One Nation, One Battle, Two Sub-59 100 Back Blasts: Emily Seebohm & Maddy Wilson

Emily Seebohm and Madison Wilson, right, cracked 59sec in the same race in Sydney [images by Patrick B. Kraemer]

For a nation to have one sub 59-second 100m backstroke ace is golden on the scale of prospects come the big occasions. Australia now has an embarrassment of riches with two 58ers after Olympic silver medallist Emily Seebohm was followed home by Madison Wilson 58.91 to 58.94

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For a nation to have one sub 59-second 100m backstroke ace is golden on the scale of prospects come the big occasions. Australia now has an embarrassment of riches with two 58ers after Olympic silver medallist Emily Seebohm was followed home by Madison Wilson 58.91 to 58.94


Personal Best

Very very impressive across the board, with 14 year old Atherton doing a fine job too.

I am intrigued to see what Wilson can do in the 100 free.
Her 200 free swim in the semi was too close to that awesome effort in the 100 back.

I suspect she can do something impressive in the 100 free if she swims it.


I am glad of the breakthrough swims tonight … Larkin and McKeown on the cusp of breaking their respedrive barriers, 53s and 1.07s

Madi Wilson is awesome.. I am glad Seebohm now has a genuine domestic rival to keep her going

Bad Anon

In shiny suits Coughlin 100back PB is 58.94 and the only other American to break 59 is Franklin. Correct me if I’m wrong


Fully concur. Wilson breaking the minute during this season was no real surprise and her repeat 59s in heats and semis were very pleasing …. but sub 59 was surprising albeit a very pleasant one. Whilst she is an outside contender for a 4x100FS relay berth; it will be even more interesting to see if her 200BK is progressing at a similar pace as her PB isn’t that far away from the QT.

Whilst others have (justifiably) mentioned Atherton, credit should also be extended to Baker who’s been swimming 1.00’s this season. Hopefully her 1.00.23 may be an indication of another legitimate contender over the next year or so.

A further PB for Larkin looks a good omen that his 2014 was no aberration and he is tracking closer to the “sharp end” of this event.

McKeown posting a QT in W100BRS no doubt brought smiles of relief to selectors as qualification was looking very dicey. Whilst still well away from the real intl pace, her 1.07.07 is at least a significant step towards respectability.

Whilst not wishing to take anything away from Hackett’s (very significant) achievement; I’m not that sure that the times swam by our M200FS field will be striking any real trepidation into other major contenders. I doubt that 1.45high is going to be collecting “coin” in Kazan, let alone Rio. I will, however, add that Hackett’s vast experience and “street knowledge” should be of great benefit to a relay that has for years looked good on paper but failed to fire at major championships.


Very well daid wombat.. Everything you touched on is what makes swimming interesting for me, the progression and the regrets along the way, it keeps the sport alive and exciting to monitor…


Yes, there are always ebbs and flows. Very rarely does a multi-stroke swimmer have ALL of their strokes ticking along on top form at the one time as so with countries. No country, even the US (sorry if that offends Bill), will not have gaps somewhere in their program(s).

Some troubling gaps still remain apparent in the AUS program; and some legit questions CAN be ventured with regards to SAL’s QT policy; but there have been some very legitimate positives so far. Wilson & Hackett are the most notable but the upward trend so far from last years “big movers” (Larkin, McKeown) are just as meaningful.

Craig Lord

Ban Anon: correct


Amid the exciting development in w100 back, I noticed that Shayna Jack is last in the 200 semis. She seems to be plateauing?


I think shayna jack killed herself in the first 100m trying to steal the race from an outside lane.. She just didn’t have the legs to bring it home… Common error it seems in 200m free, even McEvoy struggled with this last year… Noticeably Alicia Coutts is missing again… Her chances of making the team is looking slimmer by the minute..

Bad Anon

I don’t see Seebohm breaking the WR in the 100 back. she’s taking the race out too fast. Spofforth’s wr saw an opening split of 28.71 and came home in 29.41. The wr may survive a up to Rio . I hope Coutts will make the 400free relay, it’d be sad to see her missing out


I was hoping that Leah Neale would make it in the 200 free relay. It is too depressing to think that a female swimmer going 4:06 in 400 free not get selected.


BA may have something with regards to Seebohm’s pacing but, in any case, WR are very rarely “according to script” but more often a case of having ‘all factors happen to align’ on that said day.

Will agree that Coutts is not necessarily out of calculations …. unless she’s decided mentally that it’s “all she wrote”. She has swum under 55 for 100FS this season and sub 54.5 may still see her thereabouts for a top 6.

Whilst C1&2 are virtual dead certs to be 53low at worst, and McKeon 53mid; another sub 54 is less likely with Wright not particularly quick so far this season. Elmslie looks a fairly sound bet but the final spot looks a lottery with Coutts, Wilson, Matsuo looking most likely. Wilson has a potential scheduling clash with the 200BK so it may be that she and/or Seebohm may just try and throw in a fast heat time to see how it stacks up against the finalists.


I wouldn’t count Wright out just yet. I overheard her coach talking on deck and they are both happy with her 200 result so far as she has not trained for it this season given a shortened prep with her wedding/honeymoon.
She’s always thrown her hat in the ring for the 800fs relay but with last year’s CWG selection debacle she looks to have shifted her focus back to the 100.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see C1,C2, Wright and McKeon from the world record team last year all pushing into the 53 low 52 high range.


I am still confused about why Mel Schalnger was left off the 4×200 at Comm Games

Personal Best

The women’s 100 free is not going to be an easy event.
I think the top 4 spots are going to be occupied by the favourites. McKeon is only getting faster across her events, and Elmslie already has PBs this year in the 200 free and 100 fly for possibly a lock on 5th place.

Coutts may be locked out given the rapid improvements by the youngsters, Wilson and Matsuo.

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