Going So Soon, Michael? Scott Quits Aussie Performance Job Just 18 Months Before Rio

Jacco Verhaeren (Photo: Swimming Australia)

Australia performance director Michael Scott has resigned just 18 months out from the Olympic Games to take up the position of CEO at Rowing Australia

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Australia performance director Michael Scott has resigned just 18 months out from the Olympic Games to take up the position of CEO at Rowing Australia



Bye bye John Atkinson…. great opportunity.


Maybe because he saw the writing on the wall?? Ineffective?? Part of one or more of SAL challenges/problems??

Lawrie Cox

Why is this such a shock? It was well known that he was the original nominee for the SAL CEO before the sports commission interference in the Board. Michael has wanted to be a CEO at an NSO and opportunities are limited. I agree a little with AussieBob that when you look at the amount of turnover in the staff ranks all is obviously not well but why let that get in the way of the agenda.


The Courier Mail tends to blow a lot of things out of proportion, but it is disappointing that certain sections of the Australian media seem to be waiting with bated breath, ready to pounce on anything negative when it comes to Swimming Australia.
I know that the recent Aquatic Super Series event in Perth was swamped by coverage of the Australian Open and the AFC Asian Cup taking place at the same time (poor scheduling in my opinion – they should have held it the following weekend), but even with some very quick times and international stars of the event in attendance (Ryan Lochte, anyone?), it received only a glancing mention, or none at all, in print and television sports reports. Why does the resignation of a nobody (in the public’s view) warrant any coverage at all?
Far more interesting are the friendly rivalries within the team (Cate vs Bronte, Magnussen vs McEvoy, Seebohm vs Hocking) and the emerging youngsters who have the potential to be stars at Rio (Emma McKeon, David McKeon, Mack Horton, Mitch Larkin, Taylor McKeown, Remy Fairweather).
Hopefully the focus eventually turns to the positive.


Hi Tumbleturner. For the record, the CM didn’t attend Aquatic Super Series this year for the very reason that the weekend was flooded with major live sport, budget wise it is an expensive trip to Perth & the time zone is almost impossible for newspaper publishing in eastern states. With publishing constraints only a limited number of pages can be replaced in newspapers after certain deadlines. They were allocated to the Asian Cup, tennis and Auckland Nines NRL. The right editorial call was made. CM was the ONLY newspaper in Australia that paid its own way entirely to the event for the previous 2 years & is proven to be a great supporter of swimming both negative and positive. If you want proof I suggest you look closer at our newspaper (yes we actually covered Qld state titles!) and every swimmer you’ve mentioned about has had at least one (often many more) positive articles about them in the past 12 months. Unfortunately it is the public who only remember or keep count of the negative articles.

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