecky dipped under the 1:55 barrier in the 200 freestyle on two occasions on Friday, further solidifying herself as the favorite for Olympic gold in Rio.



Slowly, but surely.
Ledecky at 400IM
2014 – 4:43
2015 – 4:39
2016 – 4:37

I’m not sure that she swims this race for fun only. Three years ago there was a big surprise that she was second at 200 at Nationals. When she skipped 200 in Barcelona then many considered it was right thing to do. And not because of tough schedule but mainly because it was a general opinion that it is not her place. See what we have now – a confident under 1:55. Who else in the history has three or more under 1:55 during one season?



Three years ago, Ledecky didn’t have yet the speed to contend for 200 free gold. Had she had the speed, I’m sure Ledecky would have swum it. I don’t think Ledecky is someone who panders to other people’s opinion to decide on what events to swim.

I agree with you re:400 IM. I am also starting to think that she may swim it at the trials. Ledecky knows her swimming history and she knows that past freestyle greats also conquered IM event(s) at Olympics and/or Worlds to solidify their place among the greatest. If not this year, she will definitely do it next year.

Craig Lord

Quite so. To go beyond Janet Evans, the 400IM would be required, if such thoughts provoke the Ledecky camp, Yozhik and ASF. The question would not be ‘trials’ but Rio, what purpose, what aim, what chance the sub 4:30 required…


Didn’t Bruce Gemmel already say that the gold standard is Shane Gould’s Munich. So I’m sure such thoughts of at least surpassing Janet Evans’ have provoked Ledecky’s camp.


Ledecky going sub 4:30 would be the swim of her life. I don’t think she can get anywhere near it at present and I don’t think she can really threaten the likes of Beisel and Dirado. Leave it for after Rio.

Craig Lord

Yes, ASF, there’s just no evidence of a sub 4:30 as yet … nor confirmation that the 400IM is on as a serious target; if it is, she will change the dynamic of that race in Rio…


I think Craig’s point re KL & 400IM at US Trials is valid ……… to what end ?

She would most likely swim an internationally competitive time but actually qualifying for US in this event could be another matter entirely given both Beisel and DiRado are seen as medal contenders in this event.

A potential change of direction post Rio; highly likely but then again we cannot know what her mindset may be 6-12 months post Olympics.

She may look at new challenges in the pool but she may even decide to get out whilst on top ……. plenty before her have done so. She may not even swim NCAA and concentrate primarily on academics. Only she can answer these questions.

Felix Sanchez

With her record it would feel like a let down if she qualified and did anything other than win. There’s a terrifying prestige of four years in international competition with nothing but 1st.

kevin roose

If Ledecky swims the 400 i.m on the first night coupled up with the 100 relay surely she is risking burnout later in the swim meet.
The 200 free will be a cracking race Ledecky will win it but Mckeon and Sjosstrom are quality swimmers now at there prime and wont be far away .

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