On the Road to Kazan, Missy Franklin & Katie Ledecky Driving the Team USA Hopes

Missy Franklin- by Peter Bick

When the United States women arrive in Kazan for the World Championships this summer, Missy Franklin and Katie Ledecky will again be in search of huge medal hauls from the year’s showcase event.

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When the United States women arrive in Kazan for the World Championships this summer, Missy Franklin and Katie Ledecky will again be in search of huge medal hauls from the year’s showcase event.


Bad Anon

Team USA can bank on Missy and Kate to be winning multiple gold medals. Both can win up to 5-6 golds which is amazing.


Once again, Mr Lohn, I must admit your assessment of US women’s medal chances is pretty fair and unbiased, which is something I love about this site! As an optimist and a staunch US fan, I choose to believe they’ll do a bit better than you have suggested, but looking at the facts I can understand why you categorized the athletes as you did.

History tells us there will be some surprises, both good and bad. I guess that’s what makes the sport exciting. How will injuries during the season affect athletes? Who will have breakout swims? I hate waiting to find out! 🙁

One thing I’d like to know is whether people consider the new backstroke start wedges a factor this year. I know they’re the same for all, but I’ve been hoping they’ll help Franklin improve her notoriously bad starts.


@Danjohnrob.. I Agree with the prediction above, except from Ledecky and Peaty, it is hard to put someone as Guest of Honor, Missy was put there too on 200 back, but It is “easier” for her to lose Gold than Ledecky and Peaty..


@Rafael: It’s all just academic discussion. I participated in a 2012 Olympic swimming medalist picking contest on another site, and it was educational to see that many of the people I considered experts did not do very well. Different sport, I know, but in a football results betting pool where I work a woman who never even watched the games won often by picking which animal a team was named for would win in a fight (eg: Bears beat Rams)! LOL!

I would agree that Missy has more chance of losing the 200 back than Katie does the 400 free, I guess, but I also think Franklin has a better chance winning the 200 back than Seebohm et al have of beating her. On the other hand, Katie could get the flu and lose the 400 free and Ustinova could break the world record in the 200 back for all we know. I guess if we KNEW the results in advance we wouldn’t have the fun of guessing! 😉

Bad Anon

I’d like to guess someone like Kirsty Coventry may pop a 2.06 and finish on the podium behind Franklin

Mark Schwartz

Hi everyone just a question from a more casual fan concerning Elizabeth Beisel. What is the point of a training plan so grueling that one cannot be expected to perform at her best at a World Championship meet? If not then, than when?

Craig Lord

Mark, not sure if you’re referring to something specific that you’re read (so forgive me if I missed the context) but taking your comment alone, I say this: I cannot imagine that Elizabeth Beisel will not be at her best, even if that means season best, at the world championships. I’m sure that, like many, the bigger picture is focussed on Rio 2016. Even so, as a member of the USA team, Elizabeth Beisel will perform to a world-class standard this August, I would imagine.

Jim C

I think Beisel has a much better chance for a medal in the 400 IM than in the 200 back.

Bad Anon

Beisel was at her “peak” in London going 2.06.18 in the 200back, the 3rd best American all suits (behind Franklin and Hoelzer ). I dnt think she’ll get close to that in Kazan in view of her recent injury. beisel ‘s best at worlds was a bronze in 2009 in shiny apparel, 200back isn’t her no 1 event


Missy and Ledecky’s status as legends of the sport will be reinforced when Kazan ends.

The fun question is will there be a new arrival at the door of greatness? It does not have to be someone completely new, but someone youngish who will swim times that makes you go WOW.

In 2011 it was Franklin.
In Kazan I vote for Peaty.


@aswimfan: As much as I’d like the next breakout star to be from the US, I think you nailed it! Peaty certainly makes you say, “Wow”!

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