NSW Open Championships To Stage A Dress Rehearsal For Australian Olympic Trials

Backstroke battle: Emily Seebohm, Madison Wilson (right), with Minna Atherton (left) and Belinda Hocking - images by Patrick B. Kraemer and Swimming Australia

The NSW Open Championships at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre from Friday to Sunday this week will serve as the last dress rehearsal for some of the keenest clashes hurtling towards 2016 Olympic trials from April 7

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The NSW Open Championships at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre from Friday to Sunday this week will serve as the last dress rehearsal for some of the keenest clashes hurtling towards 2016 Olympic trials from April 7



So there will be two Olympics dress rehearsal meets this weekend:
The Orlando Pro Series and NSW Open champs.

So Exciting.

Will there be any we live streaming from the NSW open?


Hackett is down to compete at the Gold Coast regional championships this weekend instead


ASW, NSW Titles not showing on MySportLive’s upcoming events list but I’ve just messaged them to see if they are. Will inform of their response.

Realistically, Larkin is the only top drawer Australian missing. The West Aussies, Throssell & Evans aren’t making the trip but that’s about it.

With due respect, we were shown the cold reality of the current Hackett in the 4X200 heats in Kazan. The spirit is still there in abundance but it’s cashing cheques that his body can no longer pay. IF he makes the Rio team in any capacity then it is a sad indictment of AUS standards in 200/400.

Craig Lord

CW, I know what you mean – but I say ‘big name’ – and that Mr Hackett clearly is and always will be… 🙂


Craig , Jodie Henry was World 100m free champion in 2005, Hanna- Maria Sepalla in 2003!

Bonnie Bonnie

Some ‘interesting’ para swimmers competing whom, at the very least, should have been reviewed by the IPC prior to the Australian Trials in March which doubles for Paralympic Trials.

Its embarrassing.

Craig Lord

Quite so, gheko… and she’s Finnish, too, not Danish as they seem to suggest on the entries 🙂

Craig Lord

Yes, Bonnie – the world is starting to watch the situation far more closely on the road to Rio (a ticking time bomb, in several countries, one might say…)


It always makes me smile to see Seppala’s name on an international entry sheet. Even though her best days are long behind her, she’s figured out how to hack the system and stick with a job she seems to love instead of settling into life in an office job that would seem dull in comparison to the globe-trotting she does as a swimmer.


I wonder if Hanna Maria Seppala could have gone on a better career if she trains in Australia or USA.

Nothing to take from Seppala’s great achievement, she was the surprise winner of 2003 worlds, but then again, the state of womens sprinting in 2003 and 2003 barcelona was at its lowest with many senior swimmers already past their peak (Thompson, Moravcova), some didn’t attend (De Bruijn, Van Almsick), and then next great sprinters not yet peaking (Henry, trickett).


Inge de Bruijn won the 50m free at this meet easily from young Australians Alice Mills and Libby Lenton and did not contest the 100m.


Oh Alice Mills,

What happened to her?
she seemed to have so much potential at a young age, winning 50 free and 200 IM medal.

Has it ever happened before at a global championships?

I know Bovell has won 200 IM and 50 free medals, but at diferent meets (2004 Olympics and 2013 Worlds)


Re Livestreaming; the reply that I received from MySportLive was that they have received no approach from NSW Swimming. So it appears there will be none unless NSW are doing something in-house and will announce last minute.

Re Mills, its hard to know what went wrong but my observation was that in Athens, it got “all too much” for her and she was like a deer caught in the headlights. Sadly this became the pattern of the rest of her career.


CW, I think you will find that Mills was up against 2 world record holders in 100m & the same 2 in 50M in Lenton & Henry. She did not swim in either event in Athens, but won gold in 4X100 free & as heat swimmer in 4×100 med.
200im was not her best event. The 200IM silver in 2003 WC was the only time she won a medal in int’l events from 2003 -2008.


Little Birdie told me Mel Wright injured (potentially career ending injury)

Also Hackett, along with some other gold coast based national teamers are racing at a regional meet on the Gold Coast.

Shannon Rollason

Not sure if I agree it all went wrong. Mills was number 1 in the world 50FS in 2005, #2 in the 100. Beat Henry and Lenton at the trials in both FS events. 2 Gold and 4 Bronze at the Commonwealth Games in 06, and Olympic Bronze in the FS/R in 08!!! Sometimes you just come up against great competition, and just because you didn’t win, doesn’t mean the person hasn’t achieved….


Re: Mills. Her best times would still rank her amongst the best freestylers in the world. 53.9 and 24 mid over ten years ago.

She is one of the all time best sprinters of her era but like many Aussie freestyle sprinters, succumbed to the ridiculous rule of two per nation.


Alice has a long list of achievements and is entitled to be very proud of her career, the fact she was up against the top two Australian sprinters of that era, who were the best in the world, she was amazing!


Mils in her peak was like Emma mckeon today.

Among best sprinters in the world, but had to come up against two world champions domestically in the 50/100 free.

Good thing mckeon is also very very good in other events to represent Australia in individual events.

Re:Schlanger injury, is it training related?
I remember I saw a video of her dryland training, similar to Lochte’s Florida dryland, such as flipping truck tire.

She has Olympics golds, but sadly no individual medal. I thought she would have won in London.


World champion backstroker Emily Seebohm has been forced out of this weekend’s NSW championships due to illness, and will shift her focus towards next month’s all-important Olympic trials in Adelaide.

Brisbane-based Seebohm began to exhibit flu-like symptoms last weekend and her coach David Lush said he had withdrawn her from the competition as a precaution.


No Bronte Campbell in the 100m free either!

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